Shahid Kapoor Gives BEST REPLY To A Female Reporter | Atyachar on Women in Kabir SIngh

Shahid Kapoor Gives BEST REPLY To A Female Reporter | Atyachar on Women in Kabir SIngh

49 thoughts on “Shahid Kapoor Gives BEST REPLY To A Female Reporter | Atyachar on Women in Kabir SIngh

  1. These all female reporters should b banned immediately for asking biased and paid question from feminist

  2. He is much mature than any other actor in this industry. You simply sweeped off feminism from her attitude

  3. Girl slapping guy doesn't count because guy's intensity of slapping girl is high

    *Feminism joined the chat

    *Logic left the chat

  4. Hate recieved by shahid shows how well he acted..

    Some became comedy piece in remake movies.. But these critics are actually his achievement.. He lived the movie not just an acting

  5. I am a great fan of Shahid. he is a great actor no matter he is successful always or not.l love him from childhood ishq vishq Pyaar vyaar times and will always love and support him as a true fan. It's true there are many more good and successful actors in Bollywood but they don't take my heart away as Shahid do. Love you always ❤️

  6. Kabir Sing is way better than Arjun reddy. The imotion, expressions and acting was superb in kabir sing.

  7. Nice replay and very true….Don't run for stardome…Play every role honestly …… Stardome will follow u !!!

  8. "Acting is about being honest..Letting people dislike you sometimes is OK." – actually one of the best replies I've heard in a long time..Good going Shahid..👌

  9. Wow ! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST AND MATURE REPLIES I HAVE SEEN ! “ acting is about being honest , not about getting people to like u , that’s what stardom is for but it’s ok to let people dislike u sometime coz If I starry justifying a character I can’t be an actor “ 👏👏👏

  10. Depicting flawed characters isn't wrong, but glorifying them for their flaws and the fact that they get away with those deeds, that is wrong.

  11. Tum log tollywood ke credit se jeetto behenchodon

    All credit goes to Arjun reddy

    Chutiya Shahid sala copy movie karke ghamanad

  12. He is just playing his role
    If someone want to criticize kabir singh then it's fine
    but this is shahid ,,totally different from kabir……….

  13. Media..just fuck your mouth in real world where rapes are happening…speak there where its required…..cowards…

  14. My exact reply to people who say his character was violent,the girl slaps him straight up and later also forces him to kiss her. Both were flawed

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