Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure” In WWE? | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure” In WWE? | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

Hello and welcome to the
WrestleTalk News – I’m Oli Davis. Press the thumbs up button, give us a subscribe,
and just generally go kick some ass. Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure”
In WWE? Seth Rollins hasn’t had the best time as
of late. Despite beating Brock Lesnar at both WrestleMania 35 and Summerslam – oooh Beast
Slayer. Twice – his Universal Championship runs at the top of WWE this year have been
mired by an awkward storyline pairing him up with his real life fiance Becky Lynch,
and a disastrous feud with Bray Wyatt’s Fiend that still WON’T GO AWAY.
And that’s just the stuff on WWE programming. In the last few months Seth has flipped between
tweeting how much money is in his bank account MONEY! to deleting his Twitter entirely. It’s
not been the most effective way to book a babyface, and, as a result, has even led to
some fans going too far: holding up signs saying ‘Seth Rollins Is Not Cool’.
Good gawd, almighty, they’ve killed him And Seth’s new PR-slayer gimmick took another
step this week, when he answered a Q&A question about one day facing Kenny Omega, by taking
a shot at AEW. “When Kenny’s done playing in the minor
leagues over there, Kenny can come and work at the absolute top professional wrestling
company in the world in front of the most people and make the most money and have the
best matches, which is with me at WrestleMania.” Them’s be fighting words, sure, but it’s
also the kind of bantery language you’d expect in a wrestling war. Especially with
Being the Elite jokingly calling NXT the ‘minor leagues’ in a recent episode. Former WWE
turned AEW commentator Jim Ross, however, has taken great offence to Seth’s comments,
saying he’s “pissed off” on the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, and then
shooting on Rollins himself: “He’s in a great spot, he’s blessed, maybe
someday he’ll be as over as his girlfriend, I don’t know. Nonetheless, I’ve always liked
his work. He’s a solid guy, he’s a solid guy, but saying things like that make him look
bad and for that, I feel badly for him. I just do.”
JR then interestingly went onto how Seth is being perceived backstage due to his behaviour
these last few months: “Since this came out, I talked to two Hall
of Fame guys off the record that were embarrassed about those remarks as well. It doesn’t do
the business any good and one of these cats even said to me that maybe Rollins is breaking
under the pressure because he’s getting a lot of criticism.”
Seth’s position as WWE’s top champion comes with considerable pressure to defend
the brand. He’s the face of the company. But he appears to be taking criticism of it
personally – like when he stared down the ‘Not Cool’ sign guy. Even his Shield brother
Roman Reigns has admitted Seth’s conduct hasn’t had the babyface connection it should,
telling Sports Illustrated: “Seth loves the WWE. That’s why some people
misread some of the things he says or the ways he delivers it, but he does mean well.
He’s a workhorse. Yeah, he’s a little live at the mouth sometimes, but he’s got a heart
of gold, trust me.” I feel you, Big Dawg. We here at WrestleTalk
are also trying to go babyface again. The most important thing, Seth, is that you don’t
crack under pressure. Let’s see how he’s doing on Instagram with his most recent post:
A picture of him dressed for pool time fun with the caption ‘who said #sethrollinsisnotcool’.
Yep, everything looks totally fine there! I tell you what is cool though!
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that to find out more! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure” In WWE? | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

  1. I'ma just say it and you can come at me if you want I enjoy both WWE and aew but as of now AEW is wayyy better entertaining and it's bringing a somewhat a realistic feeling to wrestling.

  2. Not trying to involve politics but Seth Rollins is the literal definition of the leftist millennial and snowflake. Thinks all constructive criticisms is personal and is always feeling attacked. Dude, we're wrestling fans, we sign YOUR paycheck. You signed up for this and stop getting so triggered.

  3. Not trying to involve politics but Seth Rollins is the literal definition of the leftist millennial and snowflake. Thinks all constructive criticisms is personal and is always feeling attacked. Dude, we're wrestling fans, we sign YOUR paycheck. You signed up for this and stop getting so triggered.

  4. Where is the Ascension? I am watching an old NXT and these guys were so f'n cool. Why does Vince ruin everything good?

  5. I don't like Seth, but AEW does the same in every show and nobody calls them for it.

    It's just wrestling being wrestling and dumb people on social media, as usual.

  6. Here's the thing…. There will be a day… where Rollins isn't in WWE, He will most likely…. Try the NJPW Indy/Coffee shop owner route but He can't hang, the industry has changed since since 09'

  7. Long babyface runs never really worked out in WWE. People get sick of those who WWE want to portray as superheroes. And now, they're going to the John Cena babyface run with Seth. Problem is: he doesn't have Cena's charisma. Even The Rock's championship runs were cut short to give the strap to a heel, every now and then.

    You won't have CM Punks tweeners who can carry the strap for more than a year that much. They really missed a golden opportunity to get some pressure away from Seth by giving the title to Bray, who could've gone long term with the belt for a feud with Aleister Black at Wrestlemania. That, i'd pay for.

  8. I'm just annoyed that I can't play as the fiend because that was the only reason I pre-ordered the game game.and now I have to wait until the 28th of October that's not cool🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  9. I believe AEW has bigger pay for they only wrestle weekly, for some even monthly the only advantage of wwe is medical insurance

  10. Seth breaking just proves how strong willed Roman is, that dude got booed four times more than Seth for almost 3-5 years and still was a class

  11. I personally appreciate how much you guys are listening to the community. I love your willingness to change to make your support stronger. Much love from the states,
    Kissing emoji, Ace

  12. I think what really sucks is that Rollins would probably be over on AEW or TNA or any other wrestling company that gives wrestlers creative freedom and does not force them work with overly scripted material. (+)

  13. guys, you have my respect. within a few days you managed to listen to your viewers, identified what was going wrong and changed it.

  14. I think becky lynch is actually kofi, as sasha is to randy. Becky is not more over then seth, maybe due to seths booking and comments, but really? She can't even get a million views without a rock.

  15. The way i see it with the omega thing, kenny talked trash about nxt and nobody got on his case ( i assume, ) so it only makes sense Seth would do the same back with his company. Its wrestling 101.

    Seth may or may not feel that way about AEW but it could very well of just been a bit of banter. Fans these days can never see the obvious thing as obvious

  16. I think the minor league jab is fine, it's the same jab the elite has thrown their way so it's just returning the jab. The big fuck up Colby Lopez has done was the bank account comment. That one made him as a person look really uncool also doesn't help that he has been pushed into the Super Cena/ Reigns role that people naturally rebel against.

  17. Turnabout is fair play when Cody and Jericho talk trash on WWE. I havnt watched WWEs product for a while and I've been giving AEW a chance. I listen to all but one of Conrad's podcasts. Rollins' comments were tit for tat as far as what Cody and Jericho say about WWE. I will continue watching AEW, unoffended by any of either sides comments. I love JR, he is working us. 🙂

  18. I just find it so funny, I remember when so many of you fans were BEGGING for WWE to turn Seth Babyface then when he did you guys were BEGGING for him to be the top "Guy" then he became that, then you guys were BEGGING for him to be the one to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal title.
    Now look where we are, fans hate him, people in the business pity him and his own fiance is more popular than him. And Everybody now is asking him to go right back to being heel. What a world.

  19. I think WWE should go with it. Turn him heel and let him be an asshole. He'd be the biggest heel in the business.

  20. Soooooo kenny, Jericho, cody and all of aew can take shots at wwe and no one cares but seth take a shot at aew and everyone is pissed sounds a little weird to me 🤔🤔🤔🤔💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️ I guess it just the way it's gonna be

  21. "Maybe one day he'll be as over as his girlfriend" smh says that about the most over male babyface in the company 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. Poor Seth, ratings have been the lowest in his run, his wrestling moves does not flow good in the ring and he is not on a Legend level, he is not even on a Cena's level.
    By his results of championship run, should go to the "Minor league".

  23. At first I was really annoyed by Seth's antics, but now I find it super funny and look forward to whatever he says 😂 Sometimes he's right but goes too far, other times he's completely insane 😂

  24. Imagine if Seth Rollins got the reaction Roman Reigns did, that's one of the reasons why I respect Roman so much, he was booed extremely loudly and he let it run off his back, just like John Cena did (I'm sure Cena would have given him advice on how to deal with it after the years he had it), Rollins can't handle 1 single person in the crowd having a sign that says he doesn't like him. If he had the boos Roman or Cena did he would be hanging from his hotel room's light the next morning.

  25. Omega says it and it’s a joke, Seth makes the exact same joke and he’s cracking under pressure? WrestleTalk loves taking shots at Seth but this whole video is in bad taste. Also talking about no taking criticism well, I see you ditched the 20 shoot reviews because of a couple of comments. Pot meet kettle.

  26. I was front row of Smackdown in Kansas City this past Friday, Oct. 25th and had a sign that said “The Naitch WOOOO!” Right when the first commercial break came on, one of the WWE ring workers told me that he had to take my sign because “Vince said so. He doesn’t want your sign displayed.” It was either take my sign or get ejected. So I gave up my sign. FU Vince!!!!

  27. Here comes your rational explanation in the form of a short novel….. 😉
    I was just discussing this very subject last night! How Seth was so over with fans everywhere not long ago. I was one of the many fans saying that it should be Seth heading up the company instead of Roman… Buuut then Creative got hold of it. Seth seemed almost forced to turn Face simply for the company's sake in finding that new cover star for their brand. That's about when his attitude started to slowly adopt the glorified aspect of being in that position… which isn't a good thing. I don't even think Reigns did that. Plenty of time to! He didn't have to try tho. He was simply appointed as such and did as he was instructed. When that clearly failed with the newest defiant generation of fans (who don't like being told what to think or who to cheer and boo), they sought out someone else more naturally over and better received….. Seth!
    There's likely quite a bit of pressure getting to Rollins, feeling like he's obligated to try being the "face of the company". That's what every talent wants! And that's been his current push. But Rollins is way better off being a "tweener". Not face, but not necessarily heel either. Just the fearless architect mastermind that's not above cheating to win if need be… but not every damn match like most heel dynamics go these days. It's terrible! The cheating, crowd-bashing heel persona has been old for a very very long time now. Not all heel characters act exactly the same (Except in WWE, I suppose).
    DX, Lesnar, Angle, NWO, Usos, etc… Heel acts that could win matches clean over babyfaces because they're actually talented. "Bad guys", yet still acquire a massive fan following because of the diversity of character and raw ability portrayed. Hell, I'm one that constantly cheers the Heels over faces because it's just so easy to see straight thru these "good guy" crowd-pleasers. But I digress…..

    Seth has nearly turned one-dimensional and transparent these days. Likely just doing whatever he thinks Vince will approve of and win him a few brownie points along the way… but that's just not him! We've seen the real Seth Rollins when he was a little fresher out the gate instead of the hypocritical, kayfabe-killing corporate shill he's rapidly becoming. That'll never get over with anyone except for the kids and a few casual viewers (unless the crowd is booing up a storm at the company's alleged top babyface, in which case even the "mark" support will begin to diminish).
    STOP "BURNING IT DOWN" and become "The Architect" again!!! THAT'S the Rollins we loved to watch and play along with! He doesn't even have to completely go back to that! Just adopt more of his real-life self into the character of Seth Freakin Rollins!

  28. how is aew the minor league with less money when jericho has bigger paycheck than 90% of wwe employees at the end of the month? minor league sure bcuz they just started but less money? nah dont think so.

  29. The face Becky Lynch makes when Seth mentions 'making the most money' says it all. She goes from thoroughly enjoying the banter to giving him a sideways looks, actively cringing and becoming pensive.

  30. i feel bad for seth. he's under pressure in his position. just makes me realize how good john cena was at handling criticism. he was hated so much, but he handled it well. i guess we can all learn that from John

  31. I don’t get why he’s not s heel. Everything about his character in real life and in WWE screams asshole. So stop the nerd shit and go full Flair or Micheals

  32. Sorry, but for someone who's barely 200lbs, I don't find Seth that scary or threatening. Stupid finishers like a curb stomp. Uses other wrestlers known finishers as well. He's boring on the mic and hasn't been great in the ring since he was a midcarder in CM Punk days.

  33. Take the belt off Rollins…he doesnt need to hold a belt.WWE needs to be working on pushing and making new stars.Rollins is at a stale mate he reached the ceilings time to move up to the next star.

  34. That instagram post is the kind of self aware jokes he has to make to get some people back with him, just relax have fun and be cool again

  35. I think the reason The AEW fanboys are so pissy is because WWE's punching down, I refuse to watch AEW until they axe Sonny Kiss, the cripple and the Midget

  36. Rollins is a well crafted persona of coolness.

    And by god he won't have an audience full of the uncool people mock them with their neck hair!

    Why would he armed with that glorious beard??

    … I have nothing substantial to add.

  37. Why does money matter! Seth is a ego driven docuhe bag! Sorry dude but you are ! WWE sucks like for real why the fudge would anyone want to leave AEW for WWE.. bahahahahahaha bahahahahahaha what a joker. Jon moxley was always wayyyy cooler than rollins. I hope he sees this because if he took ayauscha seth would quit his ego driven job and realize the love all things

  38. You know…I still have to wonder how the rest of the roster feels about being pinned by 1 or 2 of Seth's finishers after Hell In A Cell after seeing Bray take about 50 of everything and still not stay down..or win the match….lol. That whole mess made everyone look bad and weak…and, I think Seth is really bothered by it. I think when he gets anything but praise it is hard for him to handle…..and, he is getting anything but that right now…lol

  39. I don’t like Seth Rollins…Dude has been lame for a minute…Rollins won’t be as cool or over as Becky Twobelts…He isn’t a top guy!

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