SPRING FESTIVAL Schedule & Event Quest Guide | Monster Hunter World

SPRING FESTIVAL Schedule & Event Quest Guide | Monster Hunter World

hello everyone and welcome back to another weekly news update forum Hofstra underworld is April 12th and what everyone's talking about of course is the reveal of these spring festivals coming out on April 25th so mark it down on your calendars I believe for me is is a Friday I'm not sure if that's true for you as well because some of you live across the world the other thing that we're all waiting to hear on still is when are we getting our temporary gig on tape Capcom has been quiet and we all immediately noticed he does not show up in the Spring Festival list of event quests so there's kind of a theory floating around and I think I somewhat agree with it when we scroll down the event quest list you'll see the greatest chunk assist coming back greatest Jagger's and he leaves early he leaves on May 2nd okay so everything else is leaving on May 16th he leaves early and the theory here is that you're gonna have two weeks of the other event quest that we saw during the appreciation festival the name Scylla voseo right so that's the theory and then on those two weeks players on the PC are going to be messing around with the new Witcher collaboration it comes out on May 9th so May 9th to May 16th would be the witch of collaboration for the PC and of course right after The Witcher collaboration comes out that's the special assignment right you get the special assignment contract trouble in The Woodlands or something like that trouble in the ancient forest I believe well after that's over you get ancient lash and that's kind of how it worked on the consoles is fair enough to believe it's going to work that way on the PC and then after ancient legend is kind of mostly over then the festival is going to end and maybe we'll have a week or two I think ancient legend actually extends for itself for like a week and then after that we may be seeing arched emperor no Gigante and on both the PC and the console at the same time that's the theory it's actually not too far-fetched because after ancient legend the PC is caught up to the castle right so all the side we found this content drought we haven't really had anything going on is is it's very feasible to believe that that's what's going to happen they're gonna finish ancient legend and then everyone gives Archie Tempranillo ghonte the only thing we don't know is what does the timeline for that look like like is Capcom going to give us a whole month of nothing to do kind of like we've been doing for the last month appreciation festival ended a month of nothing spring festival month of nothing again and then our temper no gig on teh oranges he's just going to come out right after the ancient lesson nobody really knows I'm hoping he comes out sooner than later but I'm also scared that he truly is the last piece of new content and then we have the long stretch into August or whenever the ice-born DLC is coming out now I think I heard someone told me it's been pushed October by I haven't confirmed that so I don't want it to come out if it's too if it's too long the content drought maybe I'll do Monster Hunter generations on switch who knows alright so I said that we would cover the reward you get from all these event quests only a few of the rewards are really important is true starting at the top of the list the fury of El Dorado this is arch tempered coffee Roth she is very important she doesn't have it's not that every cure weapon is a new meta for the weapon classes but the truth is a lot of them are maybe half of them how about that I'm guesstimating about half of the Cure weapons are actually new new meta keep your eyes open especially for cure water weapons cure water weapons tend to be new meta also you have er ice charged latest and one everyone talks about seems to be a big deal so that one's terrific scrolling down the list you have usj gold star treatment and usj blazing as ER stars that's used for unlocking the very cool looking sewer star-lord armor set the truth is I never used that armor set so I actually don't my opinion of it has lowered you also get the azure star-lord longsword it's like a water lumps or never use it rush of blood gives you the Megaman palico outfit Code Red gives you the Dante base of charge blade right so it is not a good charge blade and it gives you the Dante armor set I never use this armor set not really important silent deadly fierce gives you the Assassin's Creed mantle never use this not very good OOP looks like my squirreling just kicked out the extreme behemoth gives you the layered dragon armor set for many of you you have not finished this so I would recommend trying to finish this if you're running out to do if you ask me to do a live stream on it maybe I'll do it and I'll do it with you ancient legend is coming back on console of course on the PC this will not be coming back because you guys will be getting it for the first time presumably much later in the festival so on the consoles the reason you want to play ancient lectured in lesson is you get the layered series set you get the layered Geralt set you get the actual ciri armor said ok and this is going to come with the full of aid extender and full or not I think the evade extender only goes to 2 but I believe the evade window is full I can't remember now I have to look it up it's a set I never use essentially I don't know if anyone does it if you do let me know let's see what else crack of the dawn chew the fat where the Sun meets the moon I believe Sun meets the moon is the downy creak sleep dual blades never use these I don't remember what you qu what that gives you greeting the gluttons gives you meal vouchers that's actually kind of valuable except that you know on the PC I just give myself I won't talk about that Timberland Timberland troublemakers gives you the downy creak hammer is it's not a powerful hammer just a fun looking hammer that's it let's see what else we could abolish behavior every hunters dream is a big one okay so this is actually important this one's going to give you the river and ignition great sword that's the strongest great sword in the game by pretty fair margin so if you don't have that weapon once the festival begins that's your chance to pick it up really important triple threat Throwdown you can use that to unlock all your low-level decorations wiggle muses gives you the wiggler head armor which of course you don't need anymore because you can just unlock the layered armor egg lovers unite gives you the Coolio COO helmet same deal deep green blues let's see what else lost 500 Watts wrong with you or gone a royal pain so that's that's moss why I'm asking Fox of fo feline layered armors that's layered armor King Snow no fear is wiggler head layered armor a lot of you guys like that layered armor right and it also gives you the sealed I patched layered armor alright and then we jump over here to the arch tempered monsters so with the arch tempered Elder Dragons I'm just going to give you kind of like what I believe is the best piece of armor from each of these arched tempered Elder Dragons with the arched ember loon Ostra she's available right now on consoles and her best piece of armor is arguably the helmet which gives you three levels of wide range and one level of peak performance arch tempered azure mac droves he's an interesting guy he gives you a new option for ear plugs with the arms he gives you a chest piece that gives you really good tremors issed which is actually relevant for the arch temperance and achieve a fight and then he also gives you a coil which is really relevant for fighting arch tempered kofta rock because it gives you Bombardier in a very efficient way so he's actually really important three piece from his set oh here we are simple task keeper the Otherworld right so see this one keeper the Otherworld this is for fighting regulars energy bump and what you can do is you can use this quest to farm up those energy of horns I never have enough Zenoss you have horns and I have a method where you drop two boulders on his head and that'll immediately break his horns and then you just back out of the quest when you back out of the quest you still get the broken you still get that broken piece of his armor all right now armor head body theory Oh buddy I have a video on it you can watch it if you want just look up says you have a farm or something like that but yeah is a very good opportunity to farm his horns if he didn't have it of course you have a lot of Lughnasa weapons in the game and that's the reason why you need those horns relish the moment is for sullied and shining stream stones I've been meaning to test that I was supposed to do it last week on the PC but I forgot to so maybe I'll do that during this the spring festival due to do thrown taker thrown taker also says sullied and shining stream stones so you have thrown taker and relish the moment I should be testing both of these yeah that's what I should be doing here's arch tempered Kirin arch tempered Kirin he gives you the gamla chest piece with two levels of free element two small decoration slots there aren't a lot of good chest pieces in the game so is actually not bad you should definitely pick up at least that Pease definitely quite curtain is going to be the gamma of alpha sock set it's going to give you the valve coil which is used sometime the valve coil is a medium decoration slot and two empty small decoration slots and in some time sometimes it's your best option particularly with really niche dragon setups because it's also going to give you a I believe it gives you a level of dragon attack no tomorrow for usurpers I don't think that was really that important the scoring of the Sun that's going to be arched tempered Telstra he is incredibly important you have three pieces of a set the helmet the arms and the waist there the arms and the legs I'm sorry helmet arms legs and you're going to want all three of those because it allows you to build masters touch it's kind of like the alternative to dragon armor except the difference is you get to bring two pieces of other armor and what some people do is they build masters touch and then they also build karela meant there we go so I'm the tip of my tongue Kerr element so there's some crude element bills with that also it's it's a better armor option for building fire resistance the dragon armor has really terrible fire resistance whereas the tiara set has very high fire resistance and as you know there's a lot of fire monsters in the game then we have I of the storm that's going to be arched tempered Kushan to aura there's two pieces of his armor one that I use more often than the other is the waist the coil the coil is going to give you two levels of handicraft and two small decoration sauce it's actually very efficient and this is kind of niche you use it with weapons that need more than one level of handcrafted we reach white sharpness right you use it with those and you drop the dragon coil the dragon coil is not the most valuable part of the dragon set the other piece of armor that he has of course are the arms the arms on the crucial adora gamma armor set they give you two levels of focus and three small decoration sauce basically competing with the Damascus chest piece the thing is the domesticus chest piece is already so good because there aren't a lot of high quality chest pieces to choose from and so kind of fill that slot really well that's the reason why you don't often trade those two but it's still a good piece of armor you should pick it up then you have of course probably finally arch tempers energy eva has you know this is a very good armor set the waist the legs and the arms are giving you spare shot when you wear all three of them also razor-sharp that shouldn't be overlooked either and yeah it's just really terrific he's out right now on consoles were farming him no no he's not out on castles he's out on PC for the first time and people are farming him and then on the consoles he's coming back so if you haven't gotten his armor set already you really need to finally this last quest the greatest chakras I mean it's kind of a joke quest people were asking for arched Emperor Jagger's that is it's not really an arched Emperor Jagger's fight unfortunately I really wish it had been you know I would be happy with like arch tempered bear with the – to tell you the truth but it's still very fun and I really appreciate that Capcom released it and what he really is is a quick way to farm decoration that's the best way to think of him you kind of shoot him the belly shoot him in the head after he's eaten and then he spits up all his decorations and he could actually be killed in about two minutes it's very very fast I do have a farming guide form I'll leave a link in the comment section if you'd like to see that ahead of time I also leave a link to my farming guide for the names of Lilith and we'll update you guys if we do see him coming down the road we should know if he's coming in a week is that right or is it might be a little longer it might be like two weeks all right well we have talked about all of the events in the event quest when the Witcher collaboration comes out on PC you guys are going to want to play that because it's gonna unlock the Geralt set Geralt set is one of the best beginner sets you could pick up so if you're just gotten into monster underworld you go pick up the Geralt set it's really terrific for you also you get the hunter rune stone that's really just more specific to the ancient legend and then you also get the level 7 version of The Witcher sword and shield it's not very good at all all right I am all done going over the news I want to thank you all for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. And the witcher sword and board is good it has some of the highest amounts of white sharpness in the game

  2. Assassin's creed mantle is great? The ability to run and bonus damage if you're unseen by the monster or very useful for a wakeup hit.

  3. Can we get 4 weeks of biggest chungus and keep ignoring lavasioth cause everything about world lavasioth sucks

  4. Dantes CB not good? Whaaaaat. That thing is amazing. Blue sharpeness for the whole fight, thunder element, with impact phials and about 700+atk. Plus the sword looks really good. That thing CB is pretty amazing. Lol

  5. I find it hard to believe that a lot of people still can't beat Extremoth, I beat it on the first day thanks to a few friends, and then a few more times with some randoms on the same week. But then one day I got on a week where Extremoth came out and the people I tried to partner up with just don't know what to do. Like seriously, what have they been doing all these times.

  6. AT Xeno isn't fun. I beat it once and I'm pretty much done with that fight. I don't care if his armor is good for a build.

  7. So the way you covered it was a little different I'm not sure which ones are on PC and which ones are on the playstation and xbox Granted I'm also driving right now so I guess I'll just have to watch it again

  8. Finally! Been waiting for so long for this event quests to be back. I was a newbie when the last event happened so I wasn't able to participate to most of the missions but now, I can finally get the rewards. Also, the Rocket Powered Great Sword!!!

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