Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 LIVE Updates & Patch Notes

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 LIVE Updates & Patch Notes

hello and welcome to some more star citizen star citizen alpha 3.5 is now live and available to all backers that have a game package let's go over the new features and patch notes of the new build as well as some major issues that need to be fixed ASAP if you want a full or even QuickStart tutorial for 3.5 I will link ones that I've done it down below as there have been some controlled changes too let's start with the major additions they've added the DNA face customisation system and playable female characters character selection and creation now uses a DNA face customization system so you'll be able to choose your gender then select from a set of currently available characters and customize the blend of their facial features that will be represented in your own character this system includes simple and advanced modes which allows you to customize your face with a preferred level of complexity and then select individual traits such as eye hair color skin tone hair type you can blend between different features and different faces for your preferred face planet art Corp and its moons Luria and wahla have been added unlike the other planets in the standard system art corp has the distinction of being almost entirely developed and built on nearly every square kilometer of the planet has been allocated for habitation or commercial use industrial plants and massive warehouses as such a strict and low-level no-fly zone is in place for protection though many choose to construct their buildings taller member zone in order to offer landing opportunities and that planet arccorp does have buildings above the no-fly zone when you get close to the no-fly zone there is an autopilot feature which will try and pull you away from the no-fly zone rather than sort of like auto kill you where possible our court past two moons as well Lyria an icy moon dotted with cryo geysers croix volcanoes and wahla a low-density moon notable for its a large crystalline outcroppings those moons have a non breathable atmospheres whereas our coronary 18 is very breathable major landing zone ditions area 18 on our court happens to be one of the few landing zones designated by oracle for interplanetary traffic and is one of the main at commercial ports for the surrounding region if travelers managed not to be overwhelmed by the hectic sights and sounds at the landing zone they can find a variety of goods from trusted names as well as unique local providers our Corp has contracted with the PMC group of blackjack security to ensure that their world and its surrounding environments are kept safe and for business blackjack security are basically the police force the security forces of area 18 and Art Corp surrounding area probably the biggest change and update 23.5 is the new flight model and I FCS updates so they've added a speed limiter which I refer to as velocity control the speed limiter is a preset velocity controlled by mouse wheel that is applied to all strafe directions and is controlled independently of ship motion core ship movement is now controlled by strife in desired vectors and forward backward left right up down which is wsad controlling space releasing a button has he returned to a stationary position additionally there is cruise control the C key will toggle that on it automatically thrust you forward for longer distance travel make sure you turn that off when you are trying to land otherwise you will bash into things the velocity is shown as actual velocity as well all ship thruster outputs and tunings have been reworked for a more dirty feel ifcs net code has been updated for more official performance ESP has been updated for new flight tunings SEM and pre bespoke modes have been removed cum stabs been removed as well the old afterburners been removed and boost is now referred to as afterburner so afterburner in-game now which is shift gives you an acceleration boost but generates heat ship audio has been reworked including new thruster audio new ship sounds and audio linked vibrations for your ships the center Floyd HUD has been reworked to better fit the updated Floyd model atmospheric flight has been retuned and now includes lift in addition to drag grav Lev control has been reworked players can now set quantum travel waypoints on members of their party which is fantastic he actually just warps your party members I FCS will now engage autopilot and attempt to turn your ship out and away when intersecting a no-fly zone chip thrusters are now damageable via direct fire this will affect the way your ship moves if they are damaged they've improved and updated the ship heat system so ship thrusters can now overheat under heavy usage especially when using afterburner or more likely as well when they are in atmosphere full balance policies have been made on the thruster power usage they've updated AI pilot behavior to include breakaway under fire tactics and separate lateral and frontal attacks or larger ships with turrets they've added automated gimbals probably the biggest change to combat automated gimbals are an additional setting for Gimbels that allow them to attempt to automatically track targets within a cone in the front of the ship the cone is designated by a dashed circle which is separated into two when the gimbals do not have lock on the target and then closes into a single circle when they do have a lock this mode can be cycled via pressing the R key and you will see whether you are in fixed mode manual gimble's or automated gimbal mode at the bottom of your heart you must have at least some weapons on gimbals and not fixed to make use of that mode and you must still try and aim at the ships trying to put your pips on a ship and will give you a better lock they've added ship auto weapon convergence as well so fixed and gimballed weapons now auto converge desperate weapon velocities and ranges into a single pip based on the slowest and shortest range weapon you have equipped additionally gimble and fixed weapons have a very small amount of target convergence which is still being chewed chips and vehicle updates may have added the misc reliant variants the Tanner sin and Mako to the game the anvil f7c em super hornet hot seeker has been added which is just a different loadouts and skin for the super hornet there's been a full rework of the 300i a new weapon the Tachyon singe cannon has been added they are pretty damn cool they have added new turret to UI and sensitivity controls so turrets now have a UI overlay that shows the position relative to their parent ship in degrees the current sensitivities slider bar and with the current fire mode additionally there are now interaction modes for increasing and decreasing turret sensitivity directly from the turret seat so using turrets now is much more viable in ship they've updated improved the scanning HUDs ISO scan information is now consolidated into two lists that passively refresh when scanning an object even if already scanned also the ability to scan quantum travel navigation points has been added they've added voice feedback for events while mining items and components now were at a very slow rate and items and components can now be repaired some other ship updates there's been a revision of the Galison tactical systems GT 870 series of ship weapons they've updated the Gladius entry and exit animations added fast of bed animations to the prospector updated death VFX force I've adjusted the freelancer landing pad position to avoid the rear of the ship being too close to the edge adjusted the Hornet seat position to be more consistent for all variants increase the self-destruct timer of the reclaimer missile guidance should now work between different zones the mining arm of the prospector on now shake when Ferencz laser mine updates for entry exit and pass out animations for numerous ships to eliminate pauses power priority is now functional slightly raised the Sabres flight cards that they've disabled look behind view for parked ships in shops they've moved the powerplant and quantum points on the Miska line away from the wings to avoid loss of control when they're damaged they've updated audio for some ships weapons and weapon impacts reduced all ship weapon velocities with a greater reduction for cannons they've rebalanced cannon damage and re-entry VFX are now systemically driven by FCS atmospheric physics Mission NPC and location edition so they've added a new mission Giver Teesha twitch pacheco I am the worst at saying her name twitch came up as a soldier who transitioned into freelance security work after her service ended things seem to be working out until she suffered nerve damage on a job for budget securities and theyy on some erroneously cut her loose now left without employment and a very specialized skill set that she couldn't use she turned to the criminal element that she used to hunt these days she lurks in the back alleys of the mega city area 18 making deals and introducing people or as she calls it enjoy retirements she can be found in the main plaza of area 18 in between in a little back alley and the arccorp tower and these job well the TDD there and you will eventually get a mission to go and visit her in personal at some point an appointment to go and see her if you're a criminal that seems to proc earlier they've added her stern security ship variants for areas in and around her Stern they've added environmental missions where a security forces will track down and hunt unlawful players and call in additional support the level and ship of the opposing security forces attacking players will be based on the players wanted level and you can see big ships turn up like hammerheads they've added combat assistance service beacon mission types or a I they've added a patrol mission to Delamar they've added destroy satellite missions into the Hurston area they've added additional to every mission variants expanded black box investigation collect and kill confirmations to additional derelicts they've reduced these shields on the satellites for the destroy probe mission set they've updated steel and ECM missions with new waves of enemies and different protect ships improvements to delivery mission assets have been made they've changed the rewards and opposing ships for the mission giver bounty missions Locker modules can now properly handle multiple deliveries Delamar asteroids are now viable locations for mercenary missions bounty steal and recovery missions all now progress in difficulty the more you do them the more sort of like higher difficulty missions you will get access to they've updated ships that spawn in pirate blockades unlocking PvP bounties requires the player to complete any local security mission Crusader personal blackjack security and unlock the north Rock info mission completing the north Rock intro mission unlocks PvP bounties for players with wanted level two or higher they've updated visuals and refinement of Wallace Klim clean up and minor improvements have been made to NPC collision avoidance systems they've updated sound of and ambiences for the Louisville CBD the central business district they've updated lighting out there as Russ stops added an automatic door to Constantine Hurston's office updated some shopkeeper animations updated text for armor types to include color variants reduce civilian foot traffic in and around law bill deferred collisions been added to no-fly zones they've adjusted restocking and insurance pricing removed the million mile high club from the main menu and they have now placed the million mile high club in area 18 in the arc hope tower there they've updated lighting for levels hangars as well some FBS updates we'll start with some items the Gemini s 71 assault rifle has been added a well-balanced and designed assault rifle favored by wealthier private military professionals who want to make a display as the cast AK Arms co2 pistol as well a no frills raw heavy ballistic pistol the packs a heavy punch if it connects while it lacks in fire rate and magazine size it more than makes up for in range and power FPS weapons now have a dry fire audio sound when they are out of ammunition they've added color variants too many armors and under suits they've updated vaulting animations for smoother usage and in additional a Murray clue to the case Ravinder I've also updated the section of FPS combat AI to react to players better and on the ground isn't super awful it's pretty bad but it's not as bad as that have been previously they've updated firing sounds for the arc later it's still as some stammering updates echo 11 has undergone a complete redesign to create better parking between zones more varied cover and positions and better flow between each point of interest or control point control area capture now has updated gameplay mechanics you can now start the capture by just tapping earth which will interact with the keyboard for 2 seconds you will then automatically detach allowing you to protect yourself against any incoming player while the capture is taking place and augmented reality sort of marker appears in the world displaying the capture area if you step outside of this area the capture will slowly decay back towards its last state and if more members of your team are inside the area captial go faster enemy team members will slow down the progress of a capsule or completely stall it if they have the same or more amount of players than you in that area capture points also go to neutral States now if you die partway through capture so the enemy team would have to recapture it basically if you get it to that neutral state Last Stand is now three rounds instead of four they produce star Marine elimination player cap to 12 now and they've added a smaller version of station Damian station Damian comms which will be used for unlimited modes some other bits and bobs they've updated carry and pick up animation transitions to smooth out motion a bit they've updated some of the carrying animations for Eevee a default keyboard and gameplay controls have been revised along with the image presets in the options menu again as I said I'll put a link down below to those controls changes there are a lot it is now why to get out of a seat or a bed that is an important control it is our new flight ready a ship but once that ship is flight readied our will cycle through your in ball mode we've updated the menu background screen added UI icons for additional kinds of contracts temporarily removed visible geometry from helmets that was impeding MOBA glass visibility and those mobi glass problems that we have previously had with the mobi glass jittering and sort of like attacking you and opening and closing and opening again and have been at least for me entirely fixed now I hope it stays that way they've replaced the claim and retrieve buttons on a sock terminals with a single context-sensitive button which allows you to move your ship allows you to claim retrieve all that sort of stuff and deploy your ship it's it's a lot smarter than the previous system was they've added a headphone sitting in the audio menu and they've updated party markers for more clarity there has been a massive amount of bug fixes from the previous builds of the game I will highlight some of them here but a huge amount of sort of like fixes have been made for ships entry and exit and animation problems solved issues like that solved the a map it on turrets should no longer jarring Li snap to targets NPCs should no longer occasionally be standing on seats rather than sitting large layers of liquid like shadows should no longer appear on moons but should no longer be atmospheric gaps inside various ships my neural resources should no longer flicker on approach and remain physicalized and scannable chaff should now function properly as a countermeasure quantum calibration targets in close proximity will now update properly when switching between them missile lock you I should no longer remain there after firing a missile they have fixed various law issues level of detail issues on approaching moons and lawful they have made loads of performance optimizations and fixed a large range of object container streaming related stalls and you should notice pretty good performance you should notice no hitching when you're playing or least much less if you had hitching previously there are still some major known issues with this life build which they will try and solve ASAP also it's important that you are on launch of version 1.1 point 1 and have that fully updated before you begin downloading the patch I such probably should have mentioned that earlier when exiting the options menu on the character customizer screen the options will remain up disabling players control so don't do that at the moment on the character customization screen don't bring up options if the player exits the game with the MOBA glass still open they will return to the universe with a blurry screen he could have make sure you basically have the mobi glass closed before you exit to main menu otherwise you have to relock into the game delivery boxes can fall through the flooring of some ships ships do not leave cargo when destroyed and they're supposed to leave some cargo kind route o–'s hologram is missing route o's entry mission will sometimes fail to complete some area 18 labs lack atmospheric pressure ships can exceed their speed limits by burning slightly when accelerating weapon projectiles and tracers occasionally diverged significantly from the players point of aim there's a agent one they need to fix dying with chat open can cause the player to be unable to respond correctly and you have to relaunch the client to get around that crying on clothing a casaba can sometimes result in a loss of armor pieces bed log out maybe unreliable or inconsistent Spode items can sometimes appear attached to our players legs switching to the external camera the third-person mode I four from the pilot's seat when in a ship will reset the heart and chat and so when you go back to f12 you'll see the chats in the top left f12 to get rid of chat pretty point for you a deed see a Alfie BC purchases and balance wipe Alfie we see that you will start within 3.5 and future wipes will be the amount of UEC that you have on your RSI account obviously you can earn Alfie we see in game though we should see a 3.5 point mom patch and then other 3.5 points X patches to fix these issues in the very near future also the 300 series variants are planned for a short-term 3.5 point X patch as well for me when I was playing earlier there were no ship inventories but I've previously seen this in PT you to live builds as they basically haven't hooked up the databases or services to the live build properly and it typically gets fixed within a day or so at least that's my hope there were a few nuggets of additional updates and bits and bobs that they were not mentioned those patents for notes so that actually have been put into the game and perhaps on our persistent so if you put flower items boxes or anything else in a hab those changes will be saved so you can have a load of turtles are piled up for example or a load of boxes for missions or move around items take items from other rooms and put them in a hab however your actual hab room may move around to different doors so you might be on strut a room 5 at port of a saw and move all your bits and bobs around your hab and then re-log and then be in room to obstruct be the room however will still be used with all those changes that you just made it literally just teleports and loads in the room with you your have changes will be saved at port olisar at Levski grim hex Norville and area 18 obviously they all have their own unique app rooms but any changes you make in those Fabrice will be saved from every time you read log basically and there are also a lot more narcotics and form of eating slam nyan and in addition to widow an ultra toxin and new drugs labs around the stanton system to trade routes have therefore changed there are other alternatives to jump town is the idea here you can find these if you know where they are which I will do a video on shortly but also if you do the big dump missions as some of those other missions you will find and some of these locations just by doing those missions and doing various missions will unlock more and more types of mission and lots of other stuff going on some missions do require you to be a criminal or have reputation and doing some of the criminal missions once you do a criminal mission or once you and get a criminal rating should I say that will typically lock out most general missions to you but personal missions are basically once they are sent directly to you those will be a lot of the criminal missions and so always check there and any appointments that you have with NPCs will also appear in the appointments section of your personal and some of those missions are pretty called the new twitch mission in the area 18 when you get to talk to her and she will have you going to look for a particular package which you have to search for fight off some NPCs you go grab a ship and what she lends you a ship for the mission and it's pretty cool it's sort of like heralds some pretty cool missions coming in the future some of the missions generate counter missions as well now so sort of like be aware of that and obviously you've got the police and the security forces from like chasing you down as well now which is absolutely fantastic anyway tell me what you think of the new patch if you've got any questions put them in the comments below I'd love to hear from you I will get a series of 3.5 content out as quick as I can but I do already have a quick start guide and a fool sort of like as quick as static tutorials I could make for all the new bits and bobs for the game for those of you who are looking at the new stuff that you can do the the controls changes all that sort of stuff or how to even use the new flight mechanics because they are a big change they're pretty simple once you know how to use them and actually think they're pretty damn good but I'd love to know what you think as well every month we have a giveaway for a star service and ship for April 2019 we are giving away a trait Corsair with lifetime insurance it's the new concept ship focused on exploration and melona for that ship is currently the constellation Aquila and the Buccaneer who be in for a chance of winning be subscribed to my channel and comment on any video that I put out during April all details in the description below need a PC or upgrade to play star service and consider shadow shadow is a cloud-based subscription alternative to a gaming PC and it works with star service now for 3.5 better than it ever has it leverages the power of the Internet to give you a Windows 10 gaming environment potentially anywhere check out the links below or go to shadow dot tech for more information use the code board gamer to receive a discount on your subscription if you do decide to try it I'm not sponsored or paid by cloud Imperium in any way this is a star service and news and fan channel that is supported by you the community patrons donation subscribe stars YouTube members join button and death my videos all help support the channel and allow me to create regular video content maintain a website to upload podcasts and more if you wish to go that extra mile it is amazingly helpful there is occasional exclusive content all those that do as well

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  2. Great video man, I just got back into the game and upgraded to the 300i. SO excited for the future, I am already playing hours a day now haha

  3. Okay, let's see the character creation in game be used for something good! A PURPLE version of Bored in the P.U!

  4. Cool, being able to really make my own character will. That can stand out makes me want to mess around with SC more.

  5. Does the gear purchased in-game stay until the next patch or will I wake up again with default things and no money?

  6. Overall the new stuff is really good. They do have a few things to clean up. The aiming being offset is very frustrating but I know its a work in progress. I very much like all the variety in the armor and under-suits. That customization enriches the game.

  7. yea this game is boring you spend most you your time riding trains or waiting for elevatorsor denless space travel to get there
    so for 10 min play you have 20 min wait and nothing really works even simple missions are a fail get real and be honest to us is is just a waste of time so quit panderinering to rsi and give us an honest review…i want to go play something that moves and does not waste my time….you kinda suck not being critiacal…rsi can do no wrong according to you
    im goma un subscribe

  8. for me all the people are just standing on benches 😀
    looks actually really fun. like there was a mouse somewhere and everone jumped on an elevated thing

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