12 thoughts on “Skype for Business: A quick introduction

  1. I cant understand why people use skype for bussiness at this point, its over priced and you got many other applications wich you can use to get the same results

  2. Hope you are including also Linux version of Skype for Business. Else what is purpose of this IM, if it's not even avaliable on all platforms with all features? huh?

  3. Another question: Will regular Skype users (ie using Skype client on Windows, latest release) be able to join a SFB meeting using provided Join Meeting link without installing a browser plug-in? Thank you!

  4. I was testing video calling from SFB preview to a regular Skype user and I could not record a video session on SFB preview. Then I called the same person that has a Lync user and I was able record the video call.

    Do you know if this is final or this feature will be available on the final version of SFB?

    I was really exited when you answered my question telling me that this feature would be available.

  5. Hey guys! Great work here. I really like Lync and I think Skype for Business is the right step forward. I just have a few questions?

    1. Here in Brazil we cant use Lync server features like dial in, IPBX, etc. With SFB I will be able to buy a land line phone number and calling credits to use with my Office 365 users? That would be great, to use SFB just like regular Skype.
    2. Can I record Skype video calls? We do a lot of online interviews and that would be a killer feature for me. To record a video call from SFB to regular Skype (mobile version I.E.)
    3. How about a SKB portal with user accounts settings, policies and rules? That would be great too.

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