Six Feet Under Par: A Chip Driver Mystery – The Good Place (Episode Highlight)

Six Feet Under Par: A Chip Driver Mystery – The Good Place (Episode Highlight)

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  1. New theory for the good place: One of them will figure it out. It naught be Chidi, Brent, John , or Simone but I feel like one of them will figure out that they are not actually in the good place. John was already starting to notice that the good place wasn’t so good. Simone was questioning why she was in the same place as Brent after he was being rude, racist, and sexist. Chidi got in a fight and punched Brent in front of all the humans. I also think they made it way to obvious that they were trying to improve Brent and he might figure out what they are trying to do. We are 6 episodes into the season and the experiment is almost over so something has to happen that will conflict with the experiment and make it go on to all 14 episodes.

    Another theory I have might be an obvious one but i think bad Janet is actually becoming good. Sure on the outside she looks and acts like a bad Janet but that’s just what she was made for. After being imprisoned in Janets void and Michael coming to tell her about the humans she learned what Michael learned about humans. She acted like she didn’t care but deep down I believe she really enjoyed his company. She seemed so surprised when he decided to let her go but also seemed very grateful and happy. Michael taught her that it’s good if you are trying to be good so she will know that even if she’s supposed to be bad, if she tries to be good she might actually improve. Also she is the one that was rebooted a bunch of times and we know by good Janet that being rebooted can make janets act outside of how they were programmed to act. When Michael gave bad Janet the book she acted like she didn’t want it but if she really didn’t want it she would’ve just thrown it or something. Instead, she clung on to it as she was walking out like she wanted to read it.

  2. Your main character can't be a private investigator AND the quarterback for the Chicago Bears AND the "World's Strongest President!"

  3. I like how one of the first "half"s is "half murder mystery" and they confirm that the murder is solved in the first 10 pages.

    I forking love this show.

  4. Not gonna lie… I was savoring the display of fragility later on during the commercial break right before it cut back to Bad Janet doing the same….

  5. Last night I had a dream that Jason was the prince of a small village and he was the only one who bathed or took showers. So where there was a drought and it didn’t rain he took a bath in doctor pepper while singing toxic by Britney Spears

  6. Can someone please explain something. During this episode, John overheard Jason talking about his life on earth, which then led Chidi to ask John to keep quiet about. Jason had been talking to Chidi about his life for a while before the interruption, and Chidi wasn't surprised. Did I miss something in another episode where Chidi found out the truth?

  7. The truly sad part is, if this book existed on earth, it WOULD sell 4 million copies at minimum, and get adapted into a truly unwatchable movie by….I'ma say, Clint Eastwood.

  8. I figure the way out of this is for Elanor to get Simone to design a simulation of life as someone who isnt a straight, white, rich male.

    Simone gets satisfied because she gets to show Brent what it's like. Brent thinks itll be easy, and gets crushed by the experience, and begins to rethink his whole life.

  9. If you enjoyed and/or were utterly revolted by this fake but somehow real book, might I recommend @men_write_women on Twitter? We also have several varietals that may pair well.

  10. Y'know what I would have loved? For Simone, instead of her accepting she's in the afterlife right after Chidi got into the mix, she would have gone on with her crazy behaviour to try to escape the realization that she died and there's an afterlife. It would have been cool to see her slowly accept the fact and grow a little as a person.

  11. Why do I have the feeling this series make even the cast ponder in questions of morality and social civility?…. Its arguments are way to good to ignore them (humanity does have a chance to improve themselves, if it really has the intention to survive longer in this world).

  12. Prediction: There's going to be a revelation that what brought the first four together was the fact that they were being "tormented" by Michael and the other demons. It's only when you face the consequences of your former life that you can grow beyond it.

  13. Personally I didn't really think this episode was up to its usual standards. Hopefully be back to normal next week.

  14. To quote a terrible musician, who wrote a terrible song which, people love it so much, they keep putting it in terrible movie trailers, humans are, “b-b-b-bad to the bone”.

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