Social Media Star Ep 4 | Masaba Gupta, Pooja Dhingra

Social Media Star Ep 4 | Masaba Gupta, Pooja Dhingra

subscribe and test the belacan to never miss an update from first post welcome to my life let's take a pause to talk about Mustafa – we think they are you know what I mean nameless faceless sitting on a couch eating at Kayla oh my god bujjamma Sabah I don't need to introduce you guys to each other obviously but for the sake of my audience do you guys want to tell the audience like how long have you known each other and how you know how well do you know each other how long do you know each other oh yeah it's just that you only talk to each other we signal everyone else out we do interviews together we shoot together we eat together we dance together it's a big mess tell me what is the kind of role that social media sort of helped you to build your brand's to build love 15 for example I feel like we're a generation where the phone is an extension of our hands and you know like so everything I was doing I was just documenting it without thinking where it's gonna lead so far you know it was Facebook before Instagram so if I was in the kitchen making a cake I was just taking a picture of Lea this is what I did today and put it up on Facebook and then I didn't realize that people saw that and said oh I wonder order this I want to order that it was never about oh this person is big on social media but it was like oh I really admire this person like for her even you know it was like oh I'm such a big fan I want to send something to her you know we've never I've asked anybody like oh can you post this or can you post that it was just like let's just send the product out and hopefully they like it and and it just organically became something that people started doing unlike some brands that send you a whatsapp and say can you do a selfie with the mask and use the kirakira app let's take a pause to talk about Mustafa SAS right like everyone who follows our own Instagram is like whoa she gives no I think they are you know what I mean nameless faceless sitting on a couch eating at Kayla and this you know those guys who sit like kale are not as good as pooja for people who are friends with her how happen you have to call her up and be like bro take that pose download a never already ugly picture of me down no we all I think we they rejoice so pooja has a thing she thinks the top angle really works for her into blah who joined Rhea Kapoor we have decided that only photos on the top have we taken and yeah she just walk away but pooja has said then she posed for you like only is only the cameras that's your trademark pose basically for social media you do this yeah but it's change it's evolving what is it now stop angry his social media validation addictive 500% I'm obsessed I mean if I get less likes I'm stressed out like I got a stress rash or something it's the truth and trust me anyone who says otherwise is is 9 no it definitely is especially when you're posting something about work and you wanna get feedback like it is you you also know what works and what doesn't right if you put up something and you know that you get a lot of likes you know that flavor is gonna do well so you can know what style we'll do our design and were like just based on how people react to the picture of it so who keeps it real for you in your lives the model oh yeah the mothers and also I think a bunch of friends all be my husband like baby I don't think cuz it will be somehow interconnected to some third fourth fifth six partners something or something and then it will just blow up you know but it's obviously harmless from my side but my mother is that voice of reason you know because she tells me that there'd be many times she she's like she messaged me says yeah yeah hey and she take a screenshot of that insta post or shield repose which she's obsessed with these super I love she that's the caption could you do a full social media dito oh you know I've come to the conclusion that this is a big part of my life and even that personal side that I put out is a big part of my life and I love sharing it with people but I also think what what what she is doing over armoring for young girls is I think that you know in our industry is like I feel especially for chefs I feel that nobody has been you know like the last eight years I seen yeah and I see young girls coming and telling me like oh you know I love that you know I want to be a chef and I never and you know my parents and let me but thanks to you now I can do this all like you know I also face issues in my weight I also have this and you just form this connected people in you're helping and in a way which which i think is great and and it's such an easy medium to do it right it's it's not like you're trying to go out there and and change something but you're just doing it by being true and honest right one time I was in Singapore and this lady came up to me she was I think about 38 or 40 and she said you know I was going through a divorce and I woke up one morning and I wanted to I was suicidal and I wanted to kill myself she said you happen to post something about getting up and going in the morning no matter how you feel and she said you know I saw a post and it saved my life and I wanted to just get up and go to work and my life changed and she said since then every morning the first thing I do is look at in stories from you what is the one thing that you've sort of gotten told about the most and how have you dealt with it and what is in general your way of dealing with trolls yeah so I I mean the other day also there was someone who asked me why asked just on Twitter why is she famous I feel like if there's a relevant one that I can answer back to I must do it each and every time because I've been designing for 10 years I agree completely wholeheartedly that I had it easier because of my background I have no qualms and accepting it and there was this genuine curiosity about me and what I do and what I want to do because I was so and so's daughter you know why would I get that treatment over anybody else right it's that obvious so I just feel like there are people who just don't like you doing well yeah and they don't like you doing well especially if you come from famous parents and which is why you see especially in Bollywood a lot of star kids have it so hard and let me tell you they have a daughter then a newcomer who's coming from nowhere you know no cool idea of a silver spoon why should you be be born with a silver spoon if I was born with a silver spoon I will that's who I am you know and why do I have to constantly be sorry about my parents so my the fact that you know I I had finances over didn't have finances over I had influence over the fact that I can meet two more people than you being in a couple you know in a service driven industry I get a lot of and for me it's it's it's great feedback because I know if it's because I'm also running a business right there at the end of the day even for Misawa I'm sure like so if something is not right so someone goes to a cafe and doesn't have a good experience or you know buys something that wasn't as good as they thought it would be you get to know right away and sometimes it's relevant and it's you know it's helpful and you know you you are human so you make mistakes and you can fix it but I think in the more social media world it is people who will just you know they'll go they'll eat something and they'll be like oh but you know this this is better or that is better and then they'll come in and they'll want to tell you that why they can make it better which is great and then slowly send your recipes who was the last person you unfollowed it could be on any platform you only both know the Welcome I conveyed I just hadn't followed someone yesterday I don't even know why I was following this person who was like her travel account but like you realize the idea for unfollow then they are the actor you've given her dad like I mean Hollywood who cares she must scare some point I also recently unfollowed a star wife I was like not to unsee this whose profile do you find yourself randomly stalking Michael B Jordan Black Panther Trevor Noah yes David Chuck even know stalk this one very often santoshi Shetty the blog I find a way hard someone you would like to befriend purely on the basis of their tweets up oh I love Regas hey guys should we are oh yeah yeah I think she's hilarious and she's so witty and she's so just bang on what are some of the weirdest things you receive in your DMS it's just it's just hi like I don't I don't know what people want that's every morning I get like 50 just random hi – men just know I get this message from this guy who says hi cheeky babies Jonna I'm not joking hi to keep babies Jonna I'm like oh what do you mean and I get a lot of like hey where you from here you look like Miss Richards yeah you might [Laughter] in the comments that you like it see this happening oh but I thought we have riches what her dad no but he's a cha cha cha cha ji who needs to stop posting so many pictures of themselves I wish she wrote a law siren she's an actor director and accordion pictures of herself no I must say I'm a huge fan of her because I think she's damn hardworking and I've heard amazing things about her auditions also by the way oh so I'm not I'm not right for dueling harmful yeah I'm not trolling her but she puts up too many photos of herself okay who needs the social media intervention Lina the top intervention you know there's somebody who actually travels a lot but for some reason comes back and takes selfies and then morphs the Golden Gate Bridge behind and photoshop's the Eiffel Tower everybody just came from they have just gone and taken a photo no who do you call for social media advice today we have this group we have a group on yeah yeah it's four of us and we I mean we all sit on them me fujian so now it's the four of us but we don't really take advice we just take advice on work yeah or like life or you know if someone's having a bad day yeah we don't have it because we're all four really good at it you know no reason aren't you okay what's the silliest app on your phone tinder kira kira she's just like oh wait hold on it is a tinder tinder yeah in dissension not really you house tinder silly because have you seen it it is very silly there we have a picture of some people's abs and I was you know a bunch of I'm like that's not you what's the most absurd account you follow no give no oh I love zero good from you oh that's amazing all these meme pages are the best died Prada died Prada don't have a take entire sub you died Sabah is also nice um but died Prada is like original the originals who's the most famous person social media has helped you connect with hahaha a Leo a medallion yeah how about you Anushka Shanker I literally I tweet it to her and I do this very often like if I want someone to find me or respond to me and I can't get through to them so I wrote her on Twitter and I said I'm a huge fan and she wrote back oh and Samantha Prabhu ah yeah I wrote to her and style I was such a huge fan and then she's like oh why are you serious I'm fan bujjamma Sabah this is a segment I like to call what were you thinking basically I have gone on your Instagram and Twitter and your Facebook and I've picked up a tweet or a pose and I thought was particularly funny and I wanna know what were you thinking okay one second June 2017 your anniversary oh this is the best you posted a cartoon image of a woman with her butt on a man's face and sort of this capture within happy second anniversary month Dana now that I've shown you my docile side can't wait to sit on your face for the next leg of our marriage I love you and all that let's leave the mush aside and cut to the chase a great love story if we survive Mumbai Mirror resigned items for the next decade let's just talk about Montana for a second for those of you who don't know what I was mr. Montaine has reaction to this amazing anniversary so the joke his mother was not on social media basically he has his whole these two offices that keep giving him updates as to what I have put up so I'm gone I've gotten AMA put this post up have gone to work he's gone to work and suddenly 3:00 in the afternoon he says yeah baby what I said you saw now this yeah someone called me I said he's avoiding you but I why why is there a fat woman sitting confused so yeah he was confused when he was very happy that other people found it funny in first it was the funniest yeah I think particularly happy they're like wow like you know but I do see blind item in MoMA Mira it's a saga I opened a nice trade go there and then we have a group chat where we try to like you know decipher who they're talking about okay I'm gonna go on to pooja right so pooja on January 18th 2018 you tweeted it's David Chang they are asking for a friend okay find that friend is me then then on Jan 6 2008 Inu tweeted can I just marry at Trevor Noah already your January rush please stand up your real Jennifer and Misawa help you coming dude once a cake I just want to say this but no again I am the number one promoter who Georgina this is a little messy a picture of her the cute boy Instagram I say my child it can be old man and chefs that I really admire and kids will look nice make one day Vito yeah you know the only things I keep telling her but who Johnny likes these like far-flung people now how to find them how to find these boys riding to Drake and expecting him to write back is a job babe coming he's good ope okay foods here let's dig in thank you guys and thank you out of the blue for your wonderful hospitality thank you you

24 thoughts on “Social Media Star Ep 4 | Masaba Gupta, Pooja Dhingra

  1. The interview was going great, till Masaba said, 'let me tell you star kids have it harder'. Well we all need to be enlightened about something or the other in life, hope you get there too some day. No body wants you to be sorry for your privileges but acknowledging will be great.

  2. If only a single star kid across various sectors of glam world could speak sense I could hate nepotism less

  3. Masaba and Janice represent the shallow whiney Bombay nasal club that pronounce pyur as 'pyaaaauuuww'. Enuff said.

  4. I was just reading Janhvi Kapoor's interview 'Karan came to the house to audition, and I read a few lines'… Or something of that effect. So I had to come here again to comment on Masaba's response 'the star kids have it harder'. The moment she said it, I was like , I know you have created your own identity (and believe me I love her clothes , if only I could afford it, they are so chic and modern), but how can you be so disconnected that you don't realise. These star kids don't see the previlege, and that is why they haven't been a pioneer for change (for non star actors). It is only when people of privilege take action, can some change be made – be it March for our lives, women issues, sexism etc.
    They don't even speak on social causes unless it impacts their own movies in some way, be it Padman or Padmaavat, and then it seems like they are the force of change. But once the movie is done, bye bye women's issues. Which I guess says a lot about our movies and society in general. I don't know guys, I think I just didn't expect a badass like Masaba to say something so petty, especially a girl who has seen a very different kind of discrimination. She has always been a pioneer of hope and change in my eyes, and somehow this statement changed that. I guess we always look for our own interests. I do hope one of these days one of the star kids does take the mantle of bringing about the change.

  5. Masaba is that woman you hear during interviews and think omg what a bff she'd make. On fiyaaah woman!

  6. How do i even start? I dont know if anyone of you will be reading this..but lemme put it out thr [email protected] : my younger bro is a 2nd yr hotel management student and is into baking and stuff all because of you…he wants to intern for you in future and for me to see his idol being so cool jus makes me so happy…@masaba gupta..u r my spirit animal!! Been following you on insta for years now. I have litrally seen you grow from that quirky designer chic to this sassy woman without loosing that amazing sense of humour of wonderful it would be just to be frnds with you!!! And firstpost..please keep up with this series..💙💙💙💙💙

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