13 thoughts on “Slackline – Permanent garden anchor

  1. hey L`Armani. thx for the video. have you replaced the webbing that's in the earth? any experience with rotting or weakening of it? Let me know. thx.

  2. Permanent until the webbing rots away … lol

    Dig it up once a year and replace I suppose … no biggie.
    But, I like the chain suggestion as a "permanent" anchor.

  3. Any kind of chains that have the appropriate load rating. Your local hardware store should have them.

  4. There is a section of webbing that is above ground… especially the knot, which is the weakest point in the system.

    Not to mention having the webbing in contact with the ground, which will degrade it. Getting dirt and water in there will destroy it rather quickly.

  5. What kind of chains would you use? And where would you get them? I'm trying to figure out how to do this in my backyard. Cheers!

  6. Why not use a chain in the ground? The webbing will degrade in sunlight rather quickly, which will severly affect the strength.

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