Sims 4 Patches – Full History of Game Updates, News and Improvememts

Sims 4 Patches – Full History of Game Updates, News and Improvememts

With probably 100s of thousands of people
getting a copy of the base game this past week, I thought it’d be interesting to take
a trip down memory lane and summarize additions to the game and when they happened. I had
to axe a lot of little things, because there have been a whopping eighty patches to the
game. I’ll also avoid listing version numbers – something noteworthy about the Sims is that
you get stuff “when it’s ready” and they do not tend to do major 1.1 or 2.0 type updates. The Sims 4 launched to some heavy criticism
from the community and lukewarm reviews from players. It seemed like there was a lot missing,
but things have definitely improved with the base game since then. Obviously you have a
lot of toys if you have the packs at this point, but Sims 4 should be capable of standing
on its own with no additional purchases. This will function somewhat as a look at what wasn’t
there, and the dev team’s efforts to improve the game since. We got news around July 2014 that the game
would not have pools, nor toddlers, and on launch ghosts were missing as well. A lot
of people review bombed sites without having ever installed the game, which is apparently
a thing way more commonplace now as a form of protest. The community was not happy, though
plenty of players did feel they could live with those omissions. One of the first major
missing things was fixed on October 1 2014 when ghosts were added to the game. They also
brought in the ambrosia recipe, the death flower and the ability to use it to satisfy
Grim. The next big improvement came with the pools
feature in November 2014. builders could do some more interesting things, and players
had a new way to give their Sims exercise and fun. This one brought in the frequently requested
business and athletic career tracks, which were pretty glaring omissions from the game.
They also overhauled aspirations from being way too difficult, to the point you could
complete them on accident. Some had dumb objectives, like do 200 romantic interactions or make
a Sim so mad they die. But, they kind of made it a bit too easy and removed most interesting
objectives. You could also now eat produce from your inventory. Yeah you could grow apples
but couldn’t actually eat them at launch. Yikes. In February 2015, papaw will no longer flirt
with the youngins. Sims now knew who was their uncle or cousin which made romance a little
less risky. Yeah that’s correct, 5 months past launch the game finally could tell you
who was related to who. The basement tool in March 2015 allowed you
to build 2 levels down, which was improved much later but extremely welcomed at the time. It’s a small one, but this brought back a
tradition from previous titles – the ability to influence gender of babies based on music
you listen to and produce you eat. Additionally, Sims would now call your Sim up and offer
them to go out on a date or party. They also fixed this bug where, if you asked someone
on a date they could not resist you. A Custom Room tool was also added in June
2015, but more notably the town of Newcrest was introduced, as players requested more
build space. The town is totally empty which means you can customize its lots. And dear
god, this one brought the welcome wagon. Devs could we please have the option to turn off
the welcome wagon? Half walls were patched in on July 9, 2015.
Another box checked off the builders’ wish list, and we’re all better off for it. For
average players, it was nice to just finally be able to lock doors. Seriously. Sims going
in your bedroom was creepy. Lots of little fixes for the gallery and manage worlds area
in the patch as well. Dishwashers made their way back to the game,
and I never use them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I was a little surprised to
read that until this point you were not getting mail if your Sims weren’t home. September 2015 brought the Jealous trait and
the ability to claim beds, like whose is whose. Kids sleeping in the $10,000 bed while dad’s
in the my little pony pink thing yet has work the next day. We would finally get to call a handyman to
repair broken things in November 2015. The 64-bit executable was released in December
of this year, to modders’ delight. This allowed the game to use more memory. You could also
hire caterers and bartenders, and manage groups. The hire a gardener interaction was introduced
in this patch, along with the kleptomaniac trait and grilled cheese aspiration that I
would estimate at least 30% of you are completely unaware of. After a small break from additions big enough
for this list, the Sims 4 came out with the option to customize your Sim’s gender. You
could now pick if they were capable of being pregnant, whether they acted or dressed feminine
or masculine etc, allowing for fully Transgendered or Sims in Drag. The monster under the bed
appeared in a patch later that month, as well. Nannies were available in the next month.
You could finally get rich and let someone else change the diapers and bond with your
little one. You can have an in-house nanny 24/7, huh… yep, I do n’t pay near enough
attention to features regarding babies. We are now on the 42nd patch for Sims 4. Lot
Traits were released alongside the City Living Expansion, but given to all players. I never
use these lately, and they’re definitely something I want to do a video on. However they do tend
to make things even easier and that’s something I’m kind of against at least for my own gameplay. This was a big one – on the eve of the Parenthood
pack, Toddlers were brought at the start of 2017. The community exploded in activity,
and it was clearly the biggest win despite many people’s ambivalence toward them. They
came fully featured is I suppose the big deal here, with their own traits and potty, talk
and walk skills. Another lull in updates, but at this point
auto saving was removed. All right, so I wasn’t crazy that it used to do this. Yeah I took
a break and lost some progress a few times thinking it saved when you traveled. Saving
is all manual, and that’s fine by me. I get a sense that things slowed down with
new features at this point, 2 big ones in a year. They’ve sped up as of late, but here
we see the Photography skill from Get to Work given to all players in a sensible decision
by the devs. Glass roofs appeared in the June 2018 patch,
and you can see there’s a hole of about 8 months as far as interesting updates. It does
get better though – Gardening got a big overhaul here due to the release of Seasons, you could
now purchase seed packets and evolution was changed. Sims could now purchase a re-traiting
potion to reset traits in the rewards store. In July, 2018 the Gallery was overhauled to
better sort things, added social functions allowing you to follow creators, and place
things from the gallery even if you started the process in live mode. You’re also finally
able to put easels in your inventory and paint anywhere you like. Sims would also try harder
to use the closest sink to wash the dishes. The November 2018 patch was huge, and perhaps
explained some of the slowness. The developers finally gave players a commonly requested
thing – terrain tools. You could now make hills and various levels of foundations, expanding
the building options immensely. The Style Influencer career was another gift in this
huge patch, which lets you make over Sims and earn money from fashion blogging. They
also gave us a first person camera, which nobody asked for but was rather interesting
for people who can stomach it and I am not one of them. But hey I got to ride up front
a lot in the car as a kid a lot, cuz no one wants vomit on their upholstery. Freelancer came as a new career track choice
in April 2019. This new track lets you make money freelancing with the programming, writing,
or painting skills. It’s a pretty nice addition – instead of going to work you complete gigs
and work at your own pace. You can make money when you need it or work your butt off completing
more than 1 each day. OK so like me you all probably feel like experts
on The history of The Sims 4 now. What a lot of patches. I looked at all 80 on the wiki
and am grateful to the folks who kept that up, it was extremely helpful in making this
video. To the developers, every bit of work you’ve
done to make this game better is appreciated. Despite my occasional criticisms here, this
should be seen as a testament of the excellent work you’ve done to add in the missing bits,
and the community is grateful for it. If you’d like to support me, my site, or my
channel check the description for options and share this video if you found it helpful.
I’m excited to see so many new subscribers and look forward to making more videos for
the Sims community.

39 thoughts on “Sims 4 Patches – Full History of Game Updates, News and Improvememts

  1. I just found your channel the other day through your website, I love it! I really liked the dlc review you did, and with all the content you're making for new players, are you thinking of making any more reviews?

  2. Great video. I'm one of the people who has been updating from the beginning as well as buying every single expansion, game pack, stuff pack, each has come out. This video was a great walk down memory lane!

  3. I buy every pack but i haven't played since we got the landscaping tools. I just don't like it that well. I use to.

  4. Right when I thought I knew everything… I learned something new: Easels can go in the inventory now 🤔??? 😂 Thanxx!

  5. Now for the base game to be reasonable good it must include:

    firefighter npc
    burglar npc
    police npc
    cars and carpools (thats the one I really missed but for some reason I think it will never happen)
    another stair types
    real elevators (and City Living updated too)
    swimming in ocean, rivers, lakes
    normal sized telescope and microscope
    improved babies
    improved sims traits
    more base game lot traits
    pond tools
    round pools and diving board

    Yes TS4 is improved but after 5 years still lacks too many things in comparison to the other The Sims games. I love this series and I want this current game to be decent enaugh to be called the 4th generation of The Sims. As a long time fan I don't think Im asking too much since this base game was terribly expensive in 2014 and I feel like I already payed for all the free patches and future ones already. In 5 years The Sims 1 and The Sims 2 were done and The Sims 3 was close to the end. Next time I prefere to wait 6 or a lot of more months to get the first dlc rather than wait half a decade to have a good base game! At this point regardless of what The Sims you love the most I think we all agree!

  6. I can't remember some of the patches as I hadn't used or tried everything; but I am pretty sure toddlers came out around the same time Vampires did (seemed so long ago and was just happy that everyone stopped complaining about them. I usually just age my sims up quickly personally as I don't like having to care for toddlers). Nice to see how drastically different things are now compared to launch. They even gave out a free holiday pack that still gets updates each holiday season.

  7. I hope for Sims 5 they look at this and not have to do so many patches down the road, but instead see their errors and include all of this on launch.

  8. Still have not fixed the bug where you're vampire does not gain xp after you become a grand vampire on console. The bar is stuck at full with no roll over

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  14. I was only made aware of the Grilled Cheese aspiration when an alien that was randomly given that aspiration was married into the family. I remember being so confused like "what is this aspiration? Why have I not seen it? What?!"

  15. This is why I waited until last year to finally buy the Sims 4 😂 nice to look back and see how the game has progressed even though a lot of this stuff should’ve been available from launch (cough-toddlers-basements-terrain tools)

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