50 thoughts on “Shannon Sharpe Checks Female Reporter For Advocating Kareem Hunt Receive A Lifetime Ban From The NFL

  1. Very nice point Mr Sharpe makes. I know many people that hate the US and what I'm starting to find out throughout many interviews and simple discussions with non-Americans is that lots of hate stems from double… standard that the US possess. You hate Muslims and you have terrorists living in your country as white nationalist

  2. But Shannon sharpe is highly educated and see through the bs easily and his sense of journalism he knew how to combat the micro aggression comments.

  3. "You don't hear them smear white athletes" yeah like he hasn't been called Ben Rapelesburger for years. And what have black males done? They represent less than 7% of the US population but commit over 50% of the murders and violent crime but yeah they've done nothing lol. Also are you saying it's ok Hunt beat that woman cause she said a mean word? Are you that fucking immature? That's how a child thinks.

  4. I would argue that Arabic man is most hated kinda of man at the moment, but everything is relative i guess.

  5. He has a college degree he could work in his degree that's why he should have been banned like Tyreek Hill

  6. The question is are sports players or black sports players held to a higher standard than the police? As in the people who are supposed to be protecting us and our rights?

  7. Shannon is absolutely right, and you are too.

    Kareem deserves another chance, but he needs to be kept on a short, short leash. He can’t let something like that to happen again.

    And for me, it didn’t matter the color of the skin. I’d say the same thing for Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Will Grier, Ben Rothlessburger, Andy Dalton, Josh Rosen, Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, Christian McCaffrey, Aaran Rodgers, Mitch Trubisky, Matt Stanford, Jared Goff, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Joe Flacco, Case Keemun, Drew Lock, Kirk Cousins, Taven Bryan, Brandon Linder, etc.

  8. I agree she shouldn't have been in this argument, she had no response to Shannon, she hadn't thought past her one statement. But the NFL athletes are held to a higher standard. They aren't clumped in with every other working Joe out there and we all know the reason, even if we won't say it. That reason is our kids, our next generation. Ball players are considered 'heros' by our young and that IS different than their placement of firemen or astronauts or other anonymous career types under that same label. Disagree? Here's the difference: my kid can buy various items (bobble heads, jerseys, posters) depicting one particular person. His little police car toys and the 'Operation' game, though, remain individually anonymous. I can name dozens, even hundreds, possibly even thousands or different professional athletes. I can tell you something about that identified person, however I don't know a single fireman or doctor by name. There's the difference. More proof of that same argument was seen over the last couple years as several men, easily identified men, we're ushered off the air and/or out of Holleywood.

  9. Hunt should be on the same team that Josh Brown plays for. Color has nothing to do with this statement. They are entertainers and they live in the public eye. Kids should not be able to look up to/ or wear their names on jerseys. This is not about the men that can’t control their hands. It’s about setting an example for the next generation!

  10. I never forgot about that case with Pittsburgh Steeler QB roethlisberger raped that 20 year old girl in a bar in I believe it was a Las Vegas casino they threw that under the rug real quick.

  11. hm i agree with you but saying that if it was a white player they wouldn't do this asking for his job when it has happened many of times to both white and black players and celebrities

  12. It wasn't about race. It was about action. It wasn't about black men it was about a man making millions of dollars, and playing for a brand. Not a law firm or a hospital, which would be fired for the same thing. You're an idiot no one said anything about black men. And that creates more racism by you specifically standing up for a race of player and not a PLAYER. 90% of America sees Hunt as an NFL RB not a black man RB.

  13. I LOVE it when a White women studdards when it comes to race relations!! Especially if she's being schooled by a BLACK man! I just TRULY LOVE IT😂😂

  14. Racism can sometimes be very subtle! But when you got a brain it is so easy to get!! Thanks SHANNON!!

  15. The man has a damned good point. The answer here is simple. Stop putting females on such a high platform. Anyone who knows a female will know how dishonest and manipulative they can be. To hand them a weapon such as the ability to contribute to a ban of males from their life long career is way to unstable a process to the already in favour of females justice system. Proof will have to be concrete, unassailable and above all free of public opinion. We all know the justice system panders to the masses to keep the masses pandering to it.

  16. Her only arguement was "They are held to a higher standard " She was hoping Skip would save her.

  17. And the president should have been prevented for running for president for grabbing women by their private parts

  18. I don't think Shannon Sharpe did anything to her, he simply came to a logical conclusion. In this case logical thinking won the day. Some of us open our mouths with a set narratives prejudicial to thought, logic or sensible input from anywhere. You see it all the time and. And that's weak.

  19. My favorite person, the smartest man on the planet was CARL SAGAN. That's why I'm so smart. This woman was educated
    by the Master Race. The smartest White Boy ever (BILL MAHER) educated by the Master Race. My main man CARL SAGAN
    was educated by the Master Race. Talking bout GREECE created everything. Dr JOHN HENRIK CLARKE said they stole
    everything from Africa. Clarke was right. SAGAN,like this woman was handicapped by his Master Race education.

  20. Shannon stomped this dumb hoe. NFL IS A VIOLENT SPORT.A violent lifestyle is CONSISTENT..how in the entire hell should they be held to a higher standard. Always trying to divest bruhs of they cash..smh

  21. I can no longer stand white ppl. I dont care I'm calling it in race. Their double standards are baseless on EVERYTHING to serve them alone. I don't want to live anywhere around them anymore

  22. Oh yeah he checked her ass real quick. I'm all for a man learning from his mistakes but to completely destroy his career absolutely not. Stephen A. Smith would never have the balls to talk lime this.

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