100 thoughts on “Spoof video of president in ‘Church of Fake News’ goes viral

  1. So we ALL need to reject ALL violence – oh, of COURSE except the violent movie it was spoofed from and all of the hundreds of thousands like it! Give me a BREAK!
    Maybe for the next one they should use Fortnite or Call of Duty!

  2. What I don't get is how they say they didn't know about the video when it was played at a function for him. And second i see that its been out for a minute but all of a sudden you don't know about it. These people are beyond corrupt and evil.

  3. Please Make America Funny Again!! Vote Trump 2020 ….Trump Tv Reality Show 24/24!!! It believes in movie "Idiocracy" Reality exceeds fiction!! Thanks America for the moments of laughter!!

  4. This is what the libtards are begging for. They think their ideology leads to Utopia. It leads to Dystopia. They feed the rage by over reacting and virtue signaling. Why are they not looking past the humor and point out that the original violent movie is made by their own Libtard Holly Wood freaks.

  5. It's only pretend, sweetie.
    Just a Hollywood movie with new "faces" put in. Remember, you LOVE Hollywood.
    Now off to bed with you, lil' buckaroo.

  6. Member berries remember Nationwide schools and politicians where putting up posters of trump pretending to shoot him mainstream media supported this politicians supported so get over this it funny

  7. All of the violence and injustice that is directed to president Trump by the fake media and many others is ignored…Why is that? I see nothing wrong with the spoof video at all! Because he is indeed in a war with the media and those leftists and many corrupted people in government – and he is winning! Just like the parody depicts. Except that he is not literally killing anyone…Good job spoofer!

  8. its kinda strange a video shown in a side room at Donald Trump rally not in the main ball room were the rally was taking place is some how connected to Trump and his supporters. heck a side room at a resort could be any ones room i would like more detail on what room was it and who was using it. I ask if a video like this was shown at a Biden rally showing Biden doing things in a side room will it draw the same media coverage and out rage? Im not defending the video it is a disgusting video I'm just wondering who was the real source of it. We all know the lengths the hater of Trump will go to put the spot light of hate on Trump. so could it been just that an attack on Trump and his supporters? or did one of Trump supporters make the video? we do not know tell we find out what room and who was using it.

  9. Strange how when antifa actually attacks people it is AOK with media. Media has created these memes, and do you recall Hamilton widely touted by media FAKE NEWS OUTLETS. Bunch of hypocrites!

  10. Remember, it's only offensive because it's news networks getting targeted. Nevermind the fact that the original movie had someone go in and shoot up a church, but that's okay because they were bigots. Ironic that a few years later someone actually did this down in Texas, killing over 50 people and when it didn't fit the media's bias, they immediately buried the story.


  12. Every law is backed by the threat of violence so what is your problem with violence? Oh that it is openly directed at you instead of hidden or done by proxy IE the police? Hypocrites…..

  13. Whatโ€™s wrong with this? Hollywood just made a movie about liberals killing conservatives and calling it comedy

  14. Libs had no problem with a video depicting the slaughter of a church of Christians but politicians and the media, oh my.

  15. Wow! Shocking! A spoof video that is over a year old? An absolute non story. Someone crudely cuts and paste politicians heads over a movie scene and it is 'breaking news' 18 months later? It is exactly the same as the 'Trump/CNN WWE' video. Next thing you know, the FBI will be kicking in the door of someone's home and dragging their 14 year old kid out of the basement as the parents scream, "BILLY! We told you to stop making memes! Memes are BAD!".

  16. This is NOT "just a meme", or "just a joke". The Cult of Trump is the most uneducated, virulent population in modern US history, and actively commit violence in his name.

    Cesar Sayoc sent mail bombs around the nation to the very people in this video. This "meme" is a threat. Not some sort of socio-political commentary. That's what happens when your entirely ideology revolves around FEAR.

  17. the right has violent MEME's, the left has violent GROUPS OF ACTUAL PEOPLE ATTACKING the right (antifa/blm/bam/etc)

  18. i'm actually more interested in the layout of that newsroom than the news they're reporting

  19. I thought it was well done. This portrayal of proper satire in politics is accurate. Fake news does exist and I'm glad to see that trump is trying to do something about it. Everyone took away the point of this video and molded it against the REALITY. "What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly"

  20. the people who made and support such a video need to be found and sent to prison. all gun rights need to be taken away as well as all of their guns. even need to take knives away from them. trumps base is really starting to show who they truly are. violent miserable fools

  21. You hypocritical Leftist Democrats all this violence from your gods in Hollywood and praise them and allow them to speak to the country, but a spoof video has to be called out as too violent. Man you ARE a crazy bunch of people.

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