Sig p320 X-Five Legion Review [Breaking News + First Look]

Sig p320 X-Five Legion Review [Breaking News + First Look]

Hey guys Ryan Cleckner with gun
University I’m out here with the new sig 320 x-five Legion Series guys this thing is
awesome already been plagued with a little bit let’s talk about some of the
differences between the normal 320 series to the x-five first and then what
makes this legion one different so the x-five already is set up as more of a
competition gun you have your slide lightning cuts you have your magwell
you have the flat trigger at the X trigger series it’s it’s already an
awesome awesome gun but the légion series one it’s kind of a cool gray I
like that right but this frame right here is different this is not the same
grip module that you can get for any other 320 yes its polymer but it’s
tungsten infused that’s right they figured out a way how to get metal into
the actual holes of plastic and it adds significant heft and weight to the gun
but it balances it well because it’s in your hand it actually feels like the
center of the gun is right about there for the weight cuz this is an
out-of-the-box competition-ready gun that can keep up with some of the
heavier model guns so you get the benefit of the white but you also get
the benefit of the softness of the polymer as you’re shooting for the grip
and these magazines here to make sure it’ll fit with the production-ready
class is they give you some special base pads that will fit in there and still
meet your size requirements and shoot as just watch how soft shooting of a gun
this is it’s amazing that gun has light Springs on it with the light slide they
even have a steel guide rod in there that you can change the springs out to
get 1911 Springs so you can spring it whatever you want guys competition-ready
gun right out of the box this thing is awesome well you see if I can try to
show you the the recoil but just holding the gun with two fingers there to be
able to shoot how much it doesn’t really care for fires gun guys it’s awesome

19 thoughts on “Sig p320 X-Five Legion Review [Breaking News + First Look]

  1. Heck yeah, is that cut for the ddp or romeo2? Does the end of the item number have "R2" i just read an article that 2019 xfives with be cut for the ddp footprint along with the rest of the xseries.

  2. Hi, I don't see how that gun is "NEW" when the old one seems to be the same. Here is a breakdown of the old one.

  3. At first I thought so what. Then I looked up the specs. The tungsten polymer frame makes this heavier than a Q5 Steel Frame. If only this had an RMR footprint for the SRO it could kill in USPSA Carry Optics.

  4. I like the light weight of the current X5 grip module. Will I be able to put the lighter weight X5 grip module on the X5 Legion slide it if I decide the Legion grip is too heavy?

  5. I love my P226 SAO Legion but this thing just might be worth the switch to a striker. If the mags are the only issue, I can deal.

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