100 thoughts on “Smerconish: If I’m Trump and I’m watching this, I like what I see

  1. A lying criminal traitor thug moron is President of the USA and millions of Americans are too stupid to care. America is lost. 🇺🇸

  2. Americans are idiots .These people would choose Trump over Obama because they are chosing Trump for one thing, to save whiteness. This is about race as is everything with white Americans. The "America first" idea, is about saving whiteness from the"scary brown people". Why should anyone be surprised. "Everyday Americans"are obsessed with the idea of having a premium on their white skin. They will put up with raising health care cost, or no healthcare at all even chronic unemployment and drug addiction, as long as Trump keeps promising them he will save whiteness. And the few blacks and Latinos that mimic the whites are just capitulating to whiteness, no different than slaves on a plantation. The entire world has walked away from America, knowing its populace is too stupid for democracy. How can Germany, France,China or any other country depend on America, knowing that every 4 years whatever treaty of agreement that was signed can be torn up with a new election. Look at the poor Kurds. The fact that this stupid Middle America white obsessed demographic is placated and coddled by the media and not called what they really are, means the country is over.

  3. Smerconish and this so-called focus group are what is wrong with the US today… Underminers of common decency… They would conjure up any excuse to overlook the obvious breaching of the laws by Trump. I would put my head on a block these so-called awing voters are plants in helping to get a favourable vote for Trump… Now that is what I call "Fake News" Now off to Fox with Smerconish!

  4. The law does not matter anymore people. Go out and commit crimes and we will go off public opinion. Trump supporters are human garbage and the dumbest people to ever exist.

  5. These retarded people can move to Russia to get their retirement.
    It's the American standing and identify under attack. Defending Constitution means you do something, not doing nothing.

  6. These fucking ppl thinks it ok for trump to behave like that? Whatever, fuck em.. more of America is better than this.

  7. Dude…Americans have no problem with corruption because the ones who are corrupt have no problem exposing themselves. The embracing of this fucking fool by ANYONE, I'm sorry but banishment from country or being executed should be there only fucking options….EVERY retard who supports this orange clown GTFO of this country….Russia Welcomes You.

  8. Trumps easily going to win in 2020. Sadly Fakenews CNN and MSNBC will give us another year if lies and exaggerations. Like Trump would never be President, that he was a Russian asset lol, and the most recent he won't win 2020. Cheers from Toronto

  9. Naive to think that the Republican controlled Senate would let Congress get anything done, impeachment investigation or not.

  10. CNN still doesn’t under the importance and impact of Fox News labeling, name calling and conspiracy brainwashing. Its not so much that Trump has no ethics or values its more about the Fox News viewers frame of mind. You can’t change a closed mind with facts and logic.

  11. What's the point Michael? It's 8 month old data. The Ukraine issues and the most extreme emoluments violations happened recently which would sway swing voters. Are you that dunce? — or is there another part of your show that provides context that didn't get uploaded into Youtube?

  12. These people do not understand what the impeachment inquiry is about. They'll never understand what it's about and why it's important.

  13. He hiked the average joes tax and gave 1 trillion in tax cuts to corporations that dont pay anything in the first place.

    The swing voters cant be that effing dumb whwn they say trumps detractors are not in touch with the average joe.

    If it was the issues of the average man on the street they would all be talking about Andrew Yang by now.

    These are not swing voters.

    These are dumb fucks who should not be allowed to make decissions above what to have for lunch.

  14. Trumps been handed 2020 and the Dems will lose the house I don't even know a democrat anymore all my friends who were Dems have left that criminal party it started during kavanaugh hearings ! I went to my city clerks office on a whim and asked if there have been a change in voter party uptick and she said in my 26 years here I've never seen such a exodus of the democrat party 68% have left and changed status to republican or independent !! Socialism and Marxism does not work in America this party cannot survive! Tom Perez is in Mexico trying to raise money for campaigns that speaks volumes!!!

  15. Did he ask:

    What Obama initiatives did you support?

    What Trump initiatives did you support?

    Obama and Trump's policies are in stark contrast. I have a hard time believing "swing" voters easily going between the two.

    Ultimately Obama did not run against Trump in 2016.

    As a member of a swing state, I think the swing has more to do with voter turnout than flipping on agendas.

  16. Its unbelievable that swing voters like Trump. These are fake polls !!! Keep up the impeachment push !!! Keep making the CNN CEO happy, because that is all that matters !!

  17. The people in the study are uneducated ignorant Fox news and Facebook addicts. Their opinion is indicative of the problem of which their group has created

  18. The people are at least saying their opinion of feeling left behind.
    But they don’t live with the Bully on the hill.
    If they had a Meth Lab in their neighborhood, they would be acting the same

  19. Republicans will win every election from now on, we cannot allow you lunatics power in OUR Country – Sorry, but it's really that simple. Go to a socialist country if you don't like it here. We're not letting you into our government anymore.

  20. They're dancing around the fact that Trump captured the hearts and minds of a majority of working-class White voters, of middle-class White voters, and of non-college educated White voters. Working class, middle class, and non-college educated voters of EVERY other demographic are not pro-Trump at all. Why Trump's appeal not color blind? Because when Trump vows to “make America great again,” he is talking about and TO White America, especially the less well off. Trump is taking advantage of people's personal economic anxieties and mixing them with their social resentments that "those other folks are getting ahead at OUR expense". And that, folks, is a powerful message, straight from the pages of an alt-right, Supremacist, dark web blog – but now made mainstream.

  21. Swing voters that say, america first are people that really dont understand politics. They cant comprehend or choose to ignore the crimes of this administration. To me, you dont even have a firm grasp of politics, just a moral compass the points slightly N.

  22. All 8, whoah that's really statistically significant. Let's base policies on the opions of people that can't be bothered to get their facts straight.

  23. They don't care about the loss of american power to Russia and China, all the racist shootings hes has enticed, the larceny, lack of manners, and lack of empathy for anything that pertains to the planet, and of course the lies. They have been misinformed or they are just so racist they ignore all the ugliness and corruption just because he has open the door of racism and lack of social unity. The world has become a dangerous place, well I am 59, if he blows up the world I don't care that much, money will be no good in the afterlife.

  24. 1. Big government
    2. Telling people what to do
    3. Removing free speech and criticism of the government
    4. Forcing individuals to yield to the collective

    That's leftist ideology all damn day long

  25. "We are anti fascist and we support socialism" ANTIFA
    This is why I hate leftists. They are supporting and standing with everything they claim to be fighting against.

  26. How the hell can those ppl think it's ok for the Bald Ego to continue his Russia backed campaign to ruin America?

  27. President Trump is using the U.S. government and taxpayer money to enrich himself and his family. We America don't care. We still Love Donald Trump. Trump MAGA 2024.

  28. It’s great that the american public can still focus on what’s important in politics; truth honesty ethics and morality. As long as you don’t hold trump to these standards and crucify the democrats for the same.

  29. I think we should go back to voting the old-school way I’m talking about fill crates with paper slips red slips and blue slips

  30. if they let trump get away with what he is doing then the united stats will not be Werth living in because there will not be any law that would apply to him or any one that supports him then the other half will go to hell as fare as he cares there would not be a law to protect us from the other half

  31. Obama had 24 mass shootings under his terms as presient yet nobody blamed him. Media didn't blame him and his rhetoric.

  32. Hey swing voters, a vote for Trump is a vote for the degradation of the country and obeisance to a narcissus. You're welcome. (Vote for anybody but him…in case you missed that).

  33. These people are misguided. Do they not recognize the rule of law in this? Selfish myopic opinions here of people that have a chip on their shoulder.

  34. Impeachment held BEHIND closed doors. No vote on the House floor. Schiff's meeting with WhistleBlower Before complaint was filed. AND HE LIED ABOUT IT. Schiff reads Parody to the World knowing it was all lies. Pelosi changed House Rules and it's documented… a day or two before WhistleBlower made complaint. And Intell. Leadership changed WhistleBlower complaint form a day or two before WhistleBlower made the complaint. People complain McConnell blocks the House bills. Well so does Nancy… she will not vote on the new upgraded Trade deal between Mexico, Canada and the US. Among other things. Because this impeachment is being pulled off… they way it is.. Secrete. No testimony allowed by any Republican Witnesses. BECAUSE Republicans NOT ALLOWED to call their Witnesses in for questions. I don't think it will fly. It's not impeachment it's a Coup. You want impeachment then do it right. Above board. NOTHING Secrete. So ALL Americans can see what is truth and what are lies.

  35. I can create my own focus group, where everyone will agree that trump should be impeached, I mean like are fucking kidding me, ten people somehow represents all swing voters?. CNNFakeNews

  36. This is a smear to make President Trump look bad.
    The Chinese and Russian indoctrination runs deep in the shallow minds.
    This is not an impeachment, It is a diversion by the criminal Cabal to lessen the sting that is coming for wrecking the world .
    President Trump won the 2020 election back in 2016.

  37. Yes Hillary is the most corrupted lying cheating scoundrel in America and perhaps the entire world BUT she still has way more credibility than the radical propagandists of CNN Counterfeit News Network

  38. Trump will lose Pennsylvania 10 electoral college votes, Trump won Pennsylvania by few votes
    Trump will lose Wisconsin 20 electoral college votes, Trump won Wisconsin by 22,000 votes
    Trump will lose Florida which is 29 electoral votes, he won Florida by 120,000 votes in 2016
    In 2020 Trump will get 247 electoral college votes.

  39. Trump is such a bad president he created 19 trillion in debt, 43 million on food stamps, 12 million illegals with the borders wide open to more who drive down wages, lies about benghazi, IRS targeting political enemies…..oh wait that was Barack Obama

  40. These are the dangerous people who should be very closely monitored, and never allowed to bring their stupidity to civilized nations.

  41. His inexperience is shining through. He is not stable or a genius or even the chosen one with the current chaos.

  42. To hell with what the swing voters think. Impeachment is the right thing to do. Trump is going down in flames and if we don't remove him soon, he's going to take the entire country down with him.

  43. Democrats were warned that this is a huge mistake they’re making and to just beat him in 2020. Adam Schiff has really messed this whole thing up and ruined any chance of impeachment. The Trump train can’t be stop and like the gentleman said it’s time to get out of the CNN fake news bubble and face reality.

  44. Thank you America.
    Now we have isis in Europe Again and they can do whatever they want. You idiots learned nothing from 9-11. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  45. Congress DOES walk and chew gum. These peeps are so out of touch and ignorant about the absolute stall in the Senate led by Mitch. So, we're all gonna do what uninformed voters want us to do? including installing a lawless President again in 2020? America, I fear for you.

  46. Ffs the president is a thug and a criminal, that is fine with these people, ya let's forget trumps criminality. Make trump great again

  47. Nope Congress cannot do 2 things at the same time. That is why most Republicans will not be reelected. Get TRUMP out and you may have a job next term.

  48. I wonder if these folks know what Trump single handedly did to the Kurds? I wonder how they and their families would feel if they were abandoned and left for dead..??

  49. What is a swing voter? If after all the corrupt things Trump has done over the last 3 years, you are still undecided, you are enabling him. You are too stupid to realize it.

  50. This proves that everybody doesnt deserve to vote. Citizenship and voter rights need to be stripped from everybody and only after serving in the military do you get citizenship and a basic civil test do you get to vote.
    Too many stupid people vote

  51. Trump nearly single handed wiped out Syria, and cost us allies, reinstated ISIS, and empowered our enemies, all within a few hours. Why would anyone want him to have more than a year to to play God with peoples live here in America, as well as the rest of the world? If the idiots would really listen, they would realize that even The Republicans in office, are turning on Trump's greedy stupidity (albeit, very cautiously, and slowly). And if the mentally blind voters listened to the high ranking Republicans, then the would begin to reiterate those sentiments back towards congress. But the Republicans in office are afraid to make waves with the voters, and they leave them uneducated. It's a fools circle!

  52. We were deceived for decades .. by you .. and your masters! We will stick with President Trump .. and won't forget you .. ever!!

  53. It's sad while Americans watch the cockfight between Democrats and Republicans the rest of the world advances, perhaps they don't realize it's by design. We destroyed the USSR by putting them in bankruptcy, have you voters had a look at our debt and deficits? Why would we spend so much money on a military that we refuse to use, blame immigrants for stealing automation (robots) jobs, and continue to make healthcare unaffordable? Stop watching the roosters fight and look around, our country is dying!

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