Sex Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics #30

Sex Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics #30

36 thoughts on “Sex Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics #30

  1. Women get preference period. You just need to be in the government for a short time to figure it out. Women get jobs because they have vaginas. By not protecting a group discrimination you are discriminating against them. Its not rocket science. White males under 40 are screwed. Been in the government for 13 years and never promoted. I no longer put my value in GS levels. I no longer speak my mind. The government is a lost cause. Putting laws on paper doesn't mean they are just or they are enforced. Work for the feds. If you are a white guy you will become angry. Reading laws is not a substitute for actual experience. The push for women is government probably has something to do with increasing the size of the workforce and decreasing the value of labor by doubling the workforce. These policies carry into the private sector.

  2. "This is not a history class, this is gov't class."

    If you look at it, gov't class talks about certain events in history and the presidents, thus not only making it a gov't class, but an extension of history.

  3. I would think that discrimination is free speach, this is so hypocritical, if i get a job somewhere id like to know if people like me or not, a law preventing discrimination counterbalances my natural survival Instinct. An employer needs to chooce workers of whom will get along to prevent a fight.

  4. kinda embarrassed i'm looking at this for me, a guy. However at my job a promotion is coming up and it's an environment that is exclusively held by women. Now they met requirements to be there, however I fear because it's just girls they'll chose one of the other girls applying over me even though i've been with the department longer and have more positive evaluations than my competition. On the flip side I don't wanna be picked BECAUSE i'm a guy. Fact is it's my time, everyone and their mom knows I outperform even my superiors, all I want a promotion based on my merit.

  5. I didn't downvote the video because of the title, but because of the guy injecting his own opinion on how we need to make more strides for gender equality and how "disgusting" this or that comment is.

  6. Men and women of all the world are both humans and as long as we are all humans we all deserve the same treatment in life ( point à la ligne )

  7. My experience at Army basic training. Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, Harassment and more…….
    During White Phase for Alpha company 119 during last formation Drill Sergeant Guzman stood on top of the CQ desk and ordered all of the company to grab themselves. Many of the privates obeyed the command, but many did not. Drill Sergeant Guzman repeated her command Several times to the privates noticing that many where not obeying her command. Drill Sergeant Stewart then said do it, do as she say’s privates. After Drill Sergeant Stewart said this even more privates obeyed the order to touch themselves. The company is made of females and males. However still some of the privates chose to disobey the order. I was among those few. When this was happening, I was troubled and disgusted with the orders and the leadership. I then later contacted Sharp about the incident. And sharp began an investigation on the matter. Part of the investigation was talking to a random of 12 privates out of the 180 sexually harassed. They were questioned on if what I had said was true or not with my complaint. The army said they felt that the sexual harassment in this case was not that serious. The two drill sergeants continued to be drill sergeants for the remainder of the training. And from what I assume are still considered drill sergeants at this time. This all happened during white phase of training, around May 30, 2018 is estimated time. However, I’m sure the Army knows the exact date this all happened.
    Mistreatment of non-trainees/Harassment/Sexual Discrimination
    1. Non-Trainees where not permitted to go to the concert, or have family day.
    2. Some non-trainers are kept from going home for 7 weeks or longer.
    3. Non-trainers have to walk in the back of the lines.
    4. Drill Sergeants have told non-trainers to turn around while the company was in formation. Drill Sergeant Miller said he didn’t want to look at their faces.
    5. Because of the disrespectfulness and unprofessionalism some of the drill sergeants have towards non-trainers, the trainees follow the example of the drill sergeants. Creating a more aggressive disrespectful environment between trainees and non-trainees.
    6. Drill Sergeants have told non-trainees that they were going to kill them.
    7. Non-trainees are not allowed to call their families while the trainees are.
    8. Trainees would be told not to talk to the quitters/non-trainers.
    9. Some non-trainees cannot have a protein bar at last formation.
    10. Non-trainees would be degraded, and embarrassed in front of the entire company.
    11. Non-Trainers are forced at times to do two fire guard shifts in one night. While the trainees would do just one shift.
    12. A female private was not required to recycle do to a negligent discharge that her and a man had done on the same day. However, he was required because he was a man. The army requires a percentage of the woman in boot camp to graduate. (Happened in white phase)

    Just because a trainee quits in basic training does not mean they are dishonorable. The Army/life style is not for everyone. Some people choose to as least try the Army out, and this is honorable in its self. Those who do quit should not be shamed, put down, or degraded. When this happens, this is only bringing shame upon the Army for being unprofessional, and inconsiderate of others circumstances. I’ve noticed this to be a very big issue with in Alpha company 119. And this behavior among the Amy Leadership is unacceptable. And it should be unacceptable with the Army if it truly believes in its (Army Values).
    During the sexual harassment investigation of Alpha company 119, I believe it was a lieutenant doing the investigation asked me when it happened. I was honest and told him I was not sure exactly the time and date. He then said he already knew exactly when it all had happened. He then told me about if I was lying about the complaint I had made that their where serious consequences. The fact that he knew exactly when this all had happened indicates that he knew that what I was telling him was true. And he was simply trying to intimidate me to back out of my complaint to protect the two drill sergeants and Alpha company 119 despite their wrong doings. I then later requested a lawyer from my first sergeant Brady. He asked me why I wanted to speak to a lawyer? I then gave him a letter about the mistreatment/Harassment of the non-trainees. He read over the letter and explained to me why things where the way they are. And he justified the mistreatment of the non-trainees. I was troubled that any leader would justify this kind of behavior. I also told him that I wanted to talk to a lawyer about the sexual harassment also. This was so I could know all my rights and options. He then told me that he would contact jag and a lawyer would be provided for me.
    Within a week Drill Sergeant Amadi came to me showing a paper that I had signed as a non-trainee. The form said “I (my initials) waive consulting counsel and representation by military counsel and /or civilian counsel at no expense to the Government”. Drill Sergeant Amadi explained to me that I had waived my right to a lawyer according to what this form said. However, the form actually means that the government was not required to pay for my lawyer if I asked for one. I believe the drill sergeant and first sergeant new this was the case. But had hoped that I would not realize what rights I had, and had not given up. The first sergeant would have been a part of the investigation. And drill sergeant Amadi’s friends and perhaps herself would have also. I was never given a lawyer. And so, my constitutional right to a lawyer was withheld from me.
    The investigation of the sexual harassment is over. However, there seemed to be very little consequence for their behavior. Drill Sergeant Guzman and Stewart are still drill sergeants to Alpha company 119 at this moment despite what they did to the entire company of around 180 privates. There was no questioning of the privates on how they felt about the drill sergeants remaining in alpha company 119 despite their inappropriate actions towards the privates. This shows the Army takes little to no consideration of the private’s feelings on the matter. One of the Army’s top priorities should be to preserve the Army’s good name. It is my Sincere desire that this letter will inspire change within the company Alpha 119 at this time, and the future.
    Alpha Company 119 Fort Benning 198th Brigade

  8. Well to be honest with you the laws suck because I can't imagine myself forced to hire people I don't like in my own business.
    My money my business so why I can't choose my own employees as I want . Freedom is very important in the workplace and how does it feel to work with someone who hates you and is forced to be with you I wouldn't like to work for someone like that so would you
    Freedom is what makes capitalism work
    Those laws are disgusting

  9. i always wondered why the host spoke so fast but he did something in this video that shows why he speaks so quickly. He takes a large BREATHE!! The host rarely breathes during his segments lol. I wonder how many times he has passed out while making his videos haha.

  10. if anyone has a problem with this video… guess they cant handle outright facts and history.. which makes them, an illogical idiot.

  11. I like this video's take on things, yes women have been and still are discriminated against, that's a situation that's improving as well. There are real and rational legal protections in place that I believe work really well. Yes, discrimination against women is still happening, however, because of the improvements to the legal system, the offender is now solely responsible and the law is responsible for making sure offenders get their bottom soundly smacked.

    I think we forget this and that drives an aggressive attitude towards equality that's causing damage along the way. For example, a male employer may feel compelled not to hire or promote a woman because he believes in the face of the wider aggression on the issue that she'll just shout sexism when she doesn't get her own way. Unfortunately, I've worked with and worked for women like this, it's not every woman, but they do exist and they're ruining things for everyone.

  12. While I agree with sexual discrimination laws, I don't see why they would have to be gendered (You showed no citation of a law being gendered, it was rather just implied). I have a friend who has told me about how his female employer made very inappropriate sexual advances on him, such as rubbing his thigh and trying to make him come with her home while at work. I have a hard time seeing how this should not be protected under the law (again, dont know the law, just that the way you speak about it makes it sound as if it only applies to women).

    I don't even deny that this happens more to women, but that seems like a very pointless distinction, If the law covers all people that includes women. Now if you're talking about laws concerning discrimination physiological differences, that's a different matter.

  13. Internet comments do a really good job at making righties seem like terrible people.

    Or, at least more terrible.

  14. "Religious discrimination was more prevalent than it is now," yeah I think not. We just aren't as aware of it now.

  15. I've been a big fan of your videos for a while now… I haven't run across this one yet but when you said women have been given inferior status that blew me away. Especially when I see in the child support code that states are encouraged to increase the percentage of non-custodial parents which are fathers. Fathers are men. in fact it is the men that are given the inferior status.

  16. So wait, are you telling me we should treat women as equals simply because of feels? Countless studies has shown that women as a whole are less intelligent, less capable of dealing with stress, less physically strong & less decisive & risk taking compared to men.

    That is why there seems to be an under representation of women in higher positions of power. This is not discrimination, but you feminists keep on pushing this false narrative of "Equality", but what you people want is equality of outcome not opportunity.

  17. I am a woman and I have a hostile work environment. I perform the same basic job as a male coworker but I receive less pay. When I submitted a complaint my supervisor claimed I did not have a hostile environment and then set up a desk audit and removed part of my duties to claim I was not performing the same as a male counterpart. Furthermore he has incensed my performance objectives with near impossible time frames. I have been told that any performance objective that is not met, would mean that my entire performance would be marked as a failure, which would mean I will lose my job. This is disparate treatment. My supervisor is a male and all supervisors up my chain of responsibility are males. Less than 22 percent of the workforce is female, most of these women work in support positions with little or no promotion possibility. This is what this post is talking about. I am treated differently because I am female. I am denied compensation parity with males because of my sex. I filed a complaint with the EEOC almost two years ago, which I hope will resolve this issue but in the meantime, I continue to be treated unfairly. No woman should be treated unfairly at work.

  18. Feminist need to know that women are very protected by the government. The fact that some everyday people make sexual remarks/stereotypes about women doesn't mean they're being oppressed. hell, women oppress men too if that's the case.

  19. I used to work/ manage a non-profit organization, my former boss held three months of my income and let me go saying "We can't afforded to keep you " I was searching for job I saw an add saying they are looking for manager, I realized the add was posted from my former boss. I called them and ask them to bay me but they said they dont have the $$. I end up taking them to court, I win my case but i havent see a dime yet. can you tell me what should I do?

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