Social Media Exposing FAKE Rich People

Social Media Exposing FAKE Rich People

35 thoughts on “Social Media Exposing FAKE Rich People

  1. I had to re-upload this because the previous one bizarrely disappeared! Hope you enjoy!

    Another amazing new video coming up tomorrow! Got any titles you want made into a video? Let me know!

  2. Has gold wrapped car. FAKE RICH PERSON. Like come on the mod isn't effecting anyone so it may be a little stupid looking but really who cares.

  3. 10 People who got rich by embarrasing fake rich people:
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  4. 0:51, when the girl was showing off her money, she only had several 100 dollar bills. The rest were all one dollar.

    also if it's true she's spoiled

  5. ' Jah Fool' …hahahahaha. This thing of gratuitously showing off your cash is just sickening. It's shows how thick and shallow they are and anyone impressed is as shallow as them. It makes me cringe so badly. When there are so many suffering in poverty to flaunt your money like these morons do is disgusting. It is satisfying to learn that at least some of them are as deluded as they are stupid.

  6. Why would you act rich when you’re not? I really don’t get that mentality. Like… does it make you jealous of yourself? You’re not rich but pretending you are. To fit in with people who are not like you? I don’t get it.

  7. It’s called a freaking wrap on a car. No one gets a car actually made of gold. How stupid could you be? People do that because they like the look not because they want to look rich. Have to be real freaking stupid to think a car is made out of gold. Jesus.

  8. Its hard to comprehend why so many people feel the need to have all their social media followers believe they are amazingly wealthy with an jet set lifestyle. Where i can kind of understand why a few "celebrities", who's star has well and truly faded, miss the adoration and attention they once had, but what i don't get is why they have to pretend to still have a huge bank balance, with cars and properties to match? Its obviously going to be tough to accept that you no longer have the vast spending power you once had, but not being rich is nothing to be ashamed of, as most of us are in that situation. Its far more embarrasing to get caught out, which given the range of social media, is kind of inevitable. Most of these guys are still young, need to accept the reality, just get over themselves and move on.

  9. i just dont understand because if i had it like that i sure the fuck aint telling anyone, ima be like nope im the brokest mutha fucker you ever met, matter of fact let me get a dollar

  10. It actually costs quite a bit to wrap your car like multiple K plus it protects your paint job on your expensive car so just people get their car wrapped doesn’t mean they’re poor.

  11. Bloody the heck do they expect to get away with their stupid lies?especially postin it on the net these days lol.i love it tho cause they get rocked so hard n it must be embarrassing af when they get caught. Lol.suckers.

  12. Everytime my family goes to a holiday we would keep it as a secret… even to our relatives… my father doesnt like it when someone knows were going to leave the house alone because intruders might visit it while were gone…

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