34 thoughts on “SOA | SAMCRO votes Mayhem Vote on Jax Teller

  1. Hate this people who askes why Jax get’s his manheim vote. Just look at the damn serie. I’’m fucking addicted to this shit.

    This was a moment i cried not only for Jax but for the whole club.


  2. Rat boy was hesitant, till tig put his hand on his shoulder and gave him that look. Jax was rats sponsor

  3. I never did finish watching the show cause of having to work just like everyone else in the would so this video is one big question mark for me

  4. I loved and adored Chibs from day 1. It was when he was so awful to Althea in their last scene, I really disliked him. What was the point of him being that obnoxious and threatening her?

  5. I like to think that season 5 and on is just jaxs bad dream, asleep in the car after getting patched out and taras driving him and the kids out of charming.

  6. still pisses me off they voted his death and cast out some of the most important members smfh this was the best show ive ever seen R.I.P SONS OF ANARCHY

  7. Damn, SAMCRO was really depleted after Jax died. Chibs as the only viable president, Tig was the V.P. basically by default because there was nobody else (Happy was the only other veteran, but more of an enforcer than VP material), then Rat boy (Just got promoted from prospect), Quinn/Montez (Just joined as nomads) and the Grim Bastard dude who also just got initiated. No wonder there was no season 8, nobody was left! LOL

  8. Could somebody familiar with the cast of this show please tell me who is the character with the longer blonde hair (wearing a sleeveless leather vest and a black knit cap). Visible near the center of the screen at the 1:05 mark. He looks familiar, and it's driving me bonkers.

  9. Jax would have got off if he would of let them truly vote themselves Jury pulled the gun on him first.

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