SJW Gaming Journalist Triggered by a game set in Hell apparently it isn't a nice place

SJW Gaming Journalist Triggered by a game set in Hell apparently it isn't a nice place

so Waypoint released a review of the game called agony from what I understand about agony it's supposed to be a trip into hell and it's sort of like a no-holds-barred kind of thing I guess it's teetering on an adults-only game and it's set in hell I think that speaks for itself I mean honest to god it's hell have you not seen Dante I mean not read Dante's Inferno have you not seen the paintings they used to do in the Renaissance about what hell was like for God's sake Satan has a vagina and it's a mouth and it eats people trigger warnings this was too much this was far too much agony a game about dehumanizing women isn't just bad it's toxic a mixture of what you might find in a horny teenager sketchbook crossed with an angry youtuber screaming about how feminists have come to destroy their video games yeah remember when video games are fun and then Andy Serkis and came around with a lot of talking points that were kind of shit and she heart on the same like seven games over and over again not to mention she stole artwork from artists never paid them or even gave them credit and she also stole game footage for mini games she supposedly reviewed which is kind of ironic when she's supposed to be a reviewer which would lead me to believe that she didn't bother to even review the game she just decided to look at it get a little bit of a synopsis off of YouTube steal some footage and then just scream patriarchy male chauvinism power fantasy women this women that oh no we're being objectified and oppressed give me money and somehow was able to just really make the industry scared to death of a vocal minority yeah that didn't happen did it or gamergate contents warning descriptions and depictions of extreme violence and sexual assault in hell of all places or New York New Jersey I'm gonna try and get through this with you if you'll allow me there are bad videogames and then there's agony in the past I've argued it's useful to play bad game so you can better appreciate the well-made ones specifically the ones made by triple-a developers god I love loot boxes but not here it's one thing for a game to be poorly designed which I assure you agony is I wouldn't be surprised it's another to come away from the experience with a sense of disgust this just in we have video of the reviewer after playing a game that featured breast and/or vagina I'm wondering what the people behind the game we're thinking it's not just that agony is an awful frustrating way to spend a few hours but somehow the game over and over reminds you it has an axe to grind with 50% of the population well you know it's kind of funny when a woman is tormented in a video game or something it's bad but you could just destroy men aimlessly through games and it's totally fine I bet this guy didn't write a review for like Mad Max in how you could interestingly kill male characters blow them to bits and watch their body parts just wail all over the place nobody's worried about that that's fine killing nameless men is totally fine it's impossible to go more than a few minutes of our agony remind you of what it thinks about women men are tortured and strung up in agony but it's the women who strut around the world with our clothes whose screams have pull it out become environmental texture and who the game constantly specifically goes out of its way to violently degrade so if you go look at photos of the Renaissance as I said before I call people I'm pretty sure these people are starting around naked in hell I don't think your soul comes with clothes when you go to hell I mean that's the whole theme behind it you know just me I'm not a not an aficionado for religion but every time I've seen people in religious depictions they're usually naked unless they went to heaven for some odd reason heaven gives you clothes for your soul for what god only knows what the fuck the religious people are coming up with now here is the is the the line that summarizes this whole article for me it's the part where the writer of this says agony a game whose pitch is walking through a totally fucked up version of hell [Laughter] you serious Wow talk about missing the point totally fucked up very what what the fuck type of hell was he thinking existed it was a lovely place on occasionally Meredith baxter-birney came in and did a show every weekend I'd like to take this time to apologize to Meredith baxter-birney who isn't dead yet she's still alive 70 years old and don't sue me it wasn't too bad a little hot for me I mean what do you think he'll was do you think he'll was like South Park or something where Satan's a big gay guy that has an affair with Saddam Hussein and seems somewhat charming and friendly if you get to know him Lee what the fuck is this Arthur aren't about like really it's hell dude it's not supposed to be pleasant I don't think if he'll exists we can accurately depict it anyway it would probably be on measure it beyond your mental comprehension of torment and torture like hell is supposed to be prison right and what happens in prison people get raped all the time stabbed murdered killed suffocated all sorts of fucked-up shit goes down in prison think of hell is Jail it's Satan's the bootie warrior dude except he's after everybody's booty Prison booty booty was are more important in food booty amazed but it was more pronounced earth it was more booty having some booty was more important than drinking water in horribleness it hell is about all the bad things down there if anyway that's the whole point of it I mean that's the way the religious people have explained it to me and books and shit so basically the Arthur then puts it akin to doom Shadows of the Damned God of War Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno all these depictions of Hell is what I think he was expecting for some unknown reason the game developers were backed by a Kickstarter and promised to people who put the money a fort that it would be a really fucked game it would be everything they wanted in a depiction of Hell or something in the survival horror as far as I know reading this authors entire article and taking the time to think about it I there's just a lot of political motive behind a lot of the shit he has to say which makes no sense it's supposed to be a game review not your personal political beliefs in the fucking system even Harkins shit to Trump at one point uh AGGA Dean's the kind of game conservative culture warriors will defend not because it's good but because it offends people if someone's upset over the way it depicts women who cares if it's not fun to play in today's Trump fueled victimhood culture that's basically a win so I guess since I'm kind of defending the fact that it's a game set in hell would make me a conservative culture warrior and I assure you I have no ties to the left or right but that's just me personally I voted for Joe exotic who did you vote for first thing is I am NOT cutting my hair I'm not changing the way I dress I refuse to wear a suit I am gay I've had two boyfriends most of my life I currently got legally married thank god it's finally legal in America I've had some kinky sex I have tried drugs through the younger years of my life I'm broke as shit I have a judgment against me from some bitch down there in Florida the man hung out with fucking Tigers do let me see Trump do that Trump couldn't even hang out with a tame bald eagle they should try to claw him up now at least after that the author for waypoint comes and gives an honest review for the game and now goes back to just being a game it doesn't go about you know the guy talking how he feels this is geared towards dehumanizing women or whatever he didn't tells you about how the game is kind of bad the AI is shit and you don't even really have to hold your breath you could just outrun the AI and watch them get stuck on some geometry valid points for a game review but unfortunately we live in a day and age where game reviewers just feel they got to tell you their fuckin political belief in the goddamn game and that's not what the fuck we're here for the whole point of gaming is to escape reality granted I don't know why you want to escape reality and go to hell but hey would to each their fucking home slut and whore I can really feel her red cunt oh these are just a handful of gender targeted comments found in everything from characters to diary entries your character doesn't speak in agony outside of grunting as they die for the 57th time I guess in hell if you hear slut or whore that's offensive hell is very offensive I want you to know that I don't think if he'll exist they would say things like nice you know did you have a good day today alright now I have to stab you it's going to be unpleasant you know I don't think that's what hell is once again I think the author misses the whole point the makers of the game went harder than I would have ever imagined especially in today's very politically fueled world where if you do anything outside of either a the norm be selling loop boxes or C specifically being very supportive of the feminist movement your villain essentially he later on explains how you are bad person you go to hell obviously you find that there's a way to escape hell by doing something to the red goddess or meeting her or somehow I don't know as I don't feel like reading it again because yeah I felt the article missed all point of what the game is about I would have I would have just said okay good review if you just explained how shit the game was but instead the article is 90% of this guy complaining about how it's targeting women or something and yeah also complaining about vagina shaped apples there was also complaints about babies being strung up by their umbilical cords and I think the context here for some reason that also offended him but I think what he misses in the context is someone who is forced to go to Sunday school and shit as a kid those who died before the sacrifice of Christ went to hell regardless everybody just went to hell before Jesus came and died for everyone's sins or they went to purgatory so theoretically babies went to hell for no reason I didn't come up with the religion it was because of religion I stopped giving a shit for religion because it was just so fucked these ideas I'm just not interested in it but that demon has a penis what is this guy talking about he also complains about their graphic sex scenes in the patched version for the PC women moding bear breasts vagina imagery blah blah blah blah blah blah there's homosexual sex or something and he also complains about demons not being like demons wearing loincloths to cover the penises and shit like that that's something I think that has to do with the culture for some reason female nudity is just accepted is art and beauty but male nudity not so much like if a woman in any shape she's in whether she's in beautiful fantastic shape you know and I'm turning into Trump she is the greatest shape ever fantastic shape you know if a woman is in peak physical condition and naked her photos are taken of her naked it's beautiful if it's a woman in horrible shape she's fat and she's got like a couple stomach lines and shit it's still beautiful male nudity on the other hand is only seen as disgusting or comical that's the line you walk unless like you're a really good-looking guy in phenomenal shape then you're an Adonis but the rest of us fall in disgusting and comical okay when Will Ferrell gets naked everybody laughs nobody goes it's a work of art nobody goes it's too sexy nothing they just hahahaha Will Ferrell look at him he's such a fluff ball skinny fat well you know or if it's a fat guy who's naked I assure you and women see it disgusting sick he should get some clothes on nobody sits here and goes he is a shape it's called round and it's beautiful cuz that's how the world works even if video gaming I think like a penis is still seen as a bad phallic thing for some unbeknownst reason to me and anything flies with women for some reason they get to be naked so that's just a cultural thing I don't know how this author seems to think it's the game developers fault somehow but maybe as a point point there should have been more dicks in the game it isn't enough to smash a bunch of screaming fetuses over and over you need to find them strung up by their umbilical cords to I guess like a pinata this was offensive and frankly you know what I'm kind of tired of even reading through this again I'm just gonna end it here because I'm kind of tired of this article I've read it once entirely man I kind of skimmed through it again while commenting on this video frankly for me it's the longest short too long didn't read the journalist is triggered by Hell in a video game journalist is triggered by horrific images of depravity rape murder the Smashing of fetuses etc so frankly you should probably pass off any more horror jobs to someone else that he works with by the way this company's owned by a VentureBeat so that explains everything you need to know you

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  1. Ah, another "hot take" from a moronic game urinalist… and the twat works for Cucktaku, what a surprise

  2. They complain when a game depicts violence against women. But when gamers complain about therr being women combatants in BF5, they call gamers sexist.
    insert ironic Palpatine meme here

  3. I've watched like 10 of your videos today and you're generally funny. You do come off as sexist sometimes when you get on rants about women. Only because you generalize and group all women together when you get worked up.

    You shouldn't be surprised that people mix in politics with anything now days. Its a trending topic and is the only reason it gets mentions.

  4. Doesn't the outrage just make you want to go out and buy or do whatever they're pissed about or is it just me?

  5. …is Bayonetta considered triple a? i always thought it was in that Nintendo zone of not really being triple a but not not being triple a

  6. "Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed
    In one self place, for where we are is hell,
    And where hell is must we ever be.”
    ― Christopher Marlowe

  7. It's literally a game meant to be provocative and or offend people and show what true hell would look like, a place of suffering and evil and this guy wants it just against men, alright bud, you first

  8. Kinda ironic that they got triggered by fetuses strung up by umbilical cords and then advocate the pro-abortion agenda…

  9. Women are seen naked as art as they look better, men look like they have a strangled last chicken in the shop look between their legs it simply isnt a great sight…

  10. I want an honest opinion here:
    Does it feel better to push a trigger on a console controller (which even vibrates when shooting) while shooting a gun in an FPS or do you prefer just pressing a mouse button and shooting?

  11. I'd only heard of this game in passing before now, but now I'm intrigued and just may look into it now because it sounds badass

  12. SJWs are fated to go to hell… hahahaha those pathetic fools (SJWs) how do I love wondering how they (SJWs) would suffer in hell hahahaha… There (SJWs) suffering always put a smile on my face hahahaha…

  13. Every nonbaptized children goes to hell btw. In the game those babies are probably the babies the SJWs aborted.

  14. so if all guys in prison are gay and theres tonnes of gay cunts out of prison then we have lots of gays just sayn

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