100 thoughts on “Sleep expert explains why teens need later school times

  1. In Belgium: high school starts at 8h30 4x1h and one 15min break in the morning + 45 min lunch, 3x1h in the afternoon with one 15min break. Except for wednesdays 4x1h
    or 5h in the last 2 years and this
    from September 1 to June 30. Interesting to see how other countries organise their education. 🙂

  2. Kids today are such whiny little pussies.. I use to get up at 5 to feed the animals and milk a cow before I got on the bus for school at 7 am!

  3. In California parents don't have control over their children, ,( up here in the high country we still discipline our children with leather belts or switch )

  4. Trump’s decision to put America first and withdraw from Syria has sent Democrats into panic mode. He’s a peace-loving president, and the Left won’t stand for it. But why? Isn’t that what what they BEGGED for all throughout the Bush years? Wilkow argues the Democrats never actually cared about world peace. They want a war so badly they can taste it. They need blood on Trump’s hands. And they can act like Bush is their new best friend all day, but we’ve seen this movie before.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they do away with home schooling soon so that they can be sure all kids get the proper indoctrination the commies want to deal out.

  6. Why even bother going to school? I've already determined that life will cease to exist by 2021. Pay attention people!

  7. Just an early reminder to Democrats regarding Halloween. In no way is wearing blackface acceptable.
    Thank you,
    Dong LeMoan

  8. Because of smartphones, tablets, porno, their sexual activities while parents are "sleeping" and of course live streams. Times are changing but some habits remain the same.

  9. School is a waste of time. Everything beyond the basics should be vocational unless someone wants to become a doctor or aerospace engineer or the like. Everything after 5th grade is not used by 99% of people. Public school is about indoctrination

  10. The most important thing for children growing up is sleep. It's science. Our closest evolutionary relatives, the chimps, don't get up until after 11 a.m.

  11. you can put out fluff stories cnn. But are still guilty of media sedition, you treasonous pieces of shit. Fuck all of you.

  12. What time does school start in the US?? I expected it to say school can't start till 9. 8 and 8:30 is just normal here in Canada.

  13. Man, I wish my politicians in the UK would consider this at least, waking up in the mornings is just bad (when i was a teen).

  14. Laziness, bad parenting, liberal professors all go hand in hand. Strong men and women are more scarce than ever.

  15. From all CNN crew only Britney Young is lovable, but don,t get me wrong.
    This is not the 5th grade sweety only if I'm very drink I would make compromise and do the opposite thing. You see, that is not who we are, but if you really want to play cone out of the darkness and climb up to Bulgaria and we will c what we can do about you gndeed that is possible.

  16. Hows the lawsuit presented by President Trump going?
    You could have easily avoided this by presenting news instead of propaganda you know? You were warned time and time again and willfully chose to ignore it.
    Taking on the POTUS in any court of law , in case the penny hasn't dropped will mean you lose and are sued and made bankrupt and cease to exist
    I'm really looking forward to it !!! No CNN Thank god !"!!

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  18. Warren Commition Commotion : Taxation is theft. Over-taxation is socialism. Chief Blabbing Bull needs to check her definitions.

  19. My dear beloved, as confirmation of my overwhelming love, goodness, wokeness, compassion, evolved nature and empathy, I would like to offer my highly spiritual, unconditional thoughts, prayers and healing energies to all of those who are going through life's challenges at this moment. You are loved! I CARE so much! Why? Because I'm such a wonderful person, having a heart core that radiates only loving-kindness for all sentient beings! (I'm spiritual, not religious)

  20. melatonin release is not dictated by the clock lol you can control that release by practicing good sleeping habits which almost no one does anymore. didn't say a single thing about blue light either

  21. WTF!! we here (in the Netherlands) we start at 8:45 (age of 6 till 12) then 8:30 (from age 12 till 16 ~ 18) and older (college/university) … 9:00 or later.. depends on the class but most of the time 10:00

  22. Dutch middle schools (4-12y/o) usually start around 8:30. And high schools (12-16/18 y/o) begin at 9:00 (that was my experience) and it ends around 15:00 for middle schools. My high school was usually done around 15:30/16:00.

    I never went to bed later then needed, that was due to the way my parents were raising me. Even had enough time to do other things like sports, homework or even a job. So it can work, but then again… we do for the most part live close to our schools.

  23. When I was a kid in the woods of New Hampshire my parents made me get up at 5AM to go to a bible study class every damn day. I'm an atheist now. I was so tired throughout high school, it sucked.

  24. How can anyone still watch this crap after what CNN just got caught admitting on hidden camera. Enemy of the people.

  25. LA government used to give tax breaks to companies that altered their employee start times in order to circumvent horrific traffic problems. THe kids are gonna get stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours a day. Nice education.

  26. Why dont you talk about the LGBT. Teaching school children how to use a cucumber or zucchini when they cant afford a sex toy.

  27. Because the dumb asses stay up all night playing games. Train them fucking right and it will be no problem. They are to fucking lazy.

  28. The hoop has been played with by children and adults around the world before the U.S. existed. It is the most basic form of toy. In modern times 1958 Richard Knerr claimed the name the hula hoop, not the hoop but hula hoop. The throwing disc has been around since ancient times and was used in classical Greeks and Roman sports. The name Frisby was copyrighted in 1957 in the U.S. that is the name Frisby not the disc. English school time is mainly copied around Europe 9 AM to 4 PM. For adult working people times vary some European countries start work late 12 PM they work the same amount of hours but start later.

  29. The remark was caught on camera by satellite technician Cary Poarch, who went undercover while working as a contractor at CNN’s Washington, D.C. office. “Jeff Zucker, basically the president of CNN, has a personal vendetta against Trump,” Nick Neville, a CNN media coordinator, is seen telling Poarch. Later, Neville is seen suggesting that CNN’s coverage of the president and his administration is driven by Zucker’s disdain for him. “It’s not gonna be positive for Trump. He [Zucker] hates him. He’s going to be negative,”

  30. I presented on this subject when I was in high school for my final English project. Just ahead of my time! Great job California.

  31. California is state of many cultures…yet, showing ONLY white people :):):) FNN ashamed to show needles , cracks, homeless, shit on the streets of other "cultures" , CA that welcomed diversity ? LMAO

  32. Man shut the fuck up. People have been waking up early since humans have been around… And look..
    There's over 7 billion useless mother fuckers on the planet now.

    Figure out how to make stupid sterile. Figure that shit out first then come talk to me about sleep.

  33. Ok let’s NOT prepare the kids for real world this is nuts take the phone turn the video games off an make them go to bed
    Back in the day kids had to had to do chores before school in the morning
    Now you want them to sleep half the fucking day away this will help make a productive Society

  34. Jacuzzi is obviously Italian. The Italian brothers Casarsa della Delizia Northern Italy they founded the company in 1915

  35. CNN. WHAT GOBBLEDYGOOK. Our Teenagers would never go to school. Routine is an essential part of LIFE and should not be ignored. Liberal Academics and Politician such as Newsom live in different world to the average Hard Working American.

  36. Public schools should offer hybrid online classes and the people that are not doing good by begining of junior year should be forced to go into a trade program for half the day and learn how to fix refrigerators. Make all classes from 10 to 3. No more lunches and no more gym or recess. Also get rid of sports and make walking to and from school mandatory.

  37. what am i really learning anyways? that we are all going to grow older and die, no matter which way you want to juggle the potatoes .. i'd rather sleep-in some, if that's the lesson of life.

  38. I was so tired all day then 10:00 came around and I was wired until 12:00 or 1:00. I hated getting up in the morning and it ruined my attitude towards school. I've got a son now and I've promised myself that I will facilitate his sleeping in

  39. Get your ass up and go to school it's an early preparation for work life dumbasses raising a bunch of little punks soft hearted cowards they won't survive the harshness of this world smh

  40. This is ridiculous.
    It's about what teens are doing in midnight. If they just fool around on playing games or on Snapchat, late school hours won't help much.

  41. When I was in highschool I couldn't fall asleep till 1am minimum. Basically 3 of my 4 years of highschool were sleep deprived and I fucking hated highschool with passion.

  42. When I was in high school I would wake up at 5am and get to school at 5:30am for zero period and 1st period basketball practice (yes we practiced from 5:30am -8:15pm with breaks in between) then get off at 2:35pm and then have basketball practice again at 4pm and get home at 7PM and do hw etc most of the time I would be going to sleep at 11 or 12 and having to wake up at 5am

  43. I wish I learned naturally, whenever and however I was ready to. If I were tired one morning I could sleep longer. Same with work.

  44. Be a parent and get that kid to bed on time. All this does is give terrible parents a new out while continuing to burden dedicated parents. It's just a push to further break down the family.

  45. This is so easy to handle. Just make sure the early courses are those that are the most popular so that you can hold a late session as well. The early risers can go to school early for gym, etc, and the late risers can stay in school later for gym. In addition, have some coursework be taught online, so you go to school only 3 days/week.

  46. I thought the reason kids went to school so early was to get used to the idea of what working a job would be like.

  47. lie down with the cockerel call and get up with the cockerel call -it was always the right thing to do. It is necessary to teach children to get up early

  48. People seem to operate under the assumption that you should get a solid 8 hours of sleep. I must be in the outlier, because rarely do I sleep even close to 8 hours. I wake up at 05:30 or 06:00 and rarely sleep before 00:00. Most days, if I slept more than 6 hours in the evening, it's probably because I'm wasted or sick. And those instances when I sleep more than 8 hours without actually needing it, I usually wake up groggy instead of refreshed.
    Part of me thinks it's because of my past in the military, but then when I think about it, I've been that way since I was a teenager.

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