Social Media Sidelining Police Officers

Social Media Sidelining Police Officers

dozens of cops in both Philadelphia and st. Louis have been put on administrative leave following revelations that they had posted racist xenophobic or bigoted things on social media now in Philadelphia seventy two police officers were taken off the streets and placed on administrative duty and in st. Louis 22 officers have been barred from bringing their cases to the Circuit Attorney's Office so st. Louis Circuit attorney in Burley Gardner's office is actually currently not prosecuting cases where these particular officers serve as primary witnesses Circuit Court spokesperson or spokeswoman Susan Ryan said she does not know how many cases that affects so the reason why we know about these posts to begin with is because of an organization known as the plain view project so they scoured the internet to take a look at some of these public social media posts and they found many issues with them that were of course problematic these are people who are supposed to be protecting members of the community but when you have this giant bias against members of the community you're unlikely to Fairly police them now earlier this month Philadelphia police launched an investigation into a public database of social media posts by officers that included Confederate imagery anti-muslim sentiments violent rhetoric and racist comments so I guarantee you some on the right wing will look at them go come on now you're gonna take cops off the street because they said those things yeah that's what we're gonna do okay so I'll Confederate fly what I have a confederate flag well that probably means you're a racist so the Confederate flag is like the swastika for black people and not just black people but for all caring people in America it's a it's like the swastika to me and that that's the flag that they flew in battle against a country called the United States of America and they did it to protect their right to own other human beings and those are our fellow Americans so if you're flying the Confederate flag not in 1863 but you're flying it in 2019 there's a reason for that and what part of your great heritage are you celebrating other than fighting for slavery in Philadelphia oh yeah right or in st. Louis oh we every cobbler pie and that's some parity I'm celebrating by flying the Confederate flag no it's not it's your way of saying I'm a racist but you can't technically call me a racist well you're wrong I can and I just did and and then the anti-muslim stuff I guarantee you the right wing by God now we can say about some things you're gonna take cups yes there are a lot of Muslims in Philadelphia so what you're what we're gonna do it let the cops just beat beat them over the head take away their rights because they're Muslim Americans and I know right wing I hope you're sitting down because this is gonna shock you Muslim Americans are just as American as you are they're 100% American if you're a conservative Muslim Americans are statistically probably better American okay okay let me just quickly mention something that's important for people who think oh well this is maybe not a good idea is there a free speech issue look if you have a police force that consists of individuals who have this giant bias against certain groups of people well they're of course more likely to use brutality or excessive force against certain individuals and what does that do that opens up the police department to lawsuits now oftentimes if there's a some criminal case or if there's a grand jury you know that gets to make a decision about whether or not to press charges more often than not justice is not served but the very people who have been victimized will of course open a a civil lawsuit and in more cases than not they will win those civil lawsuits and guess who ends up paying for that you the taxpayer right I'm gonna back up what I said I so everybody's a hundred percent American if you're an American citizen so it's not a that type of contest but do you believe in American principles so if month if Muslim Americans on average statistically based on the polling say yes we should separate church and state for example or just all the freedom of speech freedom of religion all those different things that we all know and love as part of the American idea and the right wing says no I believe in freedom of speech for me but not for you if you criticize Israel I want your company ended I want the government action if you try to protest a pipeline I want you to go to prison for twenty years I don't I want my religion imposed upon you well then you fundamentally don't understand what the country's about and you are an American in that sense so and I'd be curious to see the polling but I'd be shocked if the right-wing came in with my American principles than any faction in America they would probably rank dead last in American principles belief in American principles they might say they like the word Constitution they like the phrase freedom of speech and the phrase freedom but when you ask them policy positions on those issues they'll finish dead last they don't actually believe those principles at all are you ready for this shocking one and I will give you that really confuses people in their head with it Muslim Americans right are more progressive when it comes to LGBT issues than white evangelicals in this country and by a wide margin and also getting more progressive as well so tell me who's who's more American yeah that's one of the I love when they use that con artist so it's hilarious when they're like you know Muslims don't like gay people they throw them all for rubes and stuff now if you actually cared about that and then I'm with you and if any place where anyone is doing that in the world let's try to figure out a way to make sure that that we put an end to it but you know what the right wing does instead things like there are the prayer breakfast they send Republican congressman to other countries to try to pass anti-lgbt laws including the death penalty for being gay so who's killing gay people now that happened in Uganda evangelicals from America went to Uganda and tried to pressure lawmakers there to pass laws that would basically execute people if they've committed gay acts so white evangelicals spare me your crocodile tears about how you care about LGBT people your opinions as Americans according to polling are much more against gay rights and gay Americans than Muslim Americans are against that so you're lying as always so if these cops are gonna go hate on black people they're gonna hate on they're gonna hate on women whatever it might be yeah goddamn right we're gonna get them off the street cuz we're only eight cops that represent all of us and unlike the old days and what you like not just you guys with the cops were in the back in the south they had a different word for it it was called slave patrols that's literal that's a fact that's history okay so you want to stay with those days and you want to make America great again by doing that we do not agree and so we have Democratic politicians in charge in those cities so you don't like it go find a racist city okay but we're not gonna stand for it and you know in the old days they used to say look at this is easy imagine if a cop wrote on Facebook you know what I hate the goddamn Jews right everybody would say fire right now these not everybody would say fire him now though all right we're back yeah what's wrong with that right but if you say hey you can't say that about Jews or let's say now their sister we don't even all agree to that anymore which is unbelievable well what if there was a bunch of black cops and they all got together and on Facebook they said yeah I hate white people yeah you know what let's let's discriminate against should be of course they should be and I knew it right so now when you serve a black people or a Muslim so like yeah who cares yeah of course you're supposed to hate them no not acceptable gone fire them all too easy wasteful Young Turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on YouTube you're notified of our 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33 thoughts on “Social Media Sidelining Police Officers

  1. So what happens to past cases that these cops testimony put someone in the jail. I'm sure there are many innocent people looked up.

  2. If some of these officers are so morally corrupt or racist that the district attorney refuses to prosecute their cases, then it sounds to me like they are unable to perform their duties as officers and should be terminated. That would be the case in pretty much every other line of work.

  3. Lol when all the police are gone and they also take away ur guns to protect urself let me know how that goes for ya

  4. Ana in the middle of an interesting and insightful point about the fiscal and social consequences of having racist cops on the force

    Cenk interrupts to take up the boring point about Muslim American vs evangelical conservative values

  5. I think the role that media plays as an instigator. Being aggressive while you talk not report about violence is exactly what your doing. Yelling hateful aggressive opinions on the matter when you just need to report. Honestly you look silly, uneducated, racist. Very sad I use to subscribe but changed due to being told, scolded, and encouraged to be negative by this media channel. I just want the damn news. Opinions are like assholes we all have one. Lol

  6. You just said you want freedom of speech, and at the same time said people shouldn't be allowed to garner a confederate flag. Hypocracy at it's finest.

  7. I remember hearing that the report found 1 in 5 cops had weird shit on their soc med… They are the MFers who give all the rest a bad name, and actually endanger lives in the process. That level of psycho is who police are supposed to be protecting us from

  8. MAN…..Why are people late to this knowledge? THERE ARE WHITE SUPREMACIST IN LAW ENFORCEMENT….CRIMINALS…..these thugs and crooks should be fired. Even jailed for they're actions. And have they're mug shots posted every where so they can get ass whoppings.

  9. People commit treason on social media everyday but nobody cares, because it’s in favor of the left.

  10. The whole Confederate flag thing….I get it…but did none of you watch Dukes of Hazzard when y'all were kids? With the General Lee? The car? I refuse to feel bad to like something that ties itself to my childhood like that. I don't have a flag and I'm not looking for excuses to fly it. Just saying it's not all bad.

  11. How about we start putting money into community policing and reduce professional police to a minimum? That way, nobody depends on a police system for a paycheck…

  12. the 👮 have the 1st Amendment right to blog about killing, eating women that's right. But you can go to jail for filming them. And you could die on the spot for having a bad attitude. Not to mention quote commit suicide end quote in jail

  13. And they already know what's going on with the approval of it that's how the justice system works

  14. I'm a retired cop 👮, and yes their are a lot of racist cops all over the USA😠. I addressed these cops on the spot when I observed their behavior toward the public 👍. They went under cover and kept out of my way. I agree 💯% with Cenk on his narrative.😍

  15. Warren v. District of Columbia[1] (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted[2] District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens based on the public duty doctrine.

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