100 thoughts on “Sri Lanka blasts: More than 200 dead in bombings across country

  1. All the churches attacked belongs to Tamil Christians only. So ISIS knows only to kill Tamil Christians?? Kochikadai, Mattakalappu and Anthony church, Colombo is in Tamils areas and majority dead are Tamils shows that this is ethnic conflict continuation. This it self shows it is done by some Singhalese buddhists and not by ISIS. Also blaming Muslims in Lanka also a ethnic angle that all muslims in Lanka are Tamils. So there is no connection with international organizations.

  2. I am Muslim and I want to say life is very short and stop killing each other just love each other ❤️ that’s is real life 😪

  3. I can’t believe CNN even covered this story for more than 45 seconds!!! It is totally against their Leftist narrative & sociopathic agendas.

    Our prayers for the latest victims of Islam. From the USA 🇺🇸

    God will defeat Allah (Satan). It was written.

  4. Even though Christians have been the most persecuted people in the existence of humanity, they must stay strong. Stay peaceful, happy, Love one another, & keep smiling. Eternal peace awaits. This has all been written.

  5. Are main stream media going to mention that Islamist did it? Or are they staying silent. If was Christian crime they'd be screaming for blood! Double standard

  6. So where are all the protestors!? The same who crammed the news after that nutcase shot up the mosque in New Zealand. The leftwingers all demanded a halt to right wing white supremacy, even blaming Donald Trump for it, yet I don't see ONE protest anywhere demanding a halt to Muslim extremism! How come? The message is pretty clear.

  7. These cowards terrorist ISIS developed and flourished well during 8 years of Obama administration, worst president in US history

  8. First they were saying Buddhists were behind this and mensioning BUddhist terrorism etc. Now when its Muslims then terrorism has no religion. Stupid hypocrits muslims.

  9. Why this is Islamic states are doing this don't they have the humanity how could even the thing this to do in a church I strongly say to all the nation we must do something about this make sure this never happened again let's stay together and let's kill this bastard Islamic ISIS.

  10. Ye kisi religion ka khoon nhi…. balke insaniyat ka khoon hai…ye kisi bhi religion me nhi hai ke kisi ka khoon bhao…. afsos…so sad…

  11. If I were a muslim, I would be severely questioning the whole philosophy behind my religion for continuously producing disgusting murderers such as these terrorists.   There was a huge hue and cry against right wing extremists after the New Zealand atrocities against muslims.  Where is the hue and cry against political Islam after this attack and hundreds like it?  The countries where political Islam have struck throughout the world are many.  Throughout its history Islam has bred followers who have attacked and killed those of other religions even when those non-muslims were in the minority.  These are not the first church congregations blown up by muslims.  In Egypt, Coptic churches have been targeted for years.  Remember the attacks of the Muslim Brotherhood on Coptic congregations coming out of church shortly after the so-called Arab Spring?  But go back a few decades and the same thing happened.  On Coptic Christmas day in 1979/80 for example, the Coptic 'cathedral' in Alexandria was bombed along with its congregation.  I don't remember any outcry by any media organisation then.  Do I need to list the atrocities in France, Belgium, the UK, the US, Germany, Spain, Russia, the Philippines, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Kenya, Somalia, Israel, Australia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Iran?  Or do I need to remind people of the Yazidi genocide, the Armenian genocide, and the killing of atheists, jews, hindus, Christians and the people of other religions together with the destruction of Buddhist shrines, churches, Hindu temples and jewish synagogues?

  12. We are with you ..our brother's and sister's of Srilanka .
    Our central government will take necessary actions to help you.

  13. Pm shrilanka— we take help from pak gov to find evidence…
    Indian pm— try it we tried for last 50 yr we cant get it u might get…

  14. China nuked Muslims' country 46 times.
    (Go google "Chinese Nuclear Tests Allegedly Caused 750,000 Deaths")
    They've been invading the whole country of the Uyghur, the non-Chinese Muslims, and massacred a million of them.

    And still now, China is sending those White Muslims to concentration camps (vocational center) and killing them.

  15. Our great mujahideen will continue to fight throughout the world, and this just war will not end! Next time, we'll be waging a more intense war than Sri Lanka's jihad! Sri Lanka is just testing the skills of our great mujahideen! Thank you, Sri Lankan fools, for making our experiment work perfectly!

  16. Against the great God, against the fool of the great prophet! You will be consumed by the fire of the prophets!

  17. The great Islamic empire will be restored! The caliph will return! Our lost territory! Our lost authority! We won't forget! Allah will not forget! We will not condone the crimes of apostates! We will not forget the ferocity of our opponents! The great prophet! Will take care of us!

  18. The great Islamic empire will be restored! The caliph will return! Our lost territory! Our lost authority! We won't forget! Allah will not forget! We will not condone the crimes of apostates! We will not forget the ferocity of our opponents! The great prophet! Will take care of us!

  19. India will have to pay the cost of such terrors attacks in shrilanka…previously india supported mass killings in burma… india was also involved in terror attack on srilankan cricket team in lahore…kalbhoshan yadew an indian navy officer was arrested from baluchistan..who was involved in target killing in pakistan….world community should take notice of it and UNO should impose sactions on india…..

  20. ⭕️ ISLAM is the only religion not able to live at peace with others . Can we build a church/temple in ISLAMIC countries ?

  21. 100% sure he is Tamil tiger so no need to blame any one every thing put on islamic redials is ridiculous stop foolish things love to all victims and their families
    Responsible for this terror act must bring to justice
    Some islamic group claim responsibility is political and sure not from authentic sources but to spoil image of islam from enemies of islam

  22. Why CNN loves the muslims so much? I bet I will shot CNN owner and the reporter one day. Stop defending Islam or you will be shot.

  23. you can find another terrorist from other religions.. BUT.. i bet you, none of them committed their act based on their religion rules like Isl*m Terrorist did.. Qur*n and Had*s are Jih*dist Ideology with many deadly sentences that allows them to "punish" infidels, that's why "physical warfare" never win against their infinite regeneration & propaganda (taqiyya, denial)

    we are too tolerance to speak the truth in public: to speak their death cult Ideology.. have you ever heard about death penalty to murt*din? yes, it's real in Isl*mic Country.. no surprise if they're more aggressive to us

    so many bloody random attacks, how many casualties next? imagine in 10 years, maybe we'll lost thousands innocent people

    the worst part is we just pretend that we're safe.. we're pretend to accept that Isl*m is peaceful religion.. in fact, Isl*m Terrorist never stop execute their plan to hunt us down.. *us = the infidel

    i hope soon we can find preventive way to destroy their ideology only, not the people.. because they're human being too, just like us

  24. This is the only video that got very much attention on YouTube as far as views go. I saw barely anything about it on msn and other news websites and that really makes me sad because if it was… well, you know. This is not a competition but it’s as if nobody cares when Christians are slaughtered. Much love from the USA to my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka

  25. Sri Lanka supported China and Pakistan. Now they showed their work. All the Muslim parties should be stoped. Only their functioning is the reason for this sort of evils.

  26. Is it true that the CNN accused Buddhists for this blast when the ISIS has already declared this as one of their attacks. I never thought CNN is low ike this.

  27. Srilanka is best country we Will prey for them who have death and wishing that terrorist will be killed by srilanka army wishing from india

  28. PROPHET MUHAMMAD (ﷺ) said:
    May the extremists perish,
    May the extremists perish,
    May the extremists perish.
    (SUNAN ABU DAWUD Vol #5, Hadith #4608)

  29. Terrorism has no religion even some try to discredit specially ISLAM by trying to connect it with it for political gain specially by the Zionist and their cohorts the Zionist Media but the fact it is Terrorism has no place in Humanity and has definitely has nothing to do with any religion

  30. Take care Shrilanka..
    We Indian's are with you..
    Terrorism is the virus for all over world.. it should be kill immediately.. otherwise they will attack on innocent people.. again and again…

  31. Ban radical Islam that is salafism (wahhabism)they killed Christians ISIS is another version of salafism but original Islam is ahlu sunna they want to live being tolerance ISIS killed members of ahlu sunnah in Syria, Iraq and other countries as they do in shri lanka

  32. The motherfucker sinhalese from independence kept attacking tamils, destroyed the country with racial politics, corrupt sinhalese politicians. During british rulke sri lanka then ceylon exported to asia tamil civil servants to british asian colonies Malaysia Singapore elsewhere. Now Sri Lanka exports sinhalese laboureres, sinhalese thieves (sinhala gardener of my family in Malaysia attempted to steal my family's jewellery!!!), housemaids (and when sent to muslim countries housemaids cum sex slaves) and laboureres. Comapred to the 1 million tamils that left the country since the last killings of tamils in 1983 who are mainly puncing above their weight in the West and other countries. Mahinda Rajapakes son is said to have 0.5 billion USD in a Dubai Bank. This is a village bumpkin. Corruption galore. The country is now a beggar country licking the arse of the chinese to who 80% of the sri lanka's income is paid to as debt repayments!!!!!

  33. My englisch is bad, but Where was ur prays in the Time, Where the USA Killed in Irak and Afghanistan 5.000.000 civilian People and childrens??

  34. Allah hu akbar….boooommmm💣💣💣🔥🔥🔥🚑🚑🚑…
    It's the only way you can..get 72 hoooorsss😂😂😂😂

  35. Who cares. So “some people did something”. 300 dead Christian’s (sorry I used that dirty word- please change to:Easter worshipers) is not as news worthy as 49 killed Muslims in NewZealand.

    Thank you CNN for reminding us how 300 murdered Christians just isn’t as important as telling us about all the evils for which they have perpetrated. Keep up the good unbiased “reporting”.

    Ok…now back to the important propaganda of the DNC network…sorry , I meant CNN network.

  36. Surely Indian defense with IS seen to funded and carryout terror attack to boost Indias tourism, and put the blame on China and Pakistan…. as oflate tourists finds India costliest… Negombo is all Indian Military zone….

  37. 2018- Parkland Shooting
    2019- Synagogue Shooting, Shooting in Mosque, Srilanka church boom attack

  38. This is the footage that made me lose my faith in god completely, because god is generally considered to be the alpha almighty all powerful but still he couldn't prevent this incident from happening in which his worshippers died a gruesome death in front of him ripped to bloody shreds causing the most painful ordeal to the families of the deceased but if god really existed he'd have prevented this incident from happening by using his powers to make the suicide bomber get caught or gunned down by cops before he detonated the explosive. This incident proves god is a superstitious myth n it's just a human shaped carved stone believed to be sacred

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