16 thoughts on “Sometimes Our Dreams Float Like Anchors

  1. ' our dreams float like anchors ' … exquisite piece of imagery … and I'm going to use it all over the shop

  2. And the hammer swings high
    And comes down hard
    Drive another nail into my coffin lid
    And as the days go by if I can play my part
    Well I'll feel no remorse for what I did

    Your mother would cry if she only could
    But those days are gone, those days are gone
    And she always tried
    To see the good in everything that you done

    And sometimes our dreams they float like anchors
    In hopeless waters oh way down deep
    Sometimes it seems that all that matters
    Most are all the things that you can't keep

    Oh, the skin, Oh, the skin
    That this old world has placed me in
    I can't wait to shed, I can't wait to shed
    Lord I'll be free when I'm dead

  3. btw does "this" mean were married. What just happened besides angeks screaming crying some slight paranoia and a panic attack

  4. holy fuck!!! i have been a William Elliott Whitmore fan for about half a decade and i am just now hearing this song!!!! so great after a long day of work and having cold ones !! "And my hammer swings high and comes down hard…." love it!!!

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