Should India Adopt A 2-Child Policy? [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

Should India Adopt A 2-Child Policy? [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

38 thoughts on “Should India Adopt A 2-Child Policy? [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

  1. 6:37 i like this guy. He thinks throughly from different aspects and not just one sided opinion. 👍

  2. i dunno where you conducted this interview (maybe near a university) but every single subject was very well informed and articulate

  3. I think is going to happend like it use to in China were the girls mysteriously died. I hope is not like that.

  4. @6:00 that slight "tik" sound defines how stress she gives to her mouth to pronounce English.. 😀

  5. I say to it but I'd still like to have th option to adopt kids it I need to. There tons of kids who need a home and a loving family environment too.
    You want more kids , why not adopt Kids more or foster. That's also something the govt should look into too…
    Its a good idea for a time being but it shouldn't be a ultimatum. More like a few years plan to match the scales…..

  6. U should have ask this questions in UP Bihar, or Rajasthan area. I really want to know what's their thoughts .

  7. Yes or even 1 ! No matter how richor d devloped your country is you will have a increasing illiterate population, water crisis, low wages, growth of pollution, pressure on resources, water crisis, food and crop crisis, growth in crime, India splitting, growth in enquality between rich and poor and people will stop caring about human life!

    India needs to wake up!

  8. I live in a household where its only me and my sister. It feels so lonely when she goes out and its lonely for her when i go out.. when i marry, i will have at least 3-4 kids,, it would have been more fun if we had another brother or a sister.

  9. I’m not in favour of this policy I think it will be highly authoritarian for india to do this they can however restrict the number of children according to the couple’s income

  10. 5:28 i know it's prejudice but.. but these guys look like the followers of the Koran. And their thoughts on the matter are also very irresponsible, despite being known for having the worst cases of over-reproducing, hygiene, incest and poor housing and community.

    I'd say one thing. You need self control to improve your conditions. Using a condom isn't a sin. Having 12 children and then being unable to feed them IS. Be progressive. Look at other communities, why are they better than yours in every way?
    Think about future consequences before you act. Think twice.

    Government should subsidise contraceptive methods and make them readily available near slums and congested areas with good visibility so that people get more open to these matters.

  11. if will happened to india your third children you need kill same facing to the china they are killing there second child and they cannot hide it to the goverment

  12. I agree with the policy. Infact don't have children. Problem solved. So feed up of the population in india honestly.

  13. The reason india is so overpopulated is because of so many uneducated people who think just having roof over their head is enough to raise 4 kids who cus of the lack of money and time and education repeat the same mistakes so the cycle continues until they are 1,3 bilion of them

  14. SURNAME is one of the main factor.
    We need equality for passing SURNAME.

    Why not just pass mother's surname to girls, and father's surname to boys, or reversed?
    So there'll less desire and ambition to produce more child just want to get a son.

  15. you can call me racist but here in India majority of Muslim parents have avg of 3-5 children where as majority of Hindu parents have 1-2 children…. The problem is there

  16. when you educate the population and bring it out of poverty, people start to have fewer children on their own. Overpopulation in India is caused by a mixture of social and cultural factors which incentivize the preference of boys and because of a lack of overall education and awareness on the issue. There needs to be a cultural and educational shift in India for the birth rate to slow down and if this two-child policy takes place without this shift then we are putting the future of Indian females at risk. This is because there would more on the line and people will more easily go to the extremes of infanticide and abortion of female fetuses since they will only have two chances to get it "right". On top of this, those harsh punishments for the violation of the two-child policy are a terrible idea because it would exacerbate the problems caused by overpopulation by putting the uneducated and underprivileged people deeper into poverty (and more likely to commit crimes, be homeless, etc.) by taking away from them and their families the opportunity to participate in the formal economy, political society, and government aid. This would also further generational poverty and exponentially backfire as a solution which worsens the effects of overpopulation and kills more female fetuses and babies.

    On top of all of this, there are dire impacts of forcing the birth rate to go down. Check out the problem in Japan and even in China. China looks like they're doing good but there has been serious societal trauma in the fact that children now have to worry about taking care of 4 grandparents and two aging parents on there own, the elderly suffer from loneliness and often die alone and in Japan struggles to keep schools open because of lack of enrollment. It is also very jarring to the economy and China is now scrambling to incentivize childbirth.

    The best way to curb overpopulation is to invest in pulling people out of poverty and educating them- this has literally happened in every first-world country in the west which has lower birth rates. The world's population will most likely peak soon and fall very quickly due to this phenomenon.

  17. while Indonesia already adopt this since 2006

    and we are about 300 million people

    but our moves is very slow

  18. Like in China the law for one or two childs will unbalanced the society and create another issue?
    The question is , abortion is it authorize in India?
    The parents will want boy at all cost, you will have a bunch of families with only boy children! Mariage, family, workforce, etc
    Or the law must go deeper, like all family authorize to have one boy one girl?
    Or forbidden aborption, but even if it's forbidden, it will have clandestine one, or baby murder.

  19. Step 1:2 child policy Implemented
    Step 2:India economy Raise
    Step 3:India Happy
    Step 4:less of low income worker
    Step 5:Hire labour Worker from Pakistan
    Step 6:India Becoming 70%Pakistan 30%india
    Step 7:30% indian Protes
    Step 8:70% Pakistan said India is they is no Democratic!!!
    Step 9:By Bye India………Pakisdia

  20. Its hard to address overpopualtion. By having a 2 child policy, you may save children being born but also putting unexpected children at risk. I was born in China during the 1 child act. I was left near a river in my village, which was common to abandon children, mainly females. Thankfully I was found and adopted in the US. Because of the 1 child act, I will never know my parents, my birthday, or my culture.

  21. I wanna get married and make at least 5 babies. But its hard to get married these days without becoming rich! Need a lot of money to get a bride. This video doesn't show reality.

  22. the problem isn't bringing in the policy but implementing it. Rape problem to society ki solve ho nhi rhe ye population control krne ki sooch rhe

  23. my Grandparents told me that when they were young , it was a belief that if there are less children in a house it meant there was something wrong with either man or the woman

  24. China's elderly and young adults are being hit hard by the affects of the 1 child policy. If it is used, it would need a date to expire and then be returned to discussion.

  25. The thumbnail image of train is from Bangladesh not India, Most of the trains in India is electrified and if people go up the train they will really go up forever..

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