46 thoughts on “Ship drops anchor on tug boat.

  1. Ship- drops anchor on tiny tugboat.
    Ship- Lol get rekt scrub.
    Tugboat- Ouch! ~sniffle~ I'M NOT INVITING YOU TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!
    Ship- Oh crap, no, plz forgive.

  2. Crew in charge of the anchor: Crap crap crap crap crap we better get outta here before anybody finds out.

  3. "Hey…why are you recording that ship man?"
    "Just have a feeling tha…HOLY S*%T…I mean…Nailed it!"

  4. Foc'sle party of that ship getting a ass whooping after that 😂🔫😡👊 for sure by the tug boat crews 😂

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