8 thoughts on “Special Episode 1 – The political system of Germany

  1. DC is not a state though

    I never stopped and think about why specifically it says "Dem Deutschen Volke", good point

    Another thing is that unlike the Senate, in the Bundesrat bigger states get more seats, but smaller states get more seats per capita. And the Bundesrat can only veto laws in a relatively narrow part of legislation, unlike the Senate which is legislatively completely equal to the House of Representatives.

  2. Very nice video, sadly video and audio are a bit out of sync, at least towards the end. Also, one small mistake: the official name for West Germany was not "West German Republic", it was "Federal Republic of Germany", just as it is today.

  3. Very nice. I had a decent understanding of the German system from my college poli sci days but this was a good refresher. I look forward to more coverage of Germany & Europe here once we get past the US presidential cycle.

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