Something is WRONG with Celine Dion!

Something is WRONG with Celine Dion!

So, the whole team here has been telling me
to talk about Celine Dion and to be honest, I was not sure exactly why that was a good
idea BUT when I started going through some recent interviews and appearances of hers,
I felt like something is totally wrong! She does not look like the Celine Dion we
know! It seems like she is losing more and more
weight every single day! Let’s find out what is happening to her
together in this video! What I have noticed is that this unhealthy-thin
talk started after Celine Dion lost her husband to cancer! René Angélil and Dion met when she was only
12 and their love story is for sure one of a kind! René heard Céline Dion’s demo tape and decided
to help her career and became her agent! Fast forward to 5 years after the first time
they met, they both fell madly in love with one another! At first, Dion’s mother was not happy with
her daughter marrying a man who was 26 years older than her but finally, she gave up and
their love won! Just like any Hollywood romantic comedies,
right when they felt like they have had it all, Angélil was diagnosed with throat cancer. Without a second of hesitance, Celine Dion
decided that she would take some time out of her super hectic career to take care of
her love! It took the couple 2 years to kick cancer
out of their life and then focus on a new chapter which was starting a family but Celine
was facing some infertility issues! Luckily, after going through everything with
the help of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) she was able to feel the joy of motherhood! With a son born in 2001 and their twin in
2010, Celine Dion’s family had a new challenge to face! As Gus of The Fault In Our Stars puts it,
cancer lit up like a Christmas Tree! It was back and they had to fight it now as
a bigger family! In December of 2013, Angélil had surgery
to remove a tumor and a year after that, Celine put her whole career on hold to take care
of her one and only love! Then in 2016, after a LOOOOOONG battle, on
January 14, Dion’s husband passed away at the age of 73! All of a sudden, Celine who, ever since she
remembered, had one person to manage her and to be next to her through thick and thin,
had no one else but herself! And not long after this loss, she lost her
brother also to cancer! In her interview with ABC News, Celine Dion
confessed that the most difficult thing for her was making decisions! Now speaking of making decisions, that is
in fact what has people thinking if she is fine or not! Remember a frighteningly thin Whitney Houston
at Michael Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special? That is what had happened to Celine Dion! People had no idea what was going on but all
the tweets were begging her to eat! But that was not all! Her sense of fashion was also being criticized
big time! At the beginning of her career, she was someone
who was scared of hanging out, and that’s why she was not doing parties and was not
a part of show business. But all of that faded away when her partner
was no longer next to her to make the decisions for her! And of course, this new all-over-the-place
attitude did not let her stay quiet when she found out people were calling her out for
being super thin! But you know what?! SHE IS CELINE DION so she will do whatever
she wants and People Magazine can report it! The fact is that she knows that she is a lot
thinner but this is all because she had picked up a new hobby which is dancing! Well, Dion for sure does not leave any room
for doubts! She is doing JUST FINE! As she says “If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone!” What do you think about the new look of Celine
Dion?! Do you also believe she is too thin!? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
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100 thoughts on “Something is WRONG with Celine Dion!

  1. 😍 You SURELY will LOVE this video! "Celine Dion Unfair Fight With Fate #StayStrong"

  2. I lost 66 pounds when i lost my husband of 30+ years to cancers of the liver and lungs. Unlike Celine, i had the 66 pounds to lose. (And still not look "skinny"!) I know what losing the love of your life can do, although i've never had trouble making my own decisions. While i, along with a lot of you, think she's too thin now (and looks unhealthy, IMO), if she's happy with who she is and how she looks, that's her decision.

  3. It's painful on how quick people can judge,put yourselves in her shoes and see how far can you go.#Celine Dion❤❤❤💃💃💃

  4. Gosh!….Something is going down with Celine,…She is so thin now and with her hair in a bun like that she looks very much like Evita Perons dead corpse!…….She starving herself for what ever reasons but we all cant be wrong and her be right with this issue!……..

  5. I noticed that her weight loss started when she got into business with two women who look very demonic and celine came out with what she called gender nuetral childrens clothes but in fact the clothes all had demonic Satanic, and illuminati symbols all over them and she even started talking and acting like someone else had posesed her body! Yes people there is such a thing as Satan and he really does have harmful demons and yes they will prey on very famous celebrities who have sold their souls to the devil in order to be famous and rich and all the top stars are all beginning to show more Satanic symbols or illumanati symbols in their clothing or on stage or in their videos etc like Beyonce and her husband do all the time and they will be the first to tell you that they sold their souls to Satan and they can influence millions of innocent young fans to worship them and by doing so they are also worshiping Satan without realizing it. Dont believe me?….Notice how a lot of the most popular tv shows or movies at theatres all center around demonic activity, and satan, and the occult. 20 years ago these types of films would never have been approved to be released on tv or theatres so what does that tell you about who really is running the show here on the earth now???????????

  6. So scared for her… I see death a knocking… dance has nothing to do with it… where r her boys… does she not want to be there and share their lives with them… if I am wrong so be it… but medically I have seen and worked with this… and it does not end up well… love her music… her spirit… please be strong and be well😱😱😱😇

  7. I am worried. Her weight loss doesn't look healthy. She may be grieving…Its hard to see her this way. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  8. Yes, I do think Dion is too thin, but it's her life! If she wants to look like death, then so be it! Like she said , it's her life, she'll do what she wants. I think she may have some serious problems, maybe nothing to do with her health.

  9. Yes I do and I really adore her. Her new fashion is way too bizarre, I loved the handmade gowns she used to wear….

  10. Shes waaaaay to thin, she WAS a beautiful woman, now she looks like shes fighting cancer!!!! I understand losing the love of her life can do that to her, stay strong lady, please remember them babies and get some help!

  11. So many fans care and love her.A little too thin.If it's what she desires and she is aware,fine.If not,reach out.Help is only an arm's length away.Wishing her only the best

  12. If by some chance you ever see this Celine, PLEASE don't go down this path. It is like watching Karen Carpenter all over again. Please get healthy, people adore you.

  13. She looks ugly so skinny. Unhealthy. She can't be fine if she doesn't see what the rest of us do. Dancing doesn't turn anyone in an emaciated thing. Building lean muscle comes from dancing not skin and bones.

  14. I've always been a slender person even now, at 56. But she' too slim. She is scarily skinny and I don't think she is okay. I think she's anorexic and it's not safe a safe way to be. She is sick right now.

  15. Yeah she's too thin. my husband's too thin from illness not cancer we're praying we're trying to get him to gain weight her weight loss makes her look very old something is wrong if you're healthy physically and you look like that yeah something's wrong

  16. I don't agree this is because of dancing. I don't like her mummified look. Looks as if she's fighting some serious illness. Wish this iconic woman luck

  17. Well, I'm nobody important nor nutritionist of that vanity titles attach in my name and sometimes looks can be deceiving meaning looking unhealthy outwardly but healthy as baby inwardly. My opinion of course and superstar Celine Dion can best describes superstar Celine Dion! Yah God Bless All. Thank you very much for sharing.

  18. It takes a lot of blood sacrifices to stay in the limelight l specially when your old and washed up like her.
    It looks like her contract with the devil is catching up with her.
    Remember, some of these " celebrities " are worth more DEAD then alive ……..looks like she's worried 👹is coming for her .

  19. I saw the video of her performance in Manchester in July of this year 2019, and whilst she was still underweight, she didn't look emaciated anymore. This look is not good on any woman, let alone a woman over the age over 50, it looks desperately unhealthy. Dance shouldn't cause this, at least if it's coupled with a good wholesome, healthy diet.

  20. Yes she looks awful dancing wouldn't make her that skinny she definitely has something wrong with her an eating disorder or cancer I don't think she will be alive much longer

  21. Celine Dion is a beautiful woman and gifted, beautiful singer who doesn`t need to look the way she does at the moment, which is ill, rather than healthy. With so many young kids looking up to these pop stars etc, this is not a good impression to give, that it`s ok to look this thin. Such a shame, but as a lot have said, there maybe more to it, I certainly don`t think it`s anything to do with dancing!

  22. Pour quelles raisons ne juxtaposez-vous pas aussi la photo la représentant à l’âge d’une année???— Enumérez-nous les personnes qui ont sus vieillir en beauté sans les œuvres et les outrages destructeurs des très nombreuses chirurgies plastiques et du BOTOX???— Quand comprendrez-vous enfin que seule sa voix nous intéresse???—Ce que le journaliste oublie de mentionner c’est qu’il est « « «  TRÈS MALSAIN et TERRIBLEMENT FAUTIF pour une FEMME de DEVOIR VIEILLIR!!! » » »—Viviane (27-08-2019)

  23. S.V.P. cessez de dramatiser à l’infini le cas de Céline Dion.—De plus, ne comparez plus sa situation avec celle qui est précocement décédée des suites d’une fulgurante anorexie (Carpenter).—La chanteuse vient de servir aux Québécois (ville de Québec) trois magistrales prestations où elle fut brillamment acclamée par ses supporteurs.—Ce sera ensuite au tour de la ville de Montréal à la recevoir.—Ses maints exercices physiques avec Pépé ont remodelés son corps et ses cheveux courts l’ont rajeunie de quelques vingt-cinq ans.—Plusieurs copains se sont rendus à ses spectacles et ont sus apprécier grandement ses performances.—(27-09-2019)

  24. This level of thinness does not appear to be from dancing. If that were the case, she would look fit and toned. She looks emaciated. She knows what demons she is fighting especially when it comes to the music industry. That new “One World Order” clothing line!….connect the dot. #satanic #demonic #sacrifices #musicindustry #evil
    Now she has to embark on a world tour to make money for The Elites. None of that millions and millions of dollars she will potentially make from that upcoming world tour will be hers….well maybe a portion of it to maintain home, car, etc. it’s no joke when you sell your soul for fame and fortune. Goat Lucy is ready for payback. Can’t believe they all never see this day coming. She looks extremely ill. Her eyes (the window to your soul) says all you need to know about some of what she maybe currently dealing with. Sometimes they use drugs, substances to fight those demons that plague them. Can sleep, eat, etc. so so sad. Only thing that can save her is God. #repent

  25. If she doesn’t have aides or cancer or annorexic then I must say if this new look about her is indeed self induced then she looks a hot mess if she was poor people would call her a crackhead she just looks horrible it’s a such thing called being to skinny and she gets thee award.

  26. My dear Celine, after you have gone through all that pain, life has to go on Princess. We love you, I admire you, there's no other Celine Dion. I pray may God give you strength, happiness and joy. Arise and shine Princess.

  27. Too thin..too fat…too old…- it is nothing to do with her Voice and our Love & appreciation for her Talant! Bwy, we all !!! every moment !!! get older !!!!……no escape. … ;))) & hopefully, wiser!!!!♡♥♡

  28. I was shocked but after learning that she has lost many loved ones and has struggled to adjust to life, it makes sense that she has lost weight & also displays changes in behaviour – it’s perfectly normal and I’m sure that with support & honest care from those around her, she’ll be okay.

  29. Celene blaming her weight loss to dancing is BS , she has always danced ,she has a medical condition and its called bulimia ,im sure she is seeking professional help for her sake and that of her children ,i pray she gets better as she is not only a loving and caring mother but a super talented individual 🙏

  30. So Celine's attackers bash her here in this video's comment section huh? why not bash onto her main channel all you dumb succubus? Why bash not pray for her? duh people making themselves an imbecile.

  31. I absolutely adore, Celine. She has obviously found the grieving process very difficult and she lost her husband and her brother in quick succession. I don't feel that she needs the pressure of delivering for fans right now and I would never say so normally, but I feel she ought to take some time off away from the spotlight and just take care of herself.

  32. Dancing is one thing but I doubt if this new thin look is from dancing. She looks like she's starving herself. She needs help.

  33. Celine is still in mourning over her husband & brother. When you love someone deeply it takes years to get over it. And people handle the pain in different ways. Some drink, do drugs, overeat or not eat. She apparently chose not to eat. Instead of criticizing her, why not pray for her to heal from the pain & accept the situation & start eating again. And pray she finds a good man that's not a fortune hunter out to take her for all of her money.

  34. Yes, I believe she is too thin. I pray for her. She has been through so much regarding her husband and brother. That takes a tremendous toll on a person.. With love and support, she will heal, somewhat, and make it through these horrible times. God is with her

  35. I love Celine too much.she's still mourning her husband but that's very dangerous. God has blessed her so much.why can't she get hold of herself

  36. She just lost her most loving people of her life ! She’s got lots of responsibility’s . It’s hard to trust anyone in this world we living.

  37. I’m worried about Celine. She has never been on her own. I’m not sure that she’s making the right decision. It use to be her husband made all decisions for the two of them and their family. Now that he’s gone does she really know what’s good for her and what’s not.

  38. Oh celen, my super star, my role model, sorry about the losses and pls try to put yourself together for the sake of your kids and move on the kids needs you now than ever you are all they've got OK, I will love to see you hail and healthy again love you!

  39. i think »René was always there for her not to fall is the exces substences abuses…and now she is lost in… knowing that she decided to do world tour without her twins? would never have hapened when «René was there.. .now she feel to party…this is what i see is going on…

  40. It's just a case of, why should we really care? This clip was an awful lot like the bad fashion shown (Celine's taste?) – pretentious and full of cracks.

  41. Nah..she was always rail thin, she's thinner, yes, could be illness, I suppose, but more likely, profound grief combined with aging taking their toll.

  42. She is on her path..she got thin, my heart broke and I got fat. Just the body and we are still beautiful inside. Love her no matter what. Her music will always touch my heart and I thank her for that. XO to dear Celine. Your beautiful eyes will never change we see the real her there.

  43. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Her husband was literally a pedo. He met her at 12 years old then married him at 16 when he was 26 years older than her? Fkn pedo

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