South Korean K-pop star Sulli found dead… suspected suicide

South Korean K-pop star Sulli found dead… suspected suicide

kpop fans are in great shock and
mourning after the death of kpop star and actresses Holi our Kim bo-gyung
tells us more South Korean k-pop star and actress
Holly was found dead on Monday at her song Nam residents according to the
police on Monday Sally’s manager found her dead in her
home at around 3 p.m. after being unable to reach her since their last call the
day before currently police are investigating the case as a suspected
suicide but are still exploring other possibilities at the site a handwritten
memo showing solace feelings has been found the police are saying it is not a
will and that they cannot reveal what it says her agency SM Entertainment said
the funeral won’t be open to the public fans are shocked by the latest deaths of
a kpop star it comes less than two years after the death of Kim Jong Hyun a
member of boyband SHINee who are also managed by SM Entertainment so Lee was a
former member of South Korean girl group FX who debuted in 2009 she formally left
the group in 2015 to focus on acting in her solo career she released her latest
solo album in June this year and also was a host of a Korean television show
translated as the night of hate comments Sully was quite a controversial figure
and although the definite reason for her death is yet to come out a lot of fans
are suggesting that she took her own life because she had to suffer so much
from hateful online comments as lots of Korean stars have committed suicide
after suffering from malicious online comments fans are saying it is time to
make a law to stop people from posting comments that hurt others Kim bo-gyung
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100 thoughts on “South Korean K-pop star Sulli found dead… suspected suicide

  1. Sulli'S tradgic loss MUST NOT BE IN VAIN! Today MUST become a fatal moment that forces the punishment of cyber bullying! Words can be deadly…..and they always hurt the most fragile! We will love you forever Sulli….we will NEVER forget!

  2. Their agencies wrongly don’t allow them to use cell phones.. I don’t think it was online comments. They also restrict dating. Let people live life already.

  3. She had so much to live for
    I hope sulli and jonghyun are getting the respect they needed and treated right where they are now
    She didn't deserve the hate
    Rip sulli

  4. When people see you smiling they assume that you are ok. But nothing is okay. Depression is the pain of the soul, that monster inside that wants to control you. You want to live, you want to be happy but can't control it. At the end you just let go and lose the battle.
    I felt so heartbroken when we lost Jonghyun, and now Sulli, who had just my age! People need to stop with the criticism, just stop with the bullshit!!! We lost another one… who will be next? Maybe my Idol.
    설리야 괜찮아, 수고했어. 잘자.

  5. Can someone explain why she received so much hate. Everyone mentions it but doesn't go into detail. I know only a little about her

  6. Now only I know her death….,😲,so pretty yet she had enough wounds inside to make herself wanted to take away her life……😓

  7. South – Korea is such a hateful country , not only toward countries and cultures they see as inferior but even against their own people . I have traveled and worked all around the world and have never experienced a more hateful / obsessed culture !!!! S. Korea is a society obsessed with copying , comparing , pointing fingers at others , pretending to be better than others and always in competition with the rest of the world to be acknowledged as an advanced and developed country .. they love nothing more than hearing others say things like " Korea is such an advanced country " but how quickly South – Koreans have forgotten .. not that long ago ( and before so much of America's help ) this was such a poor , under – developed and backward country … seeing incidences like these proves that you have a very , very , very long way to go before becoming the civilised society you so wish to be seen as !!! Tall , gleaming, newly built , modern cities and with all of the technology you have copied from the West, does not make you civilize S. Korea ( take an example from the Northern Europeans ) , these kinds of shameful things , I know you wish to keep hidden from the rest of the world since you live in a culture which incessantly squawks about respect and how much better you in comparison to so many other countries but the walls are beginning to close in and the truths you so wish to keep hidden is revealed for the world to see … you can no longer hide the horrible truths which exists in your culture !!! When does the hate end for you S.Koreans ? How many more must die ?

  8. Untuk pengetahuan korang, siasatan masih berjalan untuk menentukan punca kematian Sulli yang berlaku secara tiba-tiba. Menurut AllKpop, media tempatan mengatakan semasa pihak polis melakukan pemeriksaan di rumah Sulli, mereka menemui buku nota penuh dengan tulisan tangan pelakon dan penyanyi ini tentang perasaan dan pemikiran peribadinya.

  9. said something mean on a deleted youtube video 2 years ago of her in a club dancing. don't think she saw it since she had a 'life' and i didn't. but can't blame her, the worlds so fucking shitty. i know the feeling of wanting to do it.. end it all..
    just need to let this go bc i'll feel like a hypocrite if i say RIP with this secret in my chest. i was pissed off that day over irl shit. cant say sorry now, cant take it back.. – but hope she's happy in that place with jonghyun. ..

  10. Suicide Sulli Will always be known as talentless shameless famewhore. Meanwhile suicide Whitney Houston/Heath ledger/Robbie Williams Will always be known as talented celeb aka GOAT.

  11. Dear everyone who ever are commenting here,
    If these much comments were left on her Instagram supporting her before her death when everyone was trying to bully her with malicious comments then she might not have to end up in this way.
    So from today I request to everyone here (me included) that help every star who is being bullied by writing good comments and sending 💜 purple hearts to stop people from getting bullied. LET US SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE. SAVE LIVES..

  12. Sulli if u want to be a Feminist u must be a super talented idol. Look at GOAT Angelina Jolie. She get Oscar and everything she want.

  13. For those of you who give criticism but overdoing it makes the person very depressed to death.
    You should not have hands and brains, because God gives hands and brains not to hurt other humans.
    Korean netizens are really bad at treating their own country artists, you guys are disgusting.
    Rest in Peace

  14. god is the only way to save us in any downfall sitution….. have faith in him…. life is a gift from him..we dont have the right to waste it……

  15. Its seems people of korea seems its too emotional that lead to kill themself😭😭😭😭but they are too strong in bullying in their own people😓

  16. Celebrities in the US don't give a rat's ass about hateful comments. Korea is so sensitive i am worried. They need to make Marijuana legal there already.

  17. On Sunday I was download new song Maroon 5 – Memories. And I keep saying what a beautiful song. And suddenly now got a news about Sulli death. And now over and over again I keep repeating Maroon 5 – Memories song.. she leaving this world so young… All the memories, about you will be a beautiful memories to all your fans, family and friends…Your dead bring a sad news ever to all of us..but the pain you going through we never know how much it take for you to face every day, if we can turn back the time we wish… we will be more stronger to face it with you.. we wish to have more time to be with you.. Don't be sad anymore , don't be suffer anymore.. every toast we make we will toast to how braveness and stronger you are. We love you ..and as you watch us from sky we hope you watch us with those beautiful smiling..we love
    # Rest in peace my angel Sulli

  18. Of course this is a tragedy, but instead of creating laws to combat "hurtful words", it would make more sense to toughen yourself up; its not logical to expecting the other 7.6 billion people on the planet to tip toe around your sensibilities. (And YES I disagree with bullying).In addition, this is where a family unit would come into play as she should have confided in them her pain so she wouldn't be alone.The family would console,so she would come out stronger, like steel forged by the fire. But instead we have taught a generation people to be snowflakes in the face of adversity.

  19. RIP Sulli, next life don't reborn in South Korea, a semi-colony of American full of distinguish chaebols and greedy entertainment businessmen. Go die Samsung, Go die SM entertainment, Go die American army in South Korea!

  20. Rip 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭suli I can't stop my tears .Iam from India I am a big fan of tou.really miss you dear.

  21. You can’t control people. You can only control yourself. Toughen up… The world is harsh… Deal with it! Or else it would consume you…

  22. Bruh this is stupid they should have stopped the hate comments from the start not until someone does then they stop this. Stupid haters do u seriously think that it's funny to hurt someone like this if u r a human celebrities are also human let them have a better life for god sakes

  23. High public expectation or her bosses sexual abuse. Its rampant in sk. May there be no more this kind of death to be ever reported.

  24. I don't know bt I don't like SM at all…most suicide case comes from SM….and also the news that she left fx I feel that she was kicked out by SM cuzz of her rumors and all…BT in the public they said that she left herself…😒😒😒😒😒

  25. Sadful life of Sulli…you will find a better world afterwards. This world doesn't deserve such a lively person. I became fan of yours after some friends told me I somehow look like Sulli. Even as a fan of yours I could do nothing. Sorry . Rest in Peace. Love you and miss you. I will remember you.

  26. Yes.. I was very much shock by this young beautiful girl; I do not believe it at first n I keep looking or watching the news about her, so it is true. So sad that she can' t overcome the bully or the hate that netizen/ media put her through, not even her agency(SM) – where in the world is her best friend/group FX, family, that no one can be by her side – I feel sorry for her.
    RIP my dear Choi Sully :'((

  27. Update:
    The police need to do a full investigation. These sad events always bring up the question of: " where was Sulli family all these years", "why no roommate" , were any large life insurance contact taken out on her life by anyone close to her. It seems like a perfect crime scenario given her past history of depression.  Example:


    “They decide, O.K., if we knock off an Idol, then what we can do is simply collect the insurance covering their participation in the television or drama show that they were working on overseas,”  “It’s almost moronic, it’s so simple.”  

    They’re spending nights in their car, on the run from the same shadowy cabal—“the Hollywood Star Whackers”—who may have killed Heath Ledger, possibly sabotaged Jeremy Piven, and could now be targeting Lindsay Lohan. No, this is not the plot of Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Randy Quaid’s latest movie. It is what he and his wife, Evi, swear is really happening to them. With the Quaids in Canada, the author probes their nightmare reality, which has alienated friends and family, and turned the couple into outlaws.

    The “Whackers,” they said, were the same people who may have “killed” David Carradine and Heath Ledger, possibly set up Robert Blake, and could now be targeting Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. “Are either of you mentally unstable, schizophrenic, or on drugs?,”   


    CNN: Quaids: Hit squad killing celebs

  28. we all need to do better, not just the netizens who make stars’ lives miserable, but those of us who see it happening too. if you see hate comments, report them, condemn them, and let them know that what they’re doing isn’t okay. stand up to online bullies. they don’t deserve to have their negative voices heard online anymore.

  29. disgusting and crappy Korean society with all its hatred, Western fans always give support and love to idols that is what they do not see, you have many privileges that one does not have and take advantage of it to ruin them, go to hell, It is not a game bullying motherfuckers, take care of the shit they talk before being thrown at a person and think about people's feelings. Shit hypocrites must have given him all the love when he was alive not after the consequences occur. Sulli was not to blame for anything, she was not the problem, it was the society of her own country in which she grew up, that disgust give me

  30. The murderers are out in the open. They should be investigated by the police and get locked up in prison. Those "evil" beings who caused her death should get what they deserve, Karma!!!

  31. sulli got a lot of hates since her debut,

    she got a lot of hates for being herself,

    she got a lot of hates for wanting to make a difference,

    she got a lot of hates for enjoying the freedom that she deserves.

    she didn't report a mean college student because she didn't want to ruin a student's life.

    she said that she didn't care about the hate comments,

    she said that she was fine,

    she said she wasn't hurt,

    but she lied to us.

    she tried reaching out to her company, hoping that they would help and protect her from the malicious comments,

    but they didn't care.

    she keeps on doing what people told her not to do because she needed attention,

    she needed help.

    she said that she wasn't affected,

    because she wants us to think that she's strong, that everything was alright.

    no one cared until..

    she lost the game of life.

    choi jin-ri,
    we will never forget you,
    may your beautiful soul rest in peace.

  32. I just want to sleep and not wake up.I lost my business due to myself and the internet.
    I have made my plans it's only a matter of time

  33. When Sulli said; ”I am not a bad person. I'm sorry. Why are you saying bad things about me? What did I do to deserve this?” i felt that

  34. Hey mister n miss bully, please stop what u doing. Bullying only lead to more death. Idols are human. They are human, not robot. They have feeling, sad happy anger and also hatred. How many death you want to heard, then you can stop??? Please consider the victim family too. How they feel when one of their family decide to suicide because tired of this world, tired of people who keep judge them. THEY ARE HUMAN TOO.

  35. She was just 24 years old. She had more days to live than she had ever lived. She is definitely better person than online haters.

  36. American celebs also commit suicide because depression, but damn Korea is taking it on another level. I don't know much about how their culture works, but we the average people envy these celebs about the pros of being famous where the cons might be much more of living such a life as an idol. The constant pressure to look perfect, to act polite, always smile and please everyone's opinion… If I have to pick my country and Korea, both of them were on the same economic development like 40 years ago. Today South Korea is one of the top developed countries in the world where as the one Im living in became a third world one because of many political reasons. But although being in the top, is it worth ignoring the state of mental health problems in your country, because of the pressure of what other may think of you, if your social status isn't good enough, if you're not rich enough, if your not driving expensive car, what school you attended, what your job is. Idk… the struggle to find happiness in SK seems real.

  37. I don't know her, but why are you doing sth, which brings you fans and private life exposure and people constantly commenting you, if you're not able to handle with the hate comments.

  38. What ever happened to the saying; STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME. amazing how WEAK people have become emotionally. I think it's due to belief in false idols (cell phones, drugs, porn, cars, tv, hollywood, money, fame, makeup, etc) and an over civilized and unnatural society. Remember; You always have a friend in GOD, JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT.

  39. i wonder if she swore to those people who made her suicide. man she wont forgive you all. you all gonna crawl begging for forgiveness. in your face. when someone did not forgive you, you are in big trouble. god bless all of you, assholes.

  40. Right now I cannot believe people. It was her choice to do what she wanted to do and youre gonna hate her opinion?? Its not ur life its hers and if youre a hater of her u should be happy that now she is gone cause its your fault. People dont have matters and theyre taking peoples life just by commenting rude stuff and they think that she doesnt read them or doesnt feel pain. Have some respect for people. Rest in peace sulli 💞

  41. Harusnya saat sully sedang depresi sering denger denger ceramah ust Abdul somad, ustad Hanan attaki, k h qurais syihab, ustad basalamah, ustad Adi hidayat, Dan Di tambah psikolog atau psikiater biar hatinya tenang

  42. Kalau Kita hanya cinta dunia, maka seperti itulah Akan kecewa, makannya bagi yg Masih hidup dekatkan diri pada Allah, jangan terlalu berharap pada manusia

  43. Dear knetz, are you happy now? You have killed an angel. I hope that these will not happen to you and your family. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that you've cause a person's suffering. Don't worry you will receive your KARMA in no time.

  44. In your hands, O Lord,
    we humbly entrust our brothers and sisters.
    In this life you embraced them with your tender love;
    deliver them now from every evil
    and bid them eternal rest.

    The old order has passed away:
    welcome them into paradise,
    where there will be no sorrow, no weeping or pain,
    but fullness of peace and joy
    with your Son and the Holy Spirit
    forever and ever.

    rest well babygirl, you did well and you will not be forgotten ever. Have fun with Jonghyun too.

    Rest in Peace

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