100 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 2017 ABC News coverage

  1. The first eclipse in 99 years and then there's going to be another in 7 years! Does it make u think that there might be more to it than just another eclipse?What could it be or what could it mean? Everything happens for a reason. Somebody's in charge of all this?

  2. My god, the news is so shallow showing somebodies wedding in the eclipse. What a bunch of mindless dribble. And them there's the girl 2:16:55 that would rather wave at the camera than see the total eclipse. Then to top it all of the call the singer that sang "Total Eclipse of the Sun" Really I kid you not. We drowned in mediocrity.

  3. ◄ Mark 13:24 ►

    But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light,

  4. Watched President Trump…Melania…Barron wearing the NASA glasses to witness the ECLIPSE…Melania looks so good in everything she wears…Barron is so handsome…TRUMPSTRONG!

  5. Carly Simon's song "You're so Vain" should have had alot of airtime today…"To see the total eclipse of the sun"…great song Carly!

  6. whoops. Um…Nope. ABC News covered an eclipse that crossed the continental United States in 1979 …see Frank Reynolds here: http://mashable.com/2017/08/18/1979-total-solar-eclipse-footage/#OXtiatPJXQq2 But whatever. That's what we get when we get reports from Social Media department instead of the NEWS DESK.

  7. What a spoil sport commentator in Nashville, talking to the Brits. Talk it up anyway, even if it's cloudy!

  8. This coverage was great. Watched it live and really enjoyed seeing everyone come together in different towns across America to watch the sky.

  9. I wonder what kind of effect the eclipse is going to have on all that pot growing up there in Oregon? Maybe somebody will name their pot apoceclipseo ! If Jeff Sessions has his way it may be !! Mr. Bill says oh no!

  10. I felt pretty bad for the people where ever Ginger Zee was in Nashville, location and timing of that cloud had to be extremely deflating!! It was all about precise location in that city, I saw a few other videos from Nashville where they actually witnessed 100% totality.

  11. Thank you for this live stream!
    I think it was the best one I saw. The weather channel was a little bit boring and CNN started really late…
    Great job guys! 😀

  12. At 2 hours 35 min 25 seconds, the reporter said that Venus appeared 9n the right side of the sun. In my opinion, it was a UFO y was reported in other you tube videos. Again ABC news lies to the people.

  13. Uh, it began in Lincoln City, Or, not Lincoln Beach.  Annoying they kept getting it wrong and even wrote it on the screen wrong.  On another note, Salem, Oregon was deemed the best view in the country.  It was crystal clear and amazing!  ABC missed the opportunity there.

  14. The Jews profecy believe these are omens dating back 1000 of yrs but if u look at history on those dates they predicted war broke out you turn on the news what situation is the world in right now just type in what do Jews believe these eclipse represent

  15. Thank you for posting the full-coverage. I'm nostalgic over The Eclipse already and it's only been five days.

  16. In 1979, The Great Frank Reynolds promised that ABC will give full coverage on the solar eclipse then 38 years ago, ABC did 😂😂😂

  17. Those two people in the end of the video talking to Brad Mielke made me think that they packed a lot of things when the girl said 12 hours from the camping area back to where they live in Texas, all of the stuff they packed probably saved them time for when the hurricane happened. Hope they ok.😊😊

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  19. Hada Madrina . im sure the muslims say that too. Would it suprize u to know that with all the different religions and all the different Gods that all these different people worship that in the end when all is revealed that all these Gods are all one and the same God for all of us. A story i was told when i was a little kid going to sunday school was about how all the different languages came about and they came about from God making everybody speak different languages so they couldnt build the tower of babble. And from that came about different religions . All created by the same God

  20. i just came across something that might give people something else to think about . The eclipse was on the 21st of Aug. hurricane harvey hit on the 25th and the flooding started the very next day on the 26th. Take a look in the bible at Luke 21: 25-26. U can make ur own mind up about what u find and if u cant understand it as it is then go find a scientist and see what he says.

  21. ME: dad!next eclipse is in 2045!
    Dad:okay you wait for it
    ME:it's only in America
    Dad:then we'll fly to America
    ME: walks to room

  22. One thing that I have learned personally travelling 1000miles in a car to watch this. Is to never go those same people again.

  23. I watched it in White House, Tennessee and the weather was absolutely perfect. It was the most incredible natural thing I've ever seen. I'll never forget the solar eclipse of 2017.

  24. Total kudos to ABC news–When you watch the coverage of this event from all the other news organizations ( with the same access to all the scientific info), these other networks all missed the boat in terms of the technical as well as the human element of coverage of this event. Not perfect–but a clear winner.

  25. I'm planning on watching this for the sheer sake of seeing how this differs from Frank Reynolds' news clip on the solar eclipse back in 1979.

  26. Full turn every 24 hours?
    Full revolution every 365 days?
    Listen, if we're using this to teach science, say it how it is:

    Rotation time: 23 hours, 56 minutes
    Revolution time: 365.256 days

    That aside, the shot at @49:50 puts this event into perspective.

  27. This remains the best eclipse coverage on YT because the team coordinated interviews, transition shots of the sky and reactions of folks as-it-happened.

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