45 thoughts on “"Shattered" tells behind-the-scenes story of Hillary Clinton's election loss

  1. Hildabeast can blame me for her losing. I didn't vote for her/it! She's a lying, traitorous, phony who doesn't give a crap about America! I first hated her guts when she asked what difference did it make how Christopher Stevens and the other guys there died. Then she lied with obonehead saying it was do to an internet video. I hope this witch goes to prison for a long time!! She should be on her knees right now thanking our Saviour Jesus Christ that she's still free! Trump 2020!! He really should be allowed to redo the last 2.5 years since this beast and obama meddled in his Presidency and wouldn't let him do his job without their interference😠😠

  2. But she hasn't conceded. She/it is still out there bashing President Trump and still thinks she should have won😂😂😂😂 I love Trump and will vote again for him in 2020.

  3. She said "I'm sorry Mr. President " to Obama in a phone call .But has she apologized publicly to Obama for letting him down, no! Later on she blamed him for not doing enough for her. No wonder Bill had so many adulterous relationships, this woman is impossible to please. Crooket Hilary I'm glad you lost! I can't tell you how happy I am that she bit the dust like a snake is supposed to do .

  4. Hillary had to hide behind John Podesta to break the bad news to her supporters because she was too selfish and cowardly to do so herself! She deserves to lose the White House, not only in 2016, but also to never set foot on Pennsylvania Avenue ever.

  5. Ms. Rodham Clinton is a very self-centered individual. That's why she was caught off-guard about the rise in popularity for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Ms. Rodham Clinton is one of those individuals who "talk the talk" but does not "walk the walk!" I have never been impressed by either she or her husband.

  6. Election night 2016 was when Michelle Obama went back to not being proud of America. Thank you President Trump for all this winning!

  7. are you kidding Hillary lose look at all the votes they paid for even a criminal cant get a fair deal plus she had all the illegal votes too

  8. Just ask the people of Haiti how they stole billions of donations to rebuild Haiti and pocketed the money. She's pure evil.

  9. You should feel shattered. You all picked one of the most cruel, vile and crooked woman ever to run for office. She's a witch and certifiably evil. Yep they found no extra votes. In fact when Jill Stein looked. Votes went to Trump.

  10. The wonderful fall of the evil ice witch that needed to be put down. Ended the plague of Obama and his endeavor of making this country weak, pathetic and birthing/encouraging far left liberalism (the cancer of America). 4 more Trump years should set back the liberals party considerably and they won't be able to make any ridiculous changes for quite some time.

    Justice still is not done though. Hillary should be 2 years behind bars already.

  11. This woman lost because she has the personality of a lamp base. I think she may be a sociopath. How Bill ever married her I have no idea. May we never hear from her again.

  12. The reason Hillary apologized to Obama was because at that point they all realized there was not going to be any possible way of covering up all the political corruption between the intelligence agencies, the law enforcement agencies and the Democratic Party. They knew it was (and still is) just a matter of time before the truth is revealed and probably the scariest part is going to be the overall size and magnitude of the Obama administration's corruption. So much for not having any scandals during your time in office Barry. It is going to go down in history as the most corrupt administration of all times. Well done liberals. Well done.

  13. What's interesting to me is how everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Tom Hanks said Donald Trump would never be president, which allowed Hillary to just float along with this sense of inevitability. Clearly, this kind of talk did not strengthen the case for Clinton nor did it discourage the Trump vote. Next time, a little humility would go a long way in running a more successful campaign. And then we can dispense with the hysteria and depression that inevitably follows a political upset.

  14. The flag on the ground on the front cover! Really! Hillary had no respect for America, her history as a Judeo-christian nation, The Constitution, the will of the American people, and especially the Flag that represents our values. I am thankful that she isn't the President! That would've been the end of this imperfect yet most blessed nation! 🇺🇸

  15. I'm getting my hankies out, I am so mooved to tears. Poor poor Hill. How will she move on? Judging from her childish behavior, she still thinks she got robbed. Give me a break. Get over it Hillary, you lost and it wasn't the friggin Russians.

  16. OMG! The very inflection and intonation of their voices literally, absolutely scream "LIBTARD!!!"

    Look, if you're sick and tired of blitheringly idiotic libtards and Demoncraps leading you by the nose, here's a tip: MAKE UP YOUR OWN DAMNED MINDS.

    Seriously, folks, it's THAT simple. Stop taking DEMNEWS for gospel and start availing yourselves of ALL news from around the world, mostly from WRITTEN, rather than broadcast sources.

    It doesn't take long to wake up and come around. Perhaps 6 months to three years. But with a steady diet of REALITY, it usually does happen.

  17. That was the hardest phone call Hillary ever had to make I bet she would have rather died by torture than make that phone call to Donald Trump.

  18. yea finding buckets of votes…in florida..she is a common coward..as secretary of state..a self centered ..hag…free at last free at last…..

  19. I am so proud of ALL women, we voted with our HEADS, we knew Hillary was NOT the best candidate, we had determination and voted intelligently. She lost the election the minute she did NOT do her job at Benghazi.

  20. The e=mail server was a continuing tradition the Clinton's followed when they were leaving the White House and destroyed all of the computers. They did not want anyone to find any of their dirt. The Clinton's are the most self serving career politicians to ever set foot in the swamp – besides the entire obama hussien administration of course.

  21. Still can’t accept defeat! The DEPLORABLES DID NOT WANT HER! I found out after the election that many I knew voted for Trump, but at the time we’re afraid of being criticized, since they were Democrats! Now that Pres. Trump was found innocent, it’s Hillary Clinton,Obama et al turn. Preliminary reports show Obama and Clinton spied on and bugged Trump. Colluded with Russia, money exchanged, etc. She thought she would win hands down, since she thought she bought the election! Guess she hadn’t paid enough money! She should ask for a refund! Now, More of Hillary’s Emails found, so so much more! It’s going to be a great ride! Instead of getting her defense ready, she selling a book about why she lost the election and offering advice to candidates? What a joke! She is in serious denial and needs to accept that she lost the election and stop blaming everyone else for her shortcomings. Many people did not like her attitude. Hope she goes to jail. Thank God Trump won. Even Democrats are saying that our country has improved in so many ways! We are in better shape now than we’ve been in 50-60 years! Low unemployment for blacks and Latinos, unemployment lowest, companies coming back, more women in job market. So many other improvements. Economy is booming! Democrats like to keep people in poverty to control them.

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