Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Roadmap Changes & Updates

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Roadmap Changes & Updates

hello and welcome to some more star citizen the alpha 3.5 roadmap has been massively changed with new features some moving out some staying the same so let's go over it so what's moved out around 43.5 first ship boys the P 52 Merlin and M 50 improvements as well as the constellation Boris the parallel network jobs robbery Factor and organic shaders have all moved out to be parallel network jobs being the biggest lost there this was the ability for servers to take more connections from clients and that would enable there to be more players per server however with current performance it isn't out of the question that they could still test increase players per server anyway at some point so hopefully we'll still see players per server increased at some point over the next couple of patches but we'll have to wait and see most disappointingly though Salvage version 1 and reputation loss system version one have been moved out of 3.5 goig are still planning the milestones and scheduling for the patches for the rest of 2019 and they're going to be adding additional information and expanding out the roadmap to see where those features fall in the very near future the core features all 3.5 are still in so we're through what's moved out of 3.5 let's have a look to see what's still in and evolved slightly so we've got our Corp still its landing zone area 18 and it's two moons Lyria and wha-la female characters and the new DNA character customizer system and the new flight model which has expanded a bit to include rebalanced thruster strengths for more momentum and Floyd deep integration with item 2.0 systems such as heat power and fuel they've redesigned throttle for more direct control redesigned afterburner and cruise mode as well as the ESP algorithm thank God we also see the new ground left system for this flight model too and there's to be numerous bugs and issues solve compared to the previous model ship a I will also benefit at this stage from the flight model update there is an additional ship AI combat a behavior improvement system as well to allow ship AI to be better in combat at challenge and realism Bell tactics like surprise deceleration and break away when under fire and we should see a bit more variety in the way they act rather than just corkscrewing or going afk what else is the same then so the 300 series reworked by a defender and reliant variants are still in the projectile manager a physic system that's gonna improve functionality performance and potentially realism in gamers in we still have the Gemini s 71 assault rifle the Cass Tech Arms code or ballistic pistols still there for FPS stuff what else the GT 870 tarantula series of ballistic islands sighs one two three four ships they've also now exposed that the banning cinge tachyon cannon we kind of knew that it was gonna be in the game at the same point because it's the weapon that's on the banner defender but it's now shoving on the roadmap there's still improvements to the hard surface shader providing greater texture detail but what's new well there's a new mission giver Takia Geo he doesn't have question marks in her name I'm just awful at saying anyone's name there's anyone that will watch my stream and a test – she's getting added to rock Corp expected to be a lawful mission giver the previously listed OCS components that needed to be finished from the client-side object container streaming have been renamed and incorporated into a couple of other Network improvements asynchronous disconnection refactor aiming to improve efficiency and usability of the asynchronous disconnection code refactoring this will clean up a lot of bugs such as infinite loading screen server crashes and client crashes while also helping to assure that any more of these issues don't occur in the future and network OCS object container streaming stall fixes so fixing network related processing stalls during entity binding and unbinding as a result of bind culling and OCS the entire gameplay update section of 3.5 has pretty much been rewritten or added to so let's go over the whole thing there's improvements to the heat system to provide a more systemic experience between items and vehicles from how he affects various components in a ship – incorporating heat values into the room system all the way up to defining the ambient heat of a solar system these will all affect your ship in some way with its eye eeehm and signatures AI bounty-hunting in environmental missions so an environmental mission in which NPC bounty hunters attack players with bounties on them and where NPC security forces attack players with high crime stats this was part of the law reputation system which actually looked like it moved out so it's good to understand that this is at least a part of the system vehicle scanning hub improvements to support additional scanning and ping features including confidence levels for newly identified objects AI distress beacons a combat assistance service beacon mission where players can assist NB C's in distress vehicle radar v2 allowing the management of different radar upgrades and adding functionality for radar range and abilities based on location including environmental hazards impacting radars effectiveness you might see sort of like electric fuzz and that sort of stuff not be able to read your components properly they might turn start backfiring or or not working correctly quantum travel continuing to improve the quantum travel mechanic with upgrades to UI interaction and slowing jumps vehicle scanning improvements general user experience updates that include the ability to crate for signatures those are going to be balancing the distance in which contacts can be detected between pings and scans chip system degradation so this is the functionality for wear and degradation causing reduced performance and it persisting on ship components they're gonna be adjusting overclocking too drastically in queries where right as well vehicle tech updates v1 adding a variety of vehicle improvements such as vehicle states for model behavior and updating the vehicle paint system group system improvements v4 general quality of life improvements with smoother mobi glass and invite experience hopefully they will fix the stuttering mobi glanced at once and for all their voice and fleet improvements III allowing for better performance and higher levels of accuracy with the voice and wipe systems obviously bounty mission NPC improvements so the hunted NPCs can use quantum travel etc to evade a player distortion damage improvements functionality for distortion damage to correctly impact performance of items they also want distortion damage to be used as of environmental hazards and effects so bear that in mind as well for this gimbal weapon improvements v1 so this is gonna be some automated gimbal mounts and general updates I'm not entirely sure what it fully incorporates and it talks about automated gimbal mounts so I have to wait and see they're extending delivery missions to our Corp and surrounding rest stops to updates to the vehicle paint system make sense so they've previously stated that with the 300 rework coming in 3.5 they want the ability to customize some aspects of ships and their load outs from the RSI website when you buy them so think the ability to have your ship painted in a different color maybe have some decals on it maybe have the loadout set to what you want before you buy it and then that would be its default loadout and its default insurance sort of like m-state so when you reclaim it you get it back like that it is a shame to lose salvage and peril Network jobs from 3.5 thankfully the core of the patch still remains and has been expanded upon absorbing appropriate updates from the squadron 42 roadmap and adding a few more we seem to be getting more missions and risk reward associated with bounty hunting and being an outlaw as well so we have an entirely lost but law and reputation system for me the success of the new flight model is key to this patch being fun and well successful if done right then it's gonna be amazing for the game and that means that arena commander will be played Locke there'll be a solid matter that's or stuff obviously there needs to be a lot of balance going on here as well there's gonna be some stuff that's clearly massive EOP times to kill are gonna be important some ships or some weapons they're just gonna be super IP but they can tweak that pretty quickly in bounce patches if alive though it's a crappy buggy model then it's not gonna be so much fun the Alpha 3.5 is set to be live or the end of March 2019 but please tell me what you think of these changes to the 3.5 roadmap in the comments below did you expect more to be pushed back age you really really expect Salvage to be in 3.5 because I genuinely did I thought it was just going to be really simple basically just being the mining mechanics but for Rex as a literary but I thought they were going to do just treat them as asteroids but maybe there's gonna be a lot more coming on with Salvage from the off maybe that's one of the reasons I had to push it back whatever your thoughts I'd love to hear them every month we have a giveaway for a star citizenship for January we have a standalone and for Carrick the mighty Explorer vessel all you need to do to be in for a chance of winning is be subscribed to my youtube channel and then comment on any of my videos released during the month you can find more details in the comments below if you don't have a gaming pc yet or you're upgrading instead consider shadow cloud gaming they allow you to leverage the powers of the Internet to stream a high spec Windows 10 environment or any other PC Mac or device like a smartphone or tablet it is working really well in star citizen's 3.4 branch and be sure to use the code board gamer if you do decide to check it out to get a discount links below all those of you wanting to support the channel further there is patreon but and I will be looking for an alternative platform as well for people that have requested that but in addition or as an attentive to that at the moment there's the YouTube channel memberships literally the join button below this video or direct donations via the links below as well thank you so much for watching guys please don't forget to Like and subscribe as really does help me any feedback or opinions is greatly appreciated and helps guide the channel working out what content is a good idea to put out next thanks for watching and I'll see you in the verse

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  2. After Arc Corp CIG would do very well focusing on gameplay development. No more systems , planets, moons necessary at this point. Just a fun gameplay experience where stuff works and is there. Once that's in place then by all mean create more systems.

  3. That ready does blow that salvage has been pushed back was looking forward to exploring wrecks floating around, but hears to hoping for the next bug patch 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update mate. It's so much easier to listen to you, than scour through the road map myself. I'm so lazy lol.

  5. Hey, if you want to join Star Citizen create an account here:

    You will be rewarded with 5000UEC!

  6. I think they should add weather and ships that have ship specific features like cloaking devices

  7. Is there a list of what ship panel options do? For instance Heat, suppress, ping, IR, EM, etc… I want to learn what each does and how it affects the ship, i assume every ship would react differently on each of the changes you do on ship panels.

  8. Taurus pushed back? Aren't the assets/parts already created for other Connies just goin' to be used on the Taurus?

  9. Not too concerned about salvage unless they add in attachments to the starter ships. Mostly just want the flight model and 300i lol

  10. I hope they allow Salvage to recover complete ship components, rather than just raw materials. I would imagine the engines to a 600i would fetch a higher profit margin (by volume/weight) than the associated raw materials.

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