42 thoughts on “So You Want to Get a Ph.D. in Political Science

  1. I can’t image a political science PhD is just watered down economics. There must be some political theory in it.

  2. Political science is a declining field, especially with the most recent field of public administration. My professors did work for campaigns, advised political leaders, became … well, professors, and so forth. But this video is accurate and hilarious in many other ways!

  3. This is if you are interested in quantitative political science. You can be a qualitative political scientist instead.
    One is an empiricist; a number cruncher trying to measure the infinite variables of the political. The other is a rationalist; a logical theorist and abstract thinker….

    Still funny though.

  4. twitter was popular in 2010? I thought it was atleast in 2012 when it blew up.

  5. Fuck this video. I chose to not pursue a Poli Sci PhD bc of sentiment like this and now I'm miserable. You chase "practical experience" but it doesn't mean shit and you'll be stuck in a job with reading and talking about politics as a pathetic little "side hobby"

  6. The fact that you studied Political ''Science'' all the way to PhD means you're dumb, but that's ok

  7. Last week I got my acceptance letter for a Ph.D in Political Science. I find this hilariously accurate hahahaha.

  8. "The best you can hope to do is to go from post-doc to post-doc until finally a job opens up at Western Missouri State Bible College, where you will teach mentally retarded hicks whose ability to survive to reproductive age gives their church leaders the proof they need that there is no such thing as evolution?"


  9. "What's it like to get laid?"
    Lol. Made me laugh. Yet it's mocking politicians of not getting laid due to their profession.

  10. loves how the student does not get put off by the prof because he does not understand a single word from the prof – so true!

  11. what is so funny, is that 20 years ago I showed a documentary in class about the House committee overseeing the Clean Water Act, and the reason I showed it was because it showed how tedious and painfully boring congressional politics are.  We could only take about 25 minutes.  Point well made.  But getting a PHD in political science is great if you see your teaching job as just a pay check, and you have the time to read and study concepts that fascinate you.  You can't save the world with a political science doctorate, but you can spend your life reflecting on political discourse kinda like Socrates (only Socrates didn't get tenure, and the elite actually led him to suicide).

  12. Hmmm i always wanted to do PhD in political science, but now thank you professor i will stick to my 'NO PhD PLAN'

  13. Is sounds exciting to get a phd in pol science , run for office win, and when you are old become a politic al scientist I love this plan

  14. "Do you want to spend years working on a paper so that you can get it in an obscure journal that nobody reads so that you can then get passed over by the tenure committee because you didn't publish in a journal that was obscure enough?" Haha.

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