24 thoughts on “Small Fry, Emaciated Kitten – 1 Week Update!

  1. With every symptom you spoke of, I was expecting you to say the "the humane option was to euthanize ". You didn't though and small fry pulled through. You are absolutely amazing! You breathed life back into that kitten. If you ever need anything in nyc and I can help consider it done.

  2. So cute! I used to call my huge 19 lb boy small fry because he was also really small and emaciated when we got him (he was 8 weeks, had been TNRed by someone, and a friend found him in her barn). He’s now huge and big trouble.

  3. As a bona fide cat lady myself, this along with so many of your videos has made my YEAR! You’re amazing Kitten Lady! These tiny little Angels are so lucky to have found you and your loving arms…don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You’re a true gift 💝

  4. Aww, poor love. My whole body tensed up when they said she was likely in pain from the gas, poor baby girl. I'm so glad she started to feel better and could enjoy eating.

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