Should Christians care about politics? | Ep 130

Should Christians care about politics? | Ep 130

hello hello I hope everyone's having an awesome day today we are going to talk about Christians in politics I've been hearing a lot of hogwash for the past few years of my life that Christians don't need to be involved in politics at all or any kind of civic life well I have something to say about that so first we are going to set this up we are going to set up what the Bible has to say about governments what the Bible has to say about politics kind of and from that we can deduce what our role should look like and what our view of justice and government should look like as Christians I remember in the 2016 election we had the choice between two candidates that at the time we didn't really think that they reflected Christian values christ-like values we had Hillary Clinton and we said okay well she's a crook let's look at her career her political career the things that she's been involved with particularly with her husband bill and we can say okay this is a career politician that we really don't want to get behind not to mention all of her terrible policies we don't want four more years of a highly progressive president who has such a corrupt background just can't bring myself to do that especially someone who's pro-life there's no way that I would vote for anyone who is pro-choice but particularly not Hillary Clinton I'm not really talking about myself I'm just talking about what a lot of Christians were thinking at the time and then we look to Donald Trump the infamous Access Hollywood tape came out and we thought okay well this guy doesn't seem christ-like he said a lot of things about women and a lot of things in general that I don't agree with he doesn't really seem to have the fruit of the Spirit he doesn't seem to be a Christian he's probably got some sketchy business dealings what the heck do we do and so instead of reasoning through that instead of trying to decide okay what is the best option that I can take as a Christian as a responsible citizen you had some Christians particularly young Christians I heard say it doesn't matter none of this matters Jesus is coming back this is not you know this is a different Kingdom this is not eternal this is temporal I don't need to worry about that I'm is gonna worry what's going on in the realm of Christianity in the realm of the church in the realm of theology I don't really care what happens in this election and so I'm just not going to get involved with it uh well let me tell you that in my opinion is an excuse for apathy that is typically not always some people really have a principled stance on not being involved in politics but as far as the millennial generation goes as far as a lot of the hipsters that you're hearing say that that's typically an excuse for ignorant and excuse for not really doing anything about what's going on in the world because you don't want to learn you don't want to have put any effort into all of this so that has been my experience politics civic life the government all of it matters it all matters in the words of Abraham Cooper don't really know how to say that there is not a square inch and the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ who is sovereign over all does not cry mine and man is that so true the Bible reflects this as well remember God created the world and everything in it listen to how holistic God's control of the universe is in Daniel 221 he changes times and seasons he removes kings and sets up kings he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding proverbs 815 by me Kings reign and rulers issue decrees that are just by me princes govern and Nobles all who rule on earth so God sets up government it is a necessary tool for public good Romans 13:1 every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities for there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God a good government is to enact justice it is to protect its citizens from exploitation it is to be free from bias God is a fair judge who cares about justice who cares about exploitation who cares about the oppressed we see that that throughout the Bible I love it ACCA's 1915 says you shall do no injustice in court you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor so this is just that is based on truth this is judgment that is based on righteousness not based on someone station not based on someone socioeconomic status but on what is true and what is not on who is guilty based on evidence and who is not typically when we hear that what stands out to a lot of people is that we're not supposed to favor the rich that we're not supposed to favor those who are in power which is absolutely true but we're also the Bible says not to favor the poor we're not to show any kind of favoritism whether someone is lowly or whether someone is great whether someone is high up so this is based on truth so knowing that God set up the government that he cares about righteousness and justice it makes no sense it makes no sense whatsoever to say that Christians are supposed to be separate from that that is to say that God exists in some realm over here the world exists in some realm over here I don't believe that that's true God is sovereign over all of it he works through all of it it makes no sense to say that Christians should not at all be involved in politics people say politics is dark or the government is corrupt yes that's true that's precisely why we need Christians in it the Bible says that Christians are to be salt and light and so that means that we preserve and we clarify we add flavor and we illuminate wisdom the work of the Christian is necessary in civic life it's necessary to justice Christians are the ones who are defending religious liberty Christians are the ones pushing for legislation to protect the unborn to keep assisted suicide illegal Christians protect the dignity of life Christians should be pushing for justice for the exploited for the oppressed to be fairly treated now here's my side note it's gonna be a kind of long side note because I think it's important but first before we get into that I want to talk to you about expressvpn so when you think about cybercrime you probably think it's something that's never gonna happen to you maybe you think okay this could happen to someone else but it's just not gonna happen to me here maybe it's something that you've just heard about in movies you might think that no one wants your data that hackers can't get your credit card number or they can't get your passwords but you would be wrong stealing data from unsuspecting people on public Wi-Fi is actually one of the easiest and the cheapest ways that hackers make money so that means when you leave your internet connection unencrypted you might as well be like writing your passwords and your credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world to see so that is why you 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months free with a one-year package so visit expressvpn dot-com slash Ally to learn more we are not talking this is my side no we are not talking about social justice as it is defined today I say quote social justice social justice is we have discussed many many times on this podcast is the effort toward equal outcomes through the vehicle of big government it is about suppressing the privileged and lifting up the unprivileged by favoring the unprivileged which we know the bible speaks against and again i'm using quotes around privileged and unprivileged because who is privileged and who is not is based on these arbitrary standards that is dictated by intersectionality which says that all white people for example are privileged but all black people are not privileged when that's not even true so that is what social justice today is based on it favors the quote unprivileged in taxation in court etc examples of this examples of this kind of equal outcome social justice or the effort towards equal outcome social justice based on intersectionality which of course is the group identity of someone based on their religion or skin color and you allocate oppression points based on that if that is all confusing to you it's because you're logically thinking person it should be confusing to you but you can go back and listen to previous episode so here's some example of that kind of thoradine of justice which is now known as social justice the Dallas District Attorney there was a new story a few months ago saying that he was no longer going to prosecute people who stole stole stole what stole items that were less than $750 so if you stole something less than $750 and you said it was truly for the economic benefit of your family you needed that thing he wasn't going to prosecute for you for that that is an effort to quote uplift the poor or uplift the marginalized by no longer prosecuting crimes affirmative action is another example of this you don't include some people that are qualified because of their skin color you include and accept people who are not as qualified maybe because of their skin color at California forcing all public companies to put women on the boards of their companies the whole Cavanaugh thing was social justice we had to believe all women simply because she was a woman the whole covington scandal we had to believe Nathan Phillips because he was a Native American we had to call the pro-life white teenagers who were Catholic we had to call them bigots because of the color of their skin and their political association the Jesse Smollett thing the fact that he got off that is an effort to to make equal outcomes through this vehicle of social justice that is dictated by intersectionality which is not based on truth that is not justice that is not fair that is not showing impartiality that is showing bias towards those who you think are oppressed simply based on some kind of Group identity not based on individual cases that is preferential treatment of people that we assume have been a oppress in this camp Excel on their own can't get by on their own they can't do the right thing and so the powers that be have to help them and oppress the other people who have been able to do it on their own it's done at the expense of others that is not how Leviticus describes justice that is not God's justice because it is not based on truth that is not based on any kind of reality the same thing with reparations doesn't make any sense it's based on a random calculation of who is more oppressed than the other that is what Thomas soul calls cosmic justice if you have not read the book quest for cosmic justice I recommend that you do so Christians do not strive for equal outcomes because equal outcomes are impossible we strive for equal opportunity equal treatment in the eyes of the law realizing that people are still going to make their own choices that may not lead to the same outcomes as someone else that's just the reality of life earth is is not heaven things are going to be different here even though Jesus says may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven the fact of the matter is we live in a fallen world equal outcomes are impossible socialists don't want you to believe that they want you to believe that fairness is all outcomes are the same everyone has to be forced into the same level of mediocrity that's not true so Christians are called to real justice which is justice based on truth so an example is William Wilberforce through civic engagement I will perforce Wilberforce brought forth global change in the flourishing of an entire people group by bringing in into slavery he did that through civic engagement now romans 13 says that Christians are to submit to governing authorities and there has been an argument that has been made that that means that were never supposed to rebell that were never supposed to push back that were just supposed to be quiet and we if we live in a tyrannical government then we're just supposed to subside in that but I mean you have some very real questions to ask about Christian figures in history that we regard as hero so are you saying that Wilberforce was disobeying God that he was disobeying God's Word by trying to legally end slavery Corrie ten Boom disobeying God by hiding Jews in her house during the Holocaust was Bonhoeffer disobeying God by resisting the Nazis are missionaries in other countries who are prohibited by law from cheering the gospel are they disobeying God by sharing the gospel of course not of course not so we look at Romans 13:1 in light of the rest of scripture that says that we are supposed to submit to governing authorities so we look at Daniel in the Bible who disobeyed authorities when he prayed despite the governmental ordinance not to pray Shadrach Meshach and Abednego disobeyed authorities when they refused to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into a furnace Jesus himself disobeyed earthly authorities by insisting that he was God to the point of crucifixion when Peter was arrested in acts 5 and he stood before the council the high priests said why do you keep preaching in Jerusalem when we've told you not to and Peter responds by saying we must obey God rather than men so how do we reconcile these two things how do we reconcile Romans 13:1 that says that we are supposed to submit to earthly authorities with all of this we reconcile this by saying ok in all of these instances of God ordained Civic disobedience what were these people doing they were obeying God so obedience to God is more important and is higher than obedience to any institution that is why I don't believe as some have asserted as some very theologically sound people have asserted that the American Revolution originally called the Presbyterian rebellion was unbiblical some people say that it was I do not agree with that they were obeying God rather than man by fleeing the oppression of tyranny and this was a religiously motivated rebellion so I say all of this to say that Christians do have a responsibility to engage civically to engage the government to change laws that are oppressive to change laws that are unjust we do play a role in that when we are bringing God's kingdom on earth when we are fighting against things like slavery or like the Holocaust or like abortion or assisted suicide all of these things that did a great human dignity that is something we are called do of course we are supposed to be involved in that and of course that does mean voting that doesn't mean that every single candidate that we vote for is going to be perfectly christ-like but we look at the issues we look at the values and we say okay what is truly most Justin not just based on intersectionality not just based on skin color but what is just based on truth what stands up for the dignity of the individual and for me conservatism fits right into that now I'm not trying to make the argument that you have to be a Republican to be a Christian I am NOT trying to make the argument that God is your Republican I'm not trying to make the argument that there are biblical supports or that the Bible only supports being a Republican I'm not saying that it is it can't be very nonpartisan you could find yourself in the middle on a lot of issues if you are following the biblical guidance of justice rather than on one side of the other but when I look at the values of conservatism when I look at the values of the Constitution the liberties that they protect and the dignity that it protects by acknowledging that our rights come from God rather than from man when I look at conservatism and the values that conservatism stand up are the values that conservatism stands for then I find how much closer alignment I might I find much closer alignment to God's Word than I do of big government's and tyranny and socialism ah and as far as the dignity of life goes now that doesn't mean that I agree with everything Republicans do that doesn't mean that I agree with all border policy for example that doesn't mean that I agree with all Republican politicians by any means I do think that we can take a nuanced look at every politician that we can see what they stand up for but I have found that free societies in which things like freedom of speech freedom of religious expression and the constitutional values that our founding fathers ingeniously put into writing that people thrive people of all faiths thrive in a society like that not in a socialist society I mean all you have to do is look at other countries who have tried socialism and failed but I will be dedicating an entire podcast episode that particular subject so I won't get into it now the bottom line is for this episode is that yes Christians should be involved in the government we should be involved in civic life yes Jesus is coming back yes this stuff is temporary yes this stuff is fleeting but it's also important because it affects people's lives it affects people's livelihoods it affects people's medical care it affects people's insurance it affects people's taxes that they pay is it affects everything and so the questions that you have to start asking yourself are gonna be again questions that we ask in the future episode but what system actually frees people to be able to provide for themselves because it's Christians we also believe in something called the dignity of work we believe or we know from the Bible that work existed before the fall that it was good so humans run on work we are supposed to be productive we are supposed to actually sew something and then reap it we're not supposed to just lay around the Bible has a lot to say about the evils of laziness and so we ask ourselves not okay what's a society in which everyone is taken care of and no one actually has to work for what they have but what is a society that allows people to be productive so they can take care of themselves they can take care of their families they can take care of the people around them that's a question that I think that we have to ask ourselves as Christians while also having some kind of compassionate safety net I believe for the people who really do fall on hard times and they can't they can't provide for themselves at all and they need some kind of help I think that there is a place for conversation about that whether you're on the right or the left and so those are the conversations that you have to ask yourself and you also have to get educated in the issues always looking at everything through the lens of Scripture but one of our responsibilities as Christians and people who care about justice and God's version of justice is to know the facts and to know the truth and to not just know a narrative on the right or the left that's gonna take a little bit of effort I always say it's much easier to just be an apathetic progressive than it is to be an apathetic conservative because all you have to do to be a progressive is to listen to what celebrities tell you and to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed or to see what pops up on snapchat what pops up on the skim and you're gonna have a progressive leaning viewpoint of everything because it's hard to find the facts behind the leftist narrative in the mainstream it just is it's not blatantly out there and so you have to listen to podcasts you have to you have to look at the Wall Street Journal you have to look at multiple outlets in order to get a holistic story if you just read the New York Times that could be good you might get a perspective in it you might be enlightened in some way I read the New York Times I read the Washington Post but it's important to dig a little bit to ask yourself questions and to pay attention to language as well the way that they describe people the way that they describe events the way that they cast a certain people in certain lights why did they use that adjective why did they use that verb here is there anything missing in this part of the story because it just sounds too crazy I'm not saying all reporting is biased or all reporting is bad but it is incumbent upon you to make sure that you have the responsibility to know what's true and to know what's not true for me that means reading a lot of different outlets in order to gain a holistic perspective of the story but it also means reading in general not just the news but just reading about history reading autobiographies reading biographies reading different kinds of political books in order to have a background knowledge of the things that are going on because I think that really helps us when we approach the news to be able to fit things into a larger context and a lot of the things the more I read the more I realize that things that happen today just aren't new they're just not that different than things that might have happened 20 years ago our technology might be different the questions we may be asking might be different society might be different in a lot of ways but it's not it's not new a lot of the things that happened today had happened before and I think it's important for Christians to know what's true of course never prioritizing you know watching the news or anything like that over a knowing scripture because the truths that we find in Scripture are transcendent and they set up how we view what's going on today and of course sharing the gospel knowing the gospel knowing your Bible loving your neighbor as you love yourself is always going to be far more important than being involved in politics but those things don't have to be mutually exclusive I don't believe so the question is where do Christians fit into all of this how do Christians fit into this there have been a lot of teachers on some more liberal theological you some more conservative theological II that have tried to approach this question and it's not always easy like I said you can register of course under a party affiliation I do you can be active in politics but you should not identify the Christian Church or get confused about where your value system comes from solution identify the Christian Church with a particular party affiliation now you can like I said say okay I have these values or this is what the Bible says and from what the Bible says I derived these values and that leans me in a conservative direction that's what I do I think that's completely fine but to make party affiliation some kind of salvation issue or a qualification for membership is not typical now you might be thinking and if you followed me for a long time I did make the argument and I stand by the argument that it is impossible to be a far left a far left progressive and a Christian now the reason why I say that is not because it disqualifies you from salvation or because Jesus can't save you that's of course not true Jesus can do absolutely anything the reason why I say that if you actually go back can you listen to my argument is because it doesn't progressive far left progressivism I'm not just talking about you know having differences on taxes or having differences on welfare having differences on Social Security or the environment or things like that I'm not just talking about those kind of differences that we can have all within the realm of typical Christianity I am talking about the redefinition of truth the redefinition of who Jesus was because far-left ism is going to tell you that you cannot simultaneous believed to simultaneously believe that Jesus is the way the truth to life and be associated with them you cannot believe that the Bible is inerrant and be associated with the far lab that's what the far left is going to tell you that you can't believe in biblical marriage you can't believe in public all gender roles and be a part of the far-left you can't do that and maybe that's true for a part of the far right as well that probably is true I think both extremes are terrible but we see it a lot more prevalently on the far left trying to say that oh well Jesus was this radical leftist radical progressive we'll know he wasn't because radical progressives completely denied the inerrancy of Scripture and so much in Scripture that it's impossible to do both because both ask you to fully deny yourself take up your cross and follow them and they're going in two different directions so I think that it's not just far left is omits really any ideology that tells you to deny yourself take up your cross and follow it and it is going in a different direction that where Jesus is going you can't do both you can't serve God and money the Bible says you can't serve two masters you can't have two gods so it's not just far left is omits anything that demands you to compromise something for the sake of following that thing rather than the Bible rather than God's Word rather than Jesus so that is true of really any ideology the demands full purity from you in a way that is different than what Christ is demanding from you if that makes sense so I say all that to say that still God is not partisan that still God doesn't belong to a political party that still the Bible doesn't say that you have to be a capitalist that you have to be a conservative do I believe that the Bible has foundations for those things of course they do and we'll talk about that in the future but it is not a matter of salvation we can have these kinds of disagreements honestly within biblical Christianity I think it's important to have these kinds of disagreements a lot of political positions are not matters of explicit biblical command but are deduced from the Bible and are also part of practical wisdom like what experiences have people had with this particular policy that would be capitalism versus socialism what kind of results does this does this produce and then we can kind of look at that and say okay well that tyranny didn't lead didn't didn't turn out very well but this freedom did whatever it is and so we have to be thoughtful Christians we are all trying to obey God's call and there going to be people genuine Christian's on the other side of the aisle venue and I think it's important for us to recognize that that there are Christians who are Democrats that who have somehow I think wrongly justified abortion they've justified certain things in their mind that doesn't mean that they're not saved it means they're wrong doesn't mean they're not saved there are going to be Christians who disagree with you if you are a Democrat on the Republican side that doesn't take away their Christian card we might have misunderstandings that are genuine and we might have different perspectives that are genuine now there are some things that when we get down to it kind of go into what you actually think of the gospel and can point more towards the state of our heart and more towards a salvation conversation but there are plenty of things that we might just not know about each other that doesn't necessarily mean that someone is not a part of the body of Christ and that's why it's important for us to approach our brothers and sisters in Christ as exactly that as brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we disagree and have these kinds of conversations now what you're gonna find is that that's increasingly difficult and so we have to strive for peace with everyone just as the Bible says now we might be able to the the great thing is is that if we see each other as brothers and sisters in Christ first we might be able to sit down and say okay I disagree with you about your version of social justice or your version of racial reconciliation whatever it is but maybe maybe it's not so much that we disagree maybe we just see things differently maybe you have different facts than I do maybe you are coming from a completely different perspective or maybe we're really saying the same thing but we think that we're saying different things that's happened to me I've also had different ideas of justice than I do now and but the important thing is for to Christians who disagree on something is to go back to God's Word if one of you is not willing to go back to God's Word as your ultimate command and your ultimate authority then the conversation truly is lost if one of you is just pulling things out of the air and your feelings and liberation theology whatever it is or one of you is basing all of his views about justice on some kind of secular conservative philosopher but it doesn't align with the Bible well then you don't really have a basis for a conversation but if two Christians can come together and they can look at the Word of God and in light of all of Scripture in light of the context of the verse and honestly say here's what the Bible says here's why I believe what I believe talk to me about why you believe what you believe if two Christians can do that I think that's beautifully productive we can still love each other we can still disagree on that now we can be sad if we feel like the other person doesn't take the authority of Scripture seriously and if they are putting their feelings before what the Word of God actually says no matter what side of the aisle that we're on but we can still love one another there are people that I politically disagree with there are people in my life that I theologically disagree with who I love very much and we've talked about these things we don't talk about them every day we don't talk about them every you know chance we get but we've talked about these things and we just say you know what your friendship with me is bigger than that and I know who you are and I know your heart and the people I know that I disagree with politically and theologically are bible-believing wonderful Christians I happen to think they're wrong a particular subjects they happen to think I'm wrong a particular subject and that's okay that's okay that is part of what we're called to it's Christian so yes we engage public life yes we engage areas of justice to fight for true justice that is based on truth and on the Bible and yes we engage with one another then we have these kind of productive conversations and we approach them with humility we approach them with honesty and we use God's Word as the basis as long as he is our supreme authority and all of that then we're good then we can disagree as long as we agree on the gospel we agree on the supremacy of Christ which like I said it's very impossible to do of something else if some other kind of ideology is supreme in your life you can't serve two masters but if we agree on the supremacy and the centrality of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of his word we could have all kinds of wonderful disagreements as far as politics go and even theologically we can have wonderful disagreements that don't have to do with salvation if we agree on the core tenets of Christianity so it's okay to disagree and it's okay it's certainly okay to care about these things in fact I think that like I said we should care about them and no matter what we think politically another thing that we can unite on is that it is our role it is our responsibility to take care of the poor in the oppressed and the marginalized ourselves that we have to be the hands and feet of Jesus that we have to be the ones going out taking care of them that that's not the government's job I don't care what side of the aisle that you're on you're not going to make that argument to me that it is solely the government's job to take care of people we have to be the ones to give of ourselves to lay our lives down to lay our money down to serve those who are hurting around us that is our responsibility no matter what side of the aisle that you're on that is the role of the church that is the role of the individual and so we can't negate that either it doesn't it doesn't matter what you think I've seen conservatives who don't care about charity and who don't care about the poor and I've seen liberals who certainly don't care about the poor really as far as their own efforts go they only care about them in inward as far as policy goes so that is also an important reminder that wraps up this why Christians should care about civic life why Christians should be involved in politics we also kind of broke down the Romans 13 argument that we shouldn't be involved in politics at all I simply don't believe that and we talked about justice and what that means I have lots and lots of episodes on that if you want to hear more about it if you've got any questions feel free to email me Ali at the conservative millennial blog com and I will see you guys soon

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  1. I would very much wish to have you as my second half. I imagine someone else has been blessed before me in that manner.

  2. I liked how you started out so fired up. 🙂 and to add my 2 cents – I heard a preacher talking about a visit he had made to DC to talk with Congresspeople…. and the thing that got me was how most that they spoke with cared nothing about God or if their decisions pleased Him. Thanks for sharing this and trying to get Christians fired up a little about it!

  3. Thank you Allie for speaking on such a bold topic which even Pastors and Evangelists fear to speak about.I come from a Christian minority Country and we need representation and protection and obviously need Christians in Public and Political arena.

  4. A really great book on this subject is “God and Government” by Charles Colton. Great topic Allie.

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  8. Since we have a democratic Republic it is our Christian duty to take part, given our individual abilities, in our government. How can we be salt and light without taking part in the affairs of our community and out nation?

  9. Taking a break from politics is a must. But yes I do believe it's important to care about what is going on with our government.

  10. We should! Having freedom is a gift! Jesus Himself made a political statement when He over turned the tables of the money changers. He was addressing the Pharisee’s and the corruption of their rule.

  11. We are to hold back those being taken to slaughter. Impossible to do if we are not involved in politics.

  12. Yeah our last pastor said from the pulpit that we shouldn’t be involved in politics. Broke my heart. He is a Jesus loving pastor but shouldn’t have been teaching on politics being that he knew nothing about it.

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