hello friends you are welcome to Uncle Network will you get updates of things that you really need to know I appreciate everyone of us being part of this China was subscribed and as many that are sick contemplating whether to subscribe or not and we encourage you to do that because I know you are not going to regret it at the end of the day please click the red subscribe button and also the bell icon the bell icon is very important because if you don't click the bell icon you not be notified anytime we publish any news and also have a gift for everyone or as many that I interested on how to build a website there is a website link in the description section once you open it there's a video that will teach you on how to build a website from beginning to the end thank you very much so let's go straight to the business of the day presidential election results were doctored in my presence in Kiruna says PDP agents a retired major Yaya Chico would serve as the collation agent for the People's Democratic Party in the cardinal stops local government in Kiruna city during the February and he thought 2019 presidential election said on Thursday that's the result of the poor way doctored in his presence in favor of the or progresses Congress specified before the presidential election of position tribuna are the instance of the PDP and its presidential candidate elijah DiCicco abu bakr as the 28th position as witness chico said the poll in his area was made by over watson and allocation of figures to political parties that participated in the election the petitioners are by the opposition fight before the justice mohammad gaba LED tribunal of five judges challenging the victory of President Mohammad rhubari and is a PC as poor Chico commissioned as an officer of the Nigerian Army in 1993 was on Thursday led by the petitioners lawyer Adebayo a delusion Sen to adopt his earlier statement on all US his evidence in chief on that cross examination by a PCS lawyer just head ozawa SI NE chico said is accounts of irregularities during the election in his area was based on the reports he received from poly units agents and he wants he personally witnessed he said my statement was based on the report I received from the polling unit agent and what I saw on the result sheets when forwarded to the local government coalition center there were cases of Ovaltine and allocation of figures this was what were carried to the local governments collision center in my presence the results were doctored Elia responded to questions put to him by the council for the independent National Electoral Commission Eunice Osman Sen the witness said he protested the doctrine of the results by results refusing to sign the results sheets he said figures were wrongly credited to the APC at the collection center I made complaints when the results were announced am i protested by refusing to append my signature to the resources asked if he said he did not know his complaint with criminal in nature also asked if he was aware if any of the perpetrators were arrested and prosecuted he said it is not for me to know guys this is really serious a lot of evidence you know from the PDP and we are presenting before the cause and work would be asking this kind of party or this kind of presidents that everybody believes all the people believe or the party member believes all day made Nigerians to believe that they have done well that they are better than the other party so why would people want to go I mean where would people want to go for that or out to go just you know for them to come back even to retain this position in the first instance if you have done well your job we speak for you if you have really done when your job will speak for you I'm not really passing any judgment or whatever but this only evidence is that PDP and as it could have been bringing before the tribunal is really overwhelming the last time they said I go they have about 400 witnesses that will come and see what they know or what they experience concerning this this last election that if they will be allowed to present 300 Bo they already have four hundred witnesses under sorry people coming I think they say Chico is the 28th person that is testifying you know based on what he saw and based on what he experienced a in his presence that the the results really doctored there was a kind of manipulations of an 14 and rights in all figures if really that these present governments or this party believes that leave don't well why would people just go for them why would people just want to like go or do you wait for them just to manipulate a lot of things you'd have less people left if you let them do the voting we know that there's no election that is perfect boy this one is just just to municipal glaring we touch anybody going to decode everybody already knows and they are the experiences that we had during the poor some people weren't even allowed to go closer to the pulley unit some people were really molested some people rarity you know when some people were really bitching we saw some videos some incident I happen in Legos some session of people Kuno relief food and some of them have voted at the end of the day these scattered youth in the bond steam and we saw odd when our valance year and day so if really you are sure you're safe and you know that you have done something for the people it is people that we fight for you not the other way around some would some who say the past might not be away already president might not be away you know is a man of integrity boss with all lot of distance that we have seen with this attire happening apart from the elections in apart from going to the Tribuna things that are still happening you know we make people believe that this integrity of 18 is just something that you hear it's not something that that is being practiced even in this pass in this de a PC Party which is not something that is being practiced I'm no holding before PDP PD PD happy are all they have their own own own case they have their home problem but the issue is that I would expect a PC to contact PDP with all these evidences they are bringing before they do they are they are not I'm asking some of these questions but I would as I would have expected that a PC to do a via own evidence let people come and say no this is this is this kind of it ain t that happened this is the way it's a pond under them bring down what witnesses or will because they are the one challenging of course it is the a PDP that Stalin you saw there to prove beyond reasonable doubt that really a Saku mandate was stolen in the first place I think that's why the evidences and the witnesses are coming from the PDP side but at least they should be able to can cite that's why they have their lawyers the lawyers would be able to ask questions like some of the people that did ask some of the witnesses that came and said okay this will happen and you able to throw some questions to them look if if you say this same happened then why didn't she report then why did you keep quiet why did he to protest and all of that aside the question they are asking and at the end of it it's it's not based on what the judge Eddie George feels about it and you know after cross-examination do not come to conclusion I think this thing will continue to linger we don't even know when it's going to end we don't even know where they're going to put an end to all of this we don't even know when we are going to know the real winner because as it is now even the ones that have declared or the party that has been declared winner they still have a what to do the shouldn't be real answer this room relax because anything can happen both some people have already lost hope that the judgments may not be in favor of a PDP but anything can happen so god is just the overall George let's see the evidence that PDP we seek we bring into the cause and if it's if they are substantial enough I think the thing we swing in their favor boy if not we are still going to go with all of these but the most important is that I know they are going to take that time for lesstm video obviously so that this all all of this tribunal today tribunal tomorrow you know would be the big thing of the past so that we'll be able to focus on other things of course we have a lot of problems on our hands down that people are just struggling with regardless your face may differ from us the ocean of the economy dish of the passports name it's a lot of problems all over year and day that we can't even concentrate because they know a lot of distractions and people cannot seem people are some people I see they're angry some people I see jobless some people have seen in the IDP camp we all know if we're talking of a bad news most people that I need ID keep IDP camp when I did going to go home what is the measures what I did taste that the government you see me putting in please boys like this Raghava ten is just taking over all of all over the please everybody's just making statements but we don't even remember the people that I mean iid ki IDP camp so what are the things that the government is putting in place to be able to eradicate all of this they're having lots of problems on their hands but the unfortunately they had to be bringing this issue of food on which is not supposed to be P on our forefront for now people are complaining that this new job there's no food there's no these days not that and yet they will be telling you are they are just the others so the extent even the minister at least they are sick going back and forth they will tell you all this has been sent to to the National Assembly tomorrow they will say oh they are C reworking it Oh tomorrow I'm gonna work with people that I am used to that I'm familiar with they have to you know a lot of vested interests are coming in it must have problems how can a country move forward in this kind of numerous problems that's what you know that's how just before so guys I would like you guys to put on your comments based on what we have talked about thank you very much for always listening


  1. Know jobs, know good schools, hospitals, roads, electricity, know provision for those in IDP camps, know water, know drainage system, know security, our youths are dying in the Mediterranean Sea, hunger and crime everywhere and yet to achieve Ruga settlement in the 36 states is our president priority. Nigeria is in deep shit!

  2. Wonderful evidences against APC. PDP actually won the election; meanwhile i pray Biafra is free from Nigeria!

  3. Dear producer, kudos for your good reporting of these breaking news updates.

    It is actually the Middle belt that empowers these guys. I have long given up on Hausa Christians, but the middle belt are the ones who can truly step up for breaking up the country into different but more organic entities. IT IS TIME.

  4. So funny these people coming out as witnesses are really employed by INEC so what other evidence do the court need

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