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  1. Miltons Nobel prize isnt even a Nobel prize, its just called the same way to make the economists bullshit seem more scientiffic. The Nobel foundation only hands out prizes to nature sciences! The "Nobel" prize of economy is handed out by the royal bank of sweden.

  2. A powerful view on what it takes to build a lasting enterprise where people can find a career, instead of a step!!! Great insights! I'm already testing the concept against the cultures of businesses that are growing and going! Regrettably, those who don't share his views often take lot's of people down with them!

  3. How to interview: SAY NOTHING and look confused while nodding during the response to your question. The Interviewer here does this wonderfully well.

  4. Milton Friedman has been misquoted and out of context – he is a consequential liberal and has advocated for social responsibility such as pollution. Simon, you need to do better research as it kills your credibility when you selectively quote people.

  5. The ones who disliked this simply don't understand what Simon is saying cause lets face it if you do understand its really common sense if you just sit back and think and listen careful.

  6. This video gave me motion sickness. Good message, love Simon's content but c'mon who shot this video Stevie Wonder?

  7. Love this. But. I need examples to bring this to life. Please don’t just name the usual big ticket winners (Amazon, Tesla, Netflix etc) and give us some more mainstream examples of finite vs infinite. Otherwise it’s just another vague definition of Disruption.

  8. Milton Friedman did not mean what he is imputing him for. Maximizing long term profits means dealing all stakeholders fairly because if you don’t, they will leave

  9. Well. . .Carse is hardly a theologian! That is however an extremely small complaint for such a great vid. I'm gonna go get the book! Looks like Sinek hit the nail on the head again.

    Why does finite "feel wrong but I can't tell you why"? Well I don't know Sinek, but the answer to this is really why these notions do and don't fly with any given person, now isn't it? I have my own ideas, but I want to read the book and see later what I think. I suspect it concerns personal ethics, whether we hold to absolutist or relativist values, and if we all had the same propositions in play, we'd all know why any particular thing does or doesn't feel right.


    Looks like great stuff. . .again.

  10. Great interview. Just saw Jordan Peterson in Melbourne, Australia, can't wait for Simon Sinek to come Downunder

  11. One of the biggest tools of the 21-st century. A person so in love with the sound of his voice, it seems like he is actually saying something.

  12. At 13:20 Sinek starts losing his train of thought and repeats the principles of an "infinite" company with a lower level of confidence. He should have admitted that he don't know yet and stop there, and perhaps carry out some actual research on actual "infinite companies" to figure out those practical steps that the interviewer. The fact that he tried to smoke it through until he end meant that he hadn't thought much of giving out practical advice for companies. He did a good job teasing out some problems on a general level, but no research has been done on his part to give advice. What does this tell you?

  13. I really like what Simon has to say on a variety of issues. But I do take issue with his characterization of Friedman. He was a deep critical thinker, much like Simon. To dismiss he into one Scrooge McDuck epitome is either incredibly naive, or entirely disingenuous. At the end of the day we have to understand that a business can only grow and do great things if there is a profitable/sustainable business model. Yearly deadlines are not arbitrary because we have an entire economy/government that shares the same platform.

  14. According to this, Companies like Mercedes Porsche BMW Coca Cola etc should have been bankrupt by now… or have these old companies been playing this infinite game all along… Oh and life is not a game. My profession is not a game. To have food on the table is not by playing a game…

  15. 3:19 the 80s and 90s were indeed a time of reggae relative peace with bands such as UB40 bringing the genre to pop

  16. Not all business have a clear cause. Some start with one and lose sight of it later, and a select few maintain a clear view of their cause. These can progress in there cause and that is success. As he says it's progress towards a cause.

  17. I have been saying that Friedman's theory are incongruous to current context from a long time.Now simon got it.

  18. Red pill CEO's arent going to actually be more ethical or honest, theyre just going to be better at PR, bottom line, business is purely about profit, the only way ethics and morals and integrity will ever have a place in business is when it IS what makes money.

  19. Ethical basis is essential. Id posit most employee owned companies – Cooperatives run much closer to the Infinite than listed companies. Remove the shareholder parasites & return reward to the source.

  20. He uses inflection, pace, and tone to give the sense that he has insights or advice. He doesn't have either. He, like many, tries to explain luck as calculated/perfected reasoning. Constantly stumbling over survivorship bias at every single turn he makes.

  21. I always have a hard time with this guy. He does a great job of filtering. The infinite game is another book and idea. He talks about millenials but this guy slammed them the most there are whole interviews on this. In the book sapians they talk about myth, this guy is creating is own myth, his own narrative. I just watched the most expensive aircraft carrier work it's way through the arctic circle ran by a bunch of kids. Just Google aircraft carrier in the arctic… then Google millenials and his name Simon. https://youtu.be/pWezx_BrfI4
    A wanker

  22. Love Simon, but the interviewer freaks me the fuck out. How you suppose to maintain eye contact with that?…….Love how Simon doesnt fucking care……My Fave Alpha.

  23. Dear simon, pls explain how to become better follower. U have been talking about leaders long enough, but not followers, specially there are lots of millenials followers

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