Shaping Public Opinion: Crash Course Government and Politics #34

Shaping Public Opinion: Crash Course Government and Politics #34

39 thoughts on “Shaping Public Opinion: Crash Course Government and Politics #34

  1. This video is really interesting to watch after learning about the Facebook bots that helped influence voters in 2016. My sister voted for Trump and, when I asked why as this was against her own interests (she uses welfare resources which he has spoken out against), she started saying all of these things about Clinton that were exaggerated or untrue. I asked where she got this info from and she told me… Facebook. Facepalm If she had voted for him, or against her, being accurately informed, I wouldn't have been so frustrated. About 3 days after he was elected, and she saw the outcry, she regretted it and realized she'd been fooled. I totally understand why my dad supports Trump, as his values and interests are upheld, but my sister was completely fooled and voted against her own best interest. The Electoral College doesn't seem to help protect us from this self destructive ignorance. So… I'm wondering what can be done. Censorship is a bad idea, but being able to say anything and having poorly educated masses is resulting in inaccurate understandings of the world. So, what can we do?

  2. Everyone should have a say in what will happen, because we all live side by side with each other, and it would not be fair if someone was left out. Also, each vote makes a difference in the ways that we live. It is always important to to share your opinion. The way you vote will affect many people, and their everyday life.

  3. Only was necessary to see 0.28 seconds to realize that your 'theory' is wrong! Public Opinion has nothing related to a personal opinion. Public opinion is derivate from top to bottom. Then what the subject without power or leadership think does not matter. See Elisabeth Noelle-Newmann and Bernays theory.

  4. "even though its three years old" looks at date this was posted 3 what three? theres no 3 its 4 (at first I read it wrong and thought it was 3 years. unless I did the math wrong. it is 2018 and that was posted 2015 so)


  6. "To watch this video even though it's two years old" he says.. as I watch it two years after it's made…

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