39 thoughts on “Skyrim Got a 2GB Update

  1. Why don't they throw a bunch of these into packs and sell them that way? And why are all the crossbows in thr same place? It completely breaks Skyrim's progression system

  2. ok ok but can we get a mod that makes rain when it walls to the ground depending on what level its on it makes a gutter-river? that would be awsome!

  3. Screw that I'm disconnecting my xbox from the internet until I'm done with my play through. I don't want any updates fucking with my mods. I have the game just the way I want it.

  4. The staff of hasedoki was the best weapon to buy… Trust me jedi pushing people off of cliffs is hilariously funny

  5. Do you really think this is worth it?? You are really willing to pay $5 for a single quest and a sword? Skyrim is such an old game, at this point, they really should be pushing out these updates for free. There is absolutely no reason to be charging for any of these updates.

  6. 2 GB… they did that before. And it turned out to be a good sign. I'm looking forward to see that large content they've been talking about.

  7. Skyrim got more paid mods. But all the bugs are still there. Oh, and the thousands of hours of work in free mods fixing the game got broken too…. Awesome! What a gross shill this guy is.

  8. Nothing on the creation club is " worth it " , it's just a push by a greedy company to make money from something that has always been free, wanna pay for those 500 skyrim mods you have ? Don't worry it will probably happen in the next elder scrolls title.

  9. And the update seems to have broken ALL of my saved files and after trying all of the fixes NOTHING worked

  10. A dead game trying to reawaken. I gave it up at the time when the SE made the bugs of running aground on the hangman scene and getting stuck in a small rock or the dragon never landed on the roof. This bug was never fixed until I uninstalled it, for me the game is a corpse πŸ™„

    I mean what's a SE you can't start? Nothing, and that was where I had played it already one time through and wish to restart it.

  11. Tbh, why does creation kit mods not disable achievements? There are free mods that do the same thing, somewhat even better. Not to mention the monitory concerns as well. :/

  12. Between the title, length of the video, and how little stuff you actually talked about in it, Jesus Christ dude come on.

  13. Good luck to everyone like me that has shitty internet and has to wait a day to download this update.πŸ™„
    I also wanna give a big thanks to Bethesda and my only isp too πŸ–•

  14. The ONLY thing I'm worried about for the next game is creation club. Honestly worried they will kill off mods to some degree. I worry that big texture packs or major mods wont be allowed through nexus. They'll force the best visuals and other extremely popular mods to cost money. I seriously doubt I'll have the ability to add 400 mods and have the best visuals without opening my wallet.

    Games have to suck money for the best experience these days. Which is so sad. Games used to be a place where everyone was equal despite living in a shack or a mansion. The game was the same. Rich people played the same game the same way just on nicer screens with better graphics.

    Personally could pay for it. I've had a lucky privileged life. I could pay $300 for free creation club content or something. However I wouldn't. Because 12 year old me with not a cent that built amazing worlds in morrowind would just die.

  15. So, as a console player I have to buy mods? Are you kidding me? Just because I can't afford a gaming pc I have to get my wallet screwed.

  16. "Older Elder Scrolls games."
    Dawn/Duskfang: Apeared in Oblivion's Shivering Isles DLC.
    Bloodthirst: A sword that you (and a few thousand other people) forgot to cover. It appeared in ESO or Blades. I dont know which one of those garbage fires they came from.
    Netch Leather Armour: Appears in Morrowind. One of the weakest light armours in the game.
    Correction: Appeared in a past game. Singular not plural.

    Also I dont understand why killing the netch is the "Bad" thing to do. Those creatures are bothersome and have important resources that come with it.

  17. Over all even though these creations aren't horrible they're not worth the money One most of these items were already used in older elder scrolls games so basically you're buying something you already had and over all these are taking up space on people's consuls that no 1 wanted I have Elder scrolls skyrim on the xbox one and this is my take up space at that and I don't even use a great club I wish I could install the creation club I have no intention of ever using it it's garbage this came A little too late to save the garbage creation club

    And finally I'm not and take aim and recommendation that defends fall out 76

  18. …. I already have the crossbow mod that all I have THE ONLY MOD (not really I have a lot of mods that increase the overall looks of the game)

  19. For us folks on ps4, the creation club is the best and all we got here, and for me i love the creation club becouse it's equal on all fronts and it gives us things that we can't mod in

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