Sims FreePlay - Pregnancy Quest & Event Walkthrough (Early Access)

Sims FreePlay – Pregnancy Quest & Event Walkthrough (Early Access)

hi guys hey everyone welcome to make 2 and a Sims FreePlay video pregnancy is coming to the game this is so exciting and a really long time coming thanks so much to EA in fire monkeys for both adding pregnancy to the game and for giving us early access we could share this massive pregnancy update with you all so first of all a couple of notes this is not our game that we're showing in this video this is a special temporary preview build that the game developers let us use to show the pregnancy update and second of all we will have more videos answering a lot of questions that you probably have about pregnancy linked to in the video description below there's also going to be an official livestream that the sims freeplay team is doing on their Facebook we will also link to that in the video description below in case you missed the livestream so let's go ahead and get started this video is gonna show how to unlock pregnancy it starts with a discovery quest which becomes available if one you have completed a two and a half Sims quest and two you've built a brand new store in game which is a dis maternity store right here right here near the teen idol sign and the real estate agency so if you tap on that it shows that the maternity store for us will take two days and 18 hours and 850,000 samolians and you also need 19 sims in town we don't know about the times and prices for sure these might be different depending on how many buildings you already have in your own town but for us these are the costs so we're gonna go ahead and build this to get the quest started and now we have available a new quest a Buffy ride the opening of maternity store has your Sims feeling a super clucky it's time to take a female sim on that bumpy ride and learn about pregnancy earn a maternity wear and introduce a new baby to sim town and the first task is have a doctor explain pregnancies Machon restore has opened in some town with a free offer on maternity wear hang on maternity wear equals baby pops your sim has dreams of a pregnancy and the players have dreams of pregnancy and wants to learn more use a phone to call a doctor to your home to its Blayne pregnancies so we've prepared here an adult female sim at this time in the game only adult female Sims can that be pregnant but the good news is it looks like a single adult female sim can be pregnant she doesn't have to be married or in a partnership yep so you can just have a baby all by herself so we're gonna start her off on her magical journey by calling the doctor and once you do that the doctor appears right there and we tap on the doctor and we explained pregnancy for 30 seconds okay because I guess this adult female sim needs to have a pregnancy explained told pregnancies with a sin dr. annie natal informs your sim that due to recent cop technology breakthroughs it's now possible for adult female sense to go through pregnancy your female sin better start preparing for a new baby have a female sim talk to another sim about pregnancies alrighty so let's just call over a random Zach Harris here is next to her and talk pregnancies will be another 30 second task so that's pretty cool short so far purchase the maternity outfit your Sims discuss the possibilities of pregnancies now both couples and single female Sims can have babies yay your female sim is ready to take the plunge Tommy's take advantage of the Maternity stores maternity wear offer visit the maternity store and purchase the maternity outfit with the credits so we follow the big pointing ghostly hints and we go to the maternity store as you can see at the top right corner we've already got five hundred of these special coins which we can use to buy a whole bunch of maternity wear type of stuff and you have the options for breezy or relaxed so there are just a number of different things you can buy with currency will like we said have a whole separate video about how all this works but the basic idea is that you're gonna be earning this currency from doing pregnancy related stuff mm-hmm buy clothes and also items for right now we're going to buy the very very cheapest one that our store credit will to spy and we got the task is complete place empty crib there's something deeply satisfying about exchanging tokens for the maternity outfit maternity clothing has added to the maternity tab in an adult female Sims wardrobe the next step is to add an empty crib place an empty crib in the home of the female sim you wish to go through pregnancy so we'll go back to Aaron's house and then go into the home store and into the infant section over there and just grab ourselves a crib and then I guess place it in her bedroom probably is the most civilized or it would be start pregnancy event crib check female adults him ready for bumps and babies check to start the pregnancy event tap on the empty crib and follow the on-screen prompts just a note the pregnancy event requires a female adult sim like we said before and it runs for nine days it's gonna be free to begin with pop that we think it's gonna cost two LPs and you can only have one pregnancy event in town at any one time and there we go congratulations Aaron she is rocking that bump select sim I con congratulations Aaron is pregnant the pregnancy event icon has been added to the top left corner of the screen open the pregnancy event menu then tap on the sim icon all right so if we follow the ghostly hand and tap on the icon at the top left we find ourselves in this pregnancy event control panel and as you can see there are gonna be daily goals 9 days worth and also support tasks we're gonna get into those in a little bit but we're just gonna first tap on where the ghostly hand is telling us a tap cool so that's a good way of centering on your pregnant sim view pregnancy daily goals finding Aaron is important as they have goals only they can complete open the pregnancy event menu to view the daily goals menu this shows you all Aaron's goals along with their time lengths that have to be completed each day so open the pregnancy event menu and view daily goals so now we can view them and as you can see there's a whole list and you'll need to complete these daily goals on day one and it looks like we can earn a potential 620 of these coins that you can use at the maternity store view pregnancy support tasks great work Aaron knows what to do to become a prepared parent completing the daily goal sets Awards maternity tokens like we said to be spent in the maternity store but other sims want to help out your pregnant soon to open the pregnancy event menu again to view the support tasks and now we can see this for TAS so these support tasks can earn us a whole bunch more of these baby tokens and we can have a whole bunch of sims working together to complete these particular tasks the important thing to remember is that daily goals are for the pregnant seem to do support tasks are for anybody else to do few baby bonus support tasks also our new maternity tokens and can be performed by any sins like we said complete all the goal sets and support tasks and your baby sim receives a number of bonuses that are with them for life but that is so lovely so open the event menu again and tap on the baby image to view the baby bonus so let's see this baby bonus the sim with the baby bonus earns more XP completes actions faster is not affected by low motives and has these bonuses for life money they're going to stay constantly inspired perhaps yeah yep that's pretty cool having a baby who successfully the offspring of the pregnancy event is gonna be pretty good yeah so basically all you have to do is meet all your daily goals and all your support to us simple as pie yeah where you will birth yourself or Supercenter so it seems like for this preview build we've got a whole bunch of maternity tokens already added thank you to the game developers for doing that for us again this is a temporary version of the game it's gonna self-destruct in a matter of days and then we like all of you will be earning those maternity tokens by completing all our goals but it does mean that we can do maybe a bit of a Show and Tell in a separate video of all the clothes and decorations and furniture that will be part of this pregnancy update all right so the next and final task is to complete the pregnancy event so Aaron with a little help from their friends now feels fully prepared for their pregnancy journey have Aaron complete the pregnancy event so let's just start with the support task actually because this is really cool you can have 13 sims phoning a nurse for pregnancy advice and tips what I think that means is you can have 13 sims at the same time at doing this so that'll save you a lot of time so let's find ourselves the friends that Aaron called over if he calls a nurse that'll take two hours right so to skip through that'll cost social points now Jesus alone yeah these particular pregnancy event tasks are going to be social points rather than life points so that's why it would be really helpful to have more than one sim throughout town doing all of them so we're just gonna go ahead and schedule our thirteen sims to do this yeah so join us again two hours from now when those thirteen Sims would have completed speaking on the phone and in the meantime we'll have Erin do some of her daily tasks so the first one is to eat some mini burgers from a fridge already getting cravings it's really cute eat mini burgers for two hours so these tasks by the way will be random yeah random everyday from a collection it seems like from a little bit we've done none of them alonger than a few hours but we haven't played it enough yet to see so again check out the video description and links for more details hints and tips the next task on Erin's daily goals list to call us him on a phone and discuss ways to ease morning sickness oh it's hard being a single mom discuss morning sickness this one will be 24 seconds well that's cool to say we're taking these daily tasks in order you can take them in any order you like I mean she's a single mom but she's got friends all around town 13 of them who were gonna do support her let's say it takes a village it takes us in town the next task on Aaron's list is to sit on a couch and contemplate the upcoming pregnancy contemplate pregnancy for three hours and 20 minutes she's looking cute I'm hoping in the second trimester we'll definitely see a baby booth her appointment use a phone to call a doctor to your home to check on the baby's progress so again we can use the phone to instantly call a doctor over and the doctor should show up there Annie natal is and if we do a regular checkup that's just four hours and 15 minutes we can also do a thorough checkup which cost 13 LPS but we will get 160 of these maternity coins interesting we're gonna go for the standard checkup we're still costs seventy six thousand simoleons but yeah I'm gonna do it I don't know if that price will be different depending on your town or if it's the standard price I have no idea yeah yeah for us at seventy-six thousand pregnancy is expensive exactly what you say then the next task for Aaron is to relax on a couch and consider baby names she's getting started on that early consider baby names for two hours and 40 minutes have fun task for the day consider simple tation designs for the baby shower on a couch so as good as she's keeping off of her feet exactly consider simple designs for one hour all right so our first day's goal set is complete we can look at our progress over here we've added 620 maternity coins from completing the first day's goals and in order to get to the next day's goals will either have to wait or skip it with LPS meanwhile we're just gonna show you what it looks like when the supporting Simmons finished their task and we move on to a new supporting task and because we don't want this video to be too long we are going to do a quick montage of tasks from days two and three we're not gonna do the daily goals list in great detail but there are some really cute actions you're pregnant sim can do and we're just gonna show some of them and then move on to day four which is the beginning of the second trimester we finished our first three days and we are now as you can see in trimester two and once we look at our sim she's about to go through a big change what's happening what's happening she seems excited right yeah a little bit of a bump it's not a massive bump right so I expect when we get to trimester three she's probably gonna go through another change now not to be weird about it but I just wanted to show what she will look like if she does not have her clothes on it even goes into that okay let's take a look I haven't seen this yet did you see the waddle that is so cute yes yeah got that waddle okay let's change back into your cute maternity clothes hopefully that'll be the ones that we bought yeah that's for everyday clothes now love it so if we look at her daily goals for day four she can do a whole bunch of different things I gotta admit I wasn't one of the people who thought that pregnancy should be added to the game like I could have just I was fine with things the way they were but now that they have added it I think it's super cute I think they won you over really quickly as soon as you started doing some of these tasks like um look at this it's so cute yeah oh look she's throwing up well I think that they really put a lot of work in – setting up all of this you can tell that they put a lot of thought into it they structured it really well and yeah I can't wait to actually start having babies in my own game we've now finished our six days so that means we are in trimester three Wow here's just a quick look at the daily tasks list for day seven but first we need to make our sim transition to the look of a trimester 3 let's zoom in on her and see what's going on I mean she does poke out quite a bit more yeah you wanna do this one way I don't think that she has any actual swimwear but let's just yeah let's see what she looks like that's cute yeah that is super cute I think a little bigger I'd say definitely not ready to pop oh no she's yeah from that angle she's looking big we spent our time working on the support tasks so now they are all done and all we have left to do are our day 9 goals and then this baby will be born and hopefully it'll be a super baby as promised so the first task is to send five sims to your house so we'll just whistle over a bunch of Sims as we said just before this is to help with preparing the baby shower yep and then the next task is to use a phone to call a doctor to check on the baby's progress here's our doctor and we'll have a check-up for four hours and 15 minutes the cost will be about 76,000 samolians without the bonus maternity store token option she's like doc I'm ready to pop my back hurts hold and I can't sleep and all my organs are moved around the next task is to accept a gift from another sim at the baby shower okay looks like calling those five Sims over must have started that baby shower mm-hmm go ahead and accept a gift for three hours and 15 minutes from Angela sim over here love that waddle oh that's really cute they hug congratulations a really big gift box or shake it it's gonna be that giraffe thing I will never know she just disappeared it into her mouth of pregnancy pocket and then the next task is to take a photo with one of the guests at the baby shower so we'll pick Angela again take a photo for one hour in 15 minutes just some reason this is the best place to take a photo oh I thought they were gonna take a photo with not of just go get a posy then show off the baby bump up to another sim Angela you are a guinea pig so show baby bump for one hour and 15 minutes let's check this out right it's a big baby bump and now the final task is to play guess my belly size with another sim six hours and 15 minutes I'm gonna go for big big and round congratulations your sim now knows everything the pregnancy event has to offer so that is the conclusion of the quest part of it pregnancy has been unlocked on Cribs pregnancy which is different from this nine-day pregnancy event is a special mode that allows your sim to receive and grow a baby bump over only six days however your sim does not have goals or tasks during the pregnancy and also will not be earning any maternity store tokens basically there are two possible ways to be pregnant one is to do this nine-day event and earn maternity store tokens and also have a chance to get this bonus for a super sim or do the six-day version which skips immediately to second trimester but you don't get the option to earn any of the tokens or the bonus so if you just want to enjoy having a pregnant same waddle around looking super cute and getting help by her friends then that might be the option for you mmm-hmm alright so for us however we have finished all of the goal sets and maternity tokens have been awarded and also we've won the baby bonus yay that's a cute little picture as well journeys and baby bonus congratulations the new baby sim you are about to introduce to sim town has earned the baby bonus which will make them more productive through their long and illustrious or life so with your pregnant sim selected we tap on the crib and we have the option now to have the baby and it'll only take 12 seconds yeah mister get out of the way I think she's just gonna do the whole thing by herself yep all of these people here for her baby shower and she is going to give birth on her own no doctor I'm just gonna stand up and it's gonna happen it looks like it's labour alright yeah this is so cute oh my gosh oh okay look for a moment the screen went blank Jean Reed looks like Jean is a girl so welcome Jean and just like with adding a baby normally you have the options to change the baby's skin color eye color hair color but we're just gonna leave this for now because this baby was presented to us by the game so here is Jean in her cot and this is Jean selected as you can see jeans plumb-bob has got this really unique sparkly bit on there yeah that's just to show us that Jean is a super simple with all these bonuses yeah I wanted to know how we gonna know mm-hmm that she's super and that's how because she's sparkly yeah and she's also got as you can see this orange e thing around her life cycle so I'm not actually sure what that means well does it mean that she's not gonna age up no she will age but she's not going to be forced to age up or die I don't know maybe you should be an immortal well for now Jean can't really do too much because Jean is just a baby so these are the normal things hibernate go to sleep or have a birthday but we could have the new mother maybe feed Jean yeah you can do all this kind of stuff the same stuff that you could do before I think pick up change diaper cuddle all that stuff so we'll just have Erin pick her up very cute so this has been our walkthrough of the nine day pregnancy event if you want to learn more about the event in particular to see all the different things you can unlock at the maternity store and also to get a rundown of our hints tips and suggestions of how the pregnancy event works please look at the description below for links to our other videos in the meantime let us know in the comments what you think let us know whether you're excited about pregnancy if you're new to our channel feel free to subscribe because we've got plenty more Sims FreePlay on the way thanks for watching

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    Heres the story:
    I receive at first is only 500 then after I buy the black and grey clothes, I did some task then I did not receive any 500,000. Do I need to be vip to get 500,000 maternity tokens? Answer pls!

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