So They Finally Updated MCC... But Did 343i Fix it??

So They Finally Updated MCC… But Did 343i Fix it??

What’s up everybody? This is The Act Man
here and today – HOLY SHIT! WHAT?! Halo MCC GOT AN UPDATE?
AWWW SHIT! IT’S TIME, BABY! MY DICK HUUUURTS!! I… I don’t know what to say. It’s hard
to believe this is real, isn’t it? This actually happened. It’s been such a long,
arduous journey – a long ass wait for this day. And to put it in perspective I hadn’t
even posted my very first video on this channel when the Master Chief Collection came out.
That’s how long it’s been, ladies and gentlemen! Yes, my abstinence from making
an MCC video is over, the day has come. We are doing this right now. Let’s check out
this update and finally put the past behind us.
So for those of you out of the loop, those who might not remember or have been trying
to erase your memory of how this game launched, the Master Chief Collection was quite possibly
the most disappointing video game ever released. Such a big promise unfulfilled.
“Exactly as it shipped 10 years ago.” Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.
But there was so much content that was just unplayable. So many features that didn’t
A cataclysmic event whose destruction could not be matched even by the Rings themselves!
Yes, there’s a bit of hyperbole but the utter disappoint I felt from this game inspired
me to create videos on YouTube in the 1th place. So it was a pretty big deal to me and
countless other Halo fans. This twitter account was religious about crusading
to get 343 to fix MCC. And after 4 years he was finally were able to tweet out a “YES!”
Incredible. You could summarize the Halo fanbases reaction
to the launch of MCC with the following image. And that’s just a brief summary of where
we were, but if you had been following Halo news then no doubt you saw Frank O’ Connor’s
post, maybe a year ago, about why MCC turned out the way it did, the limitations of the
Xbox One all that jazz. And thus began the extended wait for the eventual patch they’d
release to the public. They started an Insider Program to get the community more involved
and to further iron out any missing details, bugs, glitches, etc. So here it is… and it’s 76GB for the whole
thing. GOOD LORD! But it’s worth it… Or is it? Now I’m gonna preface the rest of
this video by saying if you’re someone who’s looking at this update and thinking, “It
took you long enough.” Then yes. Yes, we know. Okay? It took far
too long for this to happen but it happened nonetheless. We don’t need to keep bringing
up obvious facts that everyone’s aware of, alright? I think we all understand. Rome wasn’t
built in a day. You know, there’s so many games out there
that release in a buggy, incomplete mess and sometimes they get fixed real quick and other
times they don’t get fixed at all. So if you’re gonna say anything along the lines
of, “Why are people excited? MCC is a dead game.
F. F. F.” Or,
“Wow. Why did it take them so long?” “This is how the game should’ve launched.”
Well you’re not wrong about the last two but just stop being so goddamn negative about
it, it’s done, it’s over, let it go, move on! Bitching and moaning about MCC 4 years
later isn’t contributing anything to the discussion unless you’re making legitimate
criticisms. With that out of the way, lets actually dive
into this new update. The first noticeable difference is you can actually choose which
games to install, and whether you want the campaigns or just the multiplayer or both.
Which quite honestly is great thinking on 343’s part. With the way gaming companies
seem completely unaware of a technique called COMPRESSION and how console makers can’t
seem to figure out how to make an internal hard drive that holds more than 5 games, the
ability to pick and choose is actually very helpful to those god-forsaken souls who didn’t
buy an external hard drive. Course that don’t change the fact that everyone has to essentially
re-download the entire game… Bit tedious but there it is.
You might also notice the menus are completely different, they got a new backdrop and everything,
a fresh coat of paint across the whole game. You know, maybe it’s because of the fast
matchmaking times but one of my biggest problems with MCC was just hearing the same 5 main
menu songs OVER AND OVER. “Hour after hour after hour after hour.”
Yes, this great ass music was basically ruined for me because of this game. But I don’t
feel or experience that type of irritation anymore because there’s an option to turn
down the volume. HOORAY! You know, I might come across as a bit angry.
You know, part of that is just hyperbole, just trying to entertain you guys as well.
But the other part of that is my reserved feelings and I still hold the SCARS from the
war of MCC in 2014, alright. So just gimme a little leeway if I come across as a little
ragey. So what I’m kind of noticing is the recurring
trend with this update is moreso about removing the negatives and the problems than it is
a plethora of new additions. There are some and we’ll get into them.
Although if you’ve got an Xbox One X, there’s some pretty cool visual enhancements to the
game. Which is kinda crazy if you think about how 343 is still finding new ways to improve
the graphics on 10+ year old console game. Another cool thing, one we’ve been missing
for some time is LAN support, BABY! You know, the thing that allows people to hook up all
their consoles together and play and party and drink and eat pizza and fuck around! YEAH!
Wish I could take advantage of this personally but my home situation, eh we don’t have
enough room. Anyways, the point is they brought this back! And they really didn’t to but
should have! You know what I mean? It’s the thought that counts, it’s the finer
details. Just the fact that it is possible, that it exists. That you can host LAN parties
OFFLINE in 2018, that’s incredible. And it’s something that myself and many others
have been asking for! Nowadays it’s not as relevant, but seeing
a change like this tells me they are listening to people! And that’s what matters too!
It’s like my little rants on Demolition in the Call of Duty games in some of my COD
videos. If just 1,000 people play Demolition or 1,000 people host LAN parties, then those
1,000 people are gonna be extremely happy! You know what I mean? Loading times are way
faster, the interface is crisp, clean MUCH more functional, THANK GOD! Haven’t run
into any jaw-dropping bugs or floating text, none of that crap! It’s GREAT! Game hasn’t
frozen 8 million times. We get into games consistently without problems, without unbalanced
teams for the most part. And you also got options to change the language,
lets see what Spanish campaign sounds like? (Can’t translate Spanish for the captions.
Sorry lol) Oh my god! This is great! TODOS? TODOS! Fucking
love that. Might have to do a playthrough in like German or something, that’d be hilarious.
As funny as it is for me as an AMERICAN to listen to these foreign languages in a Halo
game that I basically memorized the dialogue for, the point is accessibility and comedy
for people like me. Which is great! However, not every change is a good one. While
we can download different languages, the game is region locked which means we can’t play
with people who speak those different languages. You know what? GAMERS HAVE TO UNITE AND BREAK
of our countries! But on the real, I don’t understand why this is a thing. I mean, sure
it makes every match here in the US buttery smooth and without much lag, but AT WHAT COST?
So for some players in countries where the game isn’t that populated, for now they’re
pretty much shit out of luck, right? And that’s really bad! Unless they jump into some custom
games but not everybody can post a tweet and get a full 16-player lobby going in minutes.
I really don’t know. Is there some workaround for region lock. I know Zanny did something
but for your average person, is there some way, is there some update or anything? That’s
what I want to see. Everything else is pretty much just a minor gripe but that’s a big
problem. Now for me, I’ve encountered almost no issues
in finding and playing games. Everything was smooth, fluid, never ran into a “finding
new host” bull crap message. I tried out almost every playlist. You know, from Lone
Wolves to Action Sack to Big Team Battle to Social Slayer, everything. It seems like it’s
all populated. And you can get into a game within a minute or two, if not a little longer.
Certainly a far cry from where this game was a year ago… HOLY SHIT!
One issue I did have was when I first downloaded the update I raced to the matchmaking menu
and didn’t see Big Team Battle. It’s there now but I was so confused because I wasn’t
staying constantly up to date with how 343 was dishing out playlists. So at first I didn’t
know if they were gonna add it in or not! It’s a minor gripe but ehhh that’s just
the state of gaming as a whole. To just you know, post everything on a forum somewhere.
There is clarity in the daily message now so thanks for that. There’s also a buttload
of playlists which could end up splitting the population too much, but because MCC now
allows you to pick and choose which games you want, having this many playlists means
that nobody is left out or feels like there aren’t enough playlists for Combat Evolved,
Halo 2, Halo 3 or Halo 4. That sort of thing. Best part is the game doesn’t kick you back
to the menus! I mean, you keep searching but the other people just get kicked out or something,
it’s weird. A little bit better than just getting forced back to the lobby though.
You can just keep playing, keep queuing. Hooray! Let’s celebrate things that were in Halo
game 10 years ago! But seriously, I’m glad this feature is here.
So other things I noticed, the Halo Channel still doesn’t work. Yeah… it doesn’t
work. Unlocked avatars and nameplates don’t tell you what you did to unlock them. The
leaderboards load way faster but it bugs out whenever you try to change the filters. You
get to see the server ping in different countries which would be helpful if the game wasn’t
region locked. While these are small annoyances what actually
irritates me is the game no longer has a voting system which is good because now you don’t
play the same thing everytime. But it’s also bad because there’s no veto either,
so what you see is what you get. I’m not even joking, last night we got Standoff five
times in a row. PLEASE. IMPLEMENT. VETO. The other annoying part is you don’t even
see what game mode you’re playing before the game starts. Why?
But yeah, aside from the nit-picky stuff, this is it! This is what we waited for…
so did it turn out the way I hoped? Yes. Yes it fucking did. Everything except the region
lock. Now despite all my pet peeves with this MCC
update, don’t think for a second that I would go back to the old version. Don’t
think for one minute all these issues I’m bringing up are things that are discouraging
me from playing. This is MILES better, improved in pretty much every single way! Scratch that,
improved in EVERY single way! Yes, this is the way MCC should’ve launched back in 2014,
yes this update took far too long to come out, but it’s here, it works and it’s
glorious. This is the Master Chief Collection video
that I wanted to make. Not some rage-fueled, hate mongering – I’m being passionate
right now and a bit angry, hyperbolic. I’m fucking losing it because I never expected
this day to happen, to come the way it did. I hope you understand but this is the way
I wanted to do an MCC video, to talk about why it was so good and now I can finally just
put it all to rest. It feels so good to be able say good things
about The Master Chief Collection, to not worry everytime I boot the game up if the
parties are gonna just fuck up or I can’t join my buddies lobby or we can’t find a
game or it’s searching for players, connecting to session, failed to connect. I don’t have
to worry about that anymore. I know longer have to worry about MCC being
playable when I just wanna relax and have fun. And that’s all I ever wanted. That’s
all I ever needed.

37 thoughts on “So They Finally Updated MCC… But Did 343i Fix it??

  1. I'm curious to hear how your experiences with the MCC update have been. I've heard a lot of varying opinions, but as far as mine go, it's been nearly flawless.

    Never thought I'd make this video. Thanks for watching <3

  2. Thank you for posting this video, in 2019 this is STILL the only video that touches on the lobby experience. For players that like to play objective matches I would love to only play halo 1 and 2 CTF, no other video or review has answered my question but your video had a few shots of how it was organized. Thank you for your attention to detail.

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    They actually did. And I am glad I bought the Xbone and MCC again. Downloading CE and 2 and I am happy I do not have to deal with Halo 3 and 4 in any playlist again. Thank you 343.

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  7. I'm just here because as a Playstation and PC gamer, I will soon get to experience the real Halo for the first time with MCC en route to the PC. And I'm excited as fuck.

  8. it's ironic that whenever I finally got an update that's when I sold it. Because it's garbage with or without the update. The only good part of that game from me is the campaign but since it's all coming to PC I don't have to worry about MCC anymore

  9. I'm perfectly fine with the game being Region locked. Do you know how fuckin annoying it is when a random mexican is in game with an open mic and you can hear all 50 people in their house yelling in taco bell all at once?

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