Shocking: Anchor Shep Smith Leaves Fox News In Surprise Announcement | MSNBC

Shocking: Anchor Shep Smith Leaves Fox News In Surprise Announcement | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Shocking: Anchor Shep Smith Leaves Fox News In Surprise Announcement | MSNBC

  1. Fox can't call it news when they refuse to report on what actually happened, it's why they call their primetime hosts "opinion" anchors…

  2. Shepard Smith was the ONLY honest and genuine reporter on Fox!!! My humbled and deepest respect for you Sir!!! I'm sure you could no longer take it anymore (understandably) or continue to work at that extremely toxic environment at that propaganda network!! Wishing you the very best Shep!! 💙💙💙

  3. I'm not going to take anything away from this man. watched him a few times. He does it a little differently, but he wiggles when he gets excited about Trump and he starts stuttering he can't get the words out just right Funny stuff. Hope things work out for him in the end.

  4. Shep Smith will inevitably be writing, and later testifying in the inevitable Democratic investigations into the improper links between FOX and Trump.

  5. This is so sad. I can hardly turn on the news lately because it depresses me. I can’t listen to Trumps voice anymore or look at his ugly face, he makes me sick to my stomach. He is the worst president and this administration, they all are corrupted. 🤬

  6. No one with half a brain would be "shocked." Shepard Smith ran-counter to the culture at fox. It was just a matter of time before he was escorted off the property. Too bad — he was one of the few getting cogent answers.

  7. People are sick and tired of the spin, lies of omission and bias. This is just the beginning. Tell the whole truth, without bias or suffer the same fate. We are awake. Making a living lying to people about their president and protecting criminals is history.

  8. Looks like Trump got Barr to tell Rupert Murdoch to get rid of Shep Smith. Corruption is rampant in the Trump regime. But now that some people have defied attempts by Trump to silence them, more and more people will come forward and expose the corruption centred on the Trump WH and DOJ.

  9. Just like a true authoritarian, trying to encourage people to watch his propaganda network when he speaks at his political rallies.
    Trump: "You will watch Fox and Friends." <Waving his arms around.>
    Audience: <With blank expressions.>"Yes master. We hear and obey."

  10. So Trump sent Barr to squeeze Rupert Murdoch and then Shep gets ousted. Welcome to Trump land, a commie dictatorship!

  11. Shepp got sick & tired of shlepping Fox Entertainment Faux News. I hope MSNBC or CNN do not pick him up as another talking head or so called "consultant."

  12. One of the best in the industry. I love this guy, he is awesome and has amazing energy. Wish he wasn't going, but understand why he is and am amazed he stayed as long as he did considering what he was up against. I was so thrilled when he announced his contract renewal for another 3 years. He will be sorely missed and wish him all the success in the future. Thank you for the service you gave us, you were a light in a dark place. Good things are headed your way. Love and light, thank you 🙏

  13. Good luck to you Shepherd….you will be missed very much! I hope you will find employment with a company that appreciates your spirit of truth and temerity to report the truth and be appreciated!

  14. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Shep stiffens his spine while Dumold tRump continues to be a professional, self-absorbed, reciprocal fluffer for his Fox fluffers.
    What do you call parasites that feed off each other?

    It's beginning to be a good day in America.
    MAGA-EABT 2020!

  15. This can't be a coincidence after Barr payed a visit to Rupert recently. Trump's been festering his hate for Shep and Fox recently because somehow he thinks they make polls to make him look bad LOL. That's like accusing your loyal fanbase of trying to anger you. The guy is senile but his sycophants and cultists don't care or don't even bother using the brain they were born with.

  16. I know what to say snakes and child rapers are not to be on Fox .they need to be. At ,m.n.l.s.d.. and Clinton neews network. Only God's true true chosen ones will speak from Fox and Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer all the other crappy s***-faced fake news people journalist have s*** stuck on their nose

  17. Props to Mr. Sheppard Smith!! I will watch both networks for "balance" , Sheppard Smith is a real journalist! Thank You,

  18. So glad he's finally gone. He's a fool. His beliefs have gotten in the way of his objectiveness. The Russian collusion that he still believes in, was proven to be a hoax. So sad how deep TDS has gotten into some people's hearts. Bye.

  19. They will pay him for the rest of his contract time, just as long as he doesn't get any anchor job. Fox still wins, silenced him without firing him😕

  20. Mr.shep smith the truth will set your free for what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loss his own soul

  21. Fox is a pure far right lies propaganda machine. Shep is a journalist, probably the only one on fox. It makes sens he left.

  22. No one leaves 15 mil a year & national celebrity unless they are pushed out .FOX now becomes state controlled media .

  23. Literally one day after Barr dropped in on Rupert Murdoch, Shep Smith quits without any notice. Something stinks.

  24. All this president does is play golf (on the taxpayer's dime) & hold ego-boosting campaign rallies with his racist uneducated base. He sleeps late & spends the day with "executive time" eating McD's in his bathrobe while watching FOX "News". Then he tries talking points that the House is too busy with Impeachment to do their work (the House has passed dozens of bills that #MoscowMitch "the Grim Reaper" has refused to bring to a vote so the bills lie dead on arrival). Also – it really appears like Bill Barr was behind Shep's "resignation". Shep was too good for the cesspool that is FOX "News". He & his integrity will be sorely missed.

  25. Congratulations Shepard for your 23 years of honest, professional and thoughtful news coverage and reports as well as for today's decision 💛

  26. Attorney General William Barr met with Fox "News" Chairman Rupert Murdoch on Wednesday. Shep Smith leaves Fox on Friday…

  27. Under Traitor Trump America has become the biggest Banana Republic out there, it's pathetic how this can continue and how slowly the public servants work. How toothless the justice system is and how the constitution is just a discussion.
    How could this mentally unstable coward, criminal, lair, draft dodger, con man, disgrace, narcissist even get among the presidential elected, how the flying F could GOP let this moron hijack the party. How can this stupid unintelligent bloated dishonest piece of sh*t go on day after day with nothing but "breaking news" with no immediate actions taken?
    When things like this happen with a President, his administration there should be a temporary removal until investigated that would for example have saved thousands of Kurdish lives, it would have prevented people getting hurt, it would prevented Traitor Trumps henchmen to get rid of evidence etc.
    To me it's obvious that laws and constitution needs an long due upgrade and the political system a review.
    The constitution was at the time very good but there is no way that the founding fathers could have foreseen this evolution and this future, there should to start with be a mental check on any presidential candidate, if so we wouldn't have this moron destroying America and the world.

  28. Good get out of here!!…you been there for a while but you will be even better at CNN with the radical left! And take Cavuto with you!

  29. God speed Shep and thank you for your service and sticking to the facts regardless of the pressure… we will see you soon on a station that honor your sacrifices as we do!

  30. I am looking forward to FOX's program line-up after the Trump administration. What and how would Hannity and Carlson talk about?

  31. It’s ok to be a Republican and the Trump. I’m a Republican but I’m an American first.

    Trump is a liar and cheat. He is full of it. Don’t blindly follow someone just because they supposedly represent your party.

  32. It's a joke is what it is…some ppl value respect and integrity over all else..trump has neither. ..never has…never will..

  33. Someone should look into the legalities of whether they can call themselves a news station. I was told that they are registered as an entertainment program. " The FOX SHOW" might be a better name for them,

  34. Shep Smith did the right thing! You can not survive in lies… The truth will Always win. Trump must be removed! Biden must step down. A new America must take form!

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