‘Smoking Gun’: Feds Arrest Giuliani Allies In Trump Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

‘Smoking Gun’: Feds Arrest Giuliani Allies In Trump Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘Smoking Gun’: Feds Arrest Giuliani Allies In Trump Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

  1. Smoking gun? When will the left give up? So stupid. Never a smoking gun. Just a bunch of fake news to plant hate towards Trump. All fake news. Wake up America!!!! The news is all paid by the the corrupt who run this world.

  2. WHY dont anybody on here say about the CORRUPTION that Joe Biden / and Hunter biden actually did in the past 10 years ????👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  3. 2016-2020 will be recorded as having the worst president of the united states who is very very corrupted. We see what happen. Believe me, he is going to jail.





    TRUMP 2020 👅

  6. Giuliani is done. I know he misses the time when he was viewed as a decent and respectable public servant. Now he will be remembered as a trump flunkie, fallguy and soon to be prison inmate. This will be his legacy.

  7. Can’t wait to hear trump and all his supporters saying

    “Giuliani wasn’t part of the campaign, he was just a coffee boy.”


    “Giuliani didn’t represent trump, he did all that without trumps knowing”

    It is coming. Just wait, trump has never taken responsibility for his actions. It was always someone else’s fault. I don’t think I have ever heard a person as narcissistic as trump.

  8. These 2 guys already on the list of the House Impeachment Inquiry? Wow. They were tipped off? Mr. Barr sure seems quiet lately doesn't he?

  9. What is insane about all this is that the richest country in the history of the world can have two bumbling idiots reach the highest public officials by donating only a million dollars. All it took was 20k for a representative to write a letter to get an ambassador fired.

  10. What a winter storm watch we have coming and they're response is so crazy make no sense. Well Republicans this is all on you can't blame Hillary, Obama, Joe, Eric, Susan. You have become enablers to help the president of the United States to commit say crimes. Iike Rep Session from Texas who also helped get the Ukraine ambassador to be fired. Question is is the Republican party compromise with Russia influence.This is bigger than the 2016 scandal and more threatening to our elections and democracy.

  11. What I like best is that the WH tied themselves to Igor and Lev in order to block their testimony – saying that they were part of Trump's legal defense team!

  12. If at first you don't get caught by Mueller (Openly)do it again to ensure yourself caught. Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

  13. These two Bobble Heads are at arms length from POTUS 45?
    What a way to cap off the week, just goes to show that both Donald JR. and Giuliani are both Meat Heads for MAGA agenda. There will be Russian Hookers Peeing on the carpets in The Oval
    Office in no time.

  14. since   911   USA  DOJ   has  lost  its  oath to  uphold  constitution law foreign/domestic and all  police agencies are  awol,  sad  times  in AMERICA!!!! THE WALTER WHITE OF WHITEHOUSES…..:(

  15. Anyone in media commieland ever think this was a way to get the usa to sell liquid gas to the EU and Ukraine…Russia took over Crimea and has been trying to topple Ukraine into its ussr basket…Putin shuts off the gas going across Ukraine into the European union…the state run russian gas company is withholding funds due the Ukrainian gas company. Rick Perry is trying to sell American liquid gas supplies to Ukraine and the EU….of course this plan would benefit the usa …the eu…and Ukraine… and sanction Russia.. instead of impeaching our pro democracy leaders let's deport Obama…and his commie Democratic gang .. to Israel.

  16. Why is DOJ Inspector General letting Barr anywhere near this case?Barr Mentioned in Trump shakedown call to Ukraine.Why inspector general letting Barr flay around the world at taxpayer expense to pursue bizarre conspiracy theories? Nick Ackerman is greatontributor.

  17. Igor and Lev look like they were selected fro Putins temp spy service. Hope arresting officers wore rubber gloves and face masks.

  18. Quid Pro Quo Joe is on video implicating President Obama in their crime if extorting the Ukraine Government ….. Joe said call Obama if you don't think I can withhold these funds if you do not FIRE who we say…. Soros was over there at that time with his dealings too…. And where there is Soros Hillary is not far behind… Biden and Obama are Doctor JOEKYLL and MISTER HIDE ! Mr Hide sends the Joekyll to do the dirty work so his hands are clean….

  19. Hey, when they lock up Trump. Do you think they'll let black people play golf @the maralogo resort? Is so, I wonder if they'll let me eat fried chicken on the golf course 😂😂 between putts😝

  20. The only way Trump gets off is of get turns over Jeffrey Epistien's books of secrets.😂😂😂 Trump is gonna snitch faster than tekashi 69..

  21. Rudy Giuliani has embarrassed the Big Apple and the southern district of New York for the last time!!! Rudy's been looking for a free ride for a long time he's finally going to get it…

  22. Humpty Trumpty is a TRAITOR, a THIEF, a LIAR, a CON ARTIST, a MOBSTER, a FRAUD, and a CROOK! IMPEACH, ARREST, and JAIL this SOB, GIULIANI, plus BARR, and POMPEO!!!!

  23. Lol smoking gun!!!! Yall need to stop kidding yourselves AGAIN stupid liberals trying to get rudy and trump on another witch hunt! All the while Biden DID do EXACTLY what yall are TRYING to put on the Trump.

    WAKE UP! YALL BEING PLAYED LIKE FOOLS! This is so freken stupid I cant help but laugh at all the talking heads.

  24. Everyone should  bow down to God's Chosen People on MSNBC Ari Melber and Rachel Maddow. Also, Schumer, Schiff are the Ones to lead the U.S. to salvation. Put your trust in the Chosen Ones, they know what's best for the U.S.

  25. The zionist Giulianis as well as the Trumps have both been behind 9-11, just like the evil Bushes. They all have committed high treason against USA. Let's not forget that !

  26. Giulliani knows for a fact Biden is corrupt, Biden Jr. got himself 50.000 $/Month for doing nothing!!
    now you can spin arround why it all came out and who did influence the ucrainians to get this information out, facts remain facts and any conspiracytheory will not will not top those facts…
    Just to prove how stupid democrats are, here is the lesson: the more you go after Trump the more true facts will come out about Biden and Co.

  27. You’ve GOTTA read through the comments—some really ribald stuff, better than the video

    If you stop and think about it for just a second you realize that all this was inevitable from the beginning. This is what you get when you elect a corrupt, incompetent clown to the highest office in the land—someone who isn’t fit to be chief garbage collector. We wouldn’t be seeing any of this if we had voted for someone with even the minimal amount of competence

  28. Has anybody in Washington ever watched the movie "The Manchurian Candidate " this could be Donald Trump in a mirror, scary

  29. They were headed to America to rat on Biden but got arrested kinda like a illegal immigrant calling the law to report a crime only to have ice show up think about it

  30. Giuliani chains he’s “just a simple country lawyer.” Now all he needs to do is tell us just which country that is,

  31. This is a big waste of money for all I can not stand the corruption! The USA 🇺🇸 can not afford this . This will cost millions of dollars 💵 . Drain the money dems . But it is my taxes that pays for your lies . Trump 2020

  32. Just a Thought: Maybe Rudy Giuliani is going for an Oscar. He wanted the job that Barr has. Trump didn't gave it to him. Rudy played the Good Friend until he knows all (or all most all) Trump's dirty secret. And then he Flips. And Trump goes down the Drain. REVENGE! Love KayJay

  33. Once Dems start talking about corruption it instantly blows back in spite of MSNBC's cheerleading. Pretending Biden inc isn't massively corrupt is how we lose elections. Thanx once again to the bloated corrupt corporate media with hacks like ARI

  34. 10 13 19 Hey Ari & the Team, Thanks for the post. In hindsight, Robert Mueller did state in his testimony that the Russians were already interfering in the 2020 election. Obviously, his pay grade is way above mine & a lot of other people.. Be well. v

  35. Followed Rudy`s career in cleaning up New York`s crime families in the 90ies, now looks like he has jumped on the other side of the fence. The arrested individuals will probably flip and spill their guts out on Guliany and all related (WH bums)… and if Rudy has any brains left he should Flip first and try to minimize his situation and put an end to the Trump show in a heartbeat! Just saying…

  36. "I am not a lawyer" then you do not know? Any corruption will be charged and prosecuted! That is what Barr and Durham are doing! I do not care how much dust you kick up the corruption of the previous admin. will be uncovered and prosecuted, We will be a much better nation for it!

  37. Well whaddaya know. Key witnesses fleeing the country get caught at the airport by the FBI? Next chapter: Barr’s intervention, to protect his client Trump. Ghouliani essentially became a shadow State Department, as a willing participant in a scheme of pay to play diplomacy on the international front. Shakedowns like Ukraine, or mutual corruption like what’s happening between Trump and China suddenly backing away from further tariffs in exchange for Biden being investigated, are now the norm with this corrupt administration. It’s gonna take a lot of Lysol to get the Trumpian stink out of Washington once he is removed and indicted.

  38. In the last few days we have heard some extraordinary allegations about one of the prettiest, about one of the most corrupt politicians, ever to rise to high office. In this country. The incumbent is a man with a criminal past, but, no criminal future. Unable to employ an attorney who cant do a simple scam, without cocking the whole thing up.

  39. #🌏💡🇺🇸🇬🇧👑💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “#KEYTRUMPWITNESSESARRESTEDTODAY!” What An Initial SHOCK! MORE! “#SMOCKINGGUN: FEDS ARREST GIULIANI ALLIES IN TRUMP’sIMPEACHMENTSPROBE|MSNBC!” RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! #[email protected]#NoSmokeWithoutFires!#AwesomeProgressiveBlueWavesPoweredByRt.Hon.MadamNancyPelosiSearingThrough🇺🇸CONGRESS!<#EnoughSo-CalledFAKENews!#WitchHunters!#TwistsTurnsDivesAndMore!#JudicialThruthsNothingButTheTruths!#LetProgressiveReveredDemocraticProfessionalJudicialCascadesTakeReveredNaturalCoursesForJustice!#LawfulRespects!#LeaveNoStonesUnturned! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#[email protected]#[email protected]!#🇺🇸💡🌏BlueWavesWithoutBoundariesForGlobalGoodsAndJustices👶🙅‍♂️💝💎💃🌹🎁❤️💕🎉👏✌️🙏: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!].

  40. STOP USING THE TERM "DEMOCRATIC IMPEACHMENT"! It's the US Congress constitutional duty to impeach the public official's wrong doing! It's not even close as a partisan action!

  41. Shady Russian chabad head rabbi and Media business man Moshe Azman in Ukraine and money flowing to GOP coffers from this point, from parnas and fruman to Rudy

  42. Americans seem to be missing a major point in that a foreign power tampered with their presidential election. How deep is the infiltration? How can anyone think the Russians stopped with the election of Trump? Go ahead, impeach him. Put him in jail. It will not change the fact that America is compromised.

  43. What on earth will the News be about when Trump ever leaves the WH ? Back to the Fire Brigade saving a cat in the tree.

  44. Twilight Zone ,this episode will be remembered a long, long ,long ,time. !! Trump will be the butt of comedy far into the future! One thing for sure he may be better known for being the most screw ball President in American History ! Wonder what comedian will play him on the Telly or as we say television 📺

  45. Rudy's going down along with his client. (Ari, less of the constant interrupting and eye rolling rap references please)

  46. I have seen more pictures of Trump with these two goons than I have of pictures with his youngest son Boris? Major? Trump Jr?

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