100 thoughts on “Senators living frat-style in D.C.

  1. So people that can't make their bed, hang their clothes, clean their house, or maintain a property… which is loaded with rats…. are running the nation. Explains a lot.

  2. It’s like the get to role play as a poor person for a few nights a week, then go back to their life of luxury and wealth the rest of the week.

  3. Confusing at first, but this is a promo for the amazon show Alpha House. They "live" there in the same way you "live" on a family members couch during the holidays, you're only in need of a place to sleep for a few days and then you go home, vs. What I imagine are actually pretty expensive and booked hotels I could see people sleeping there.

  4. Oh god I thought they lived there permanently 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣 damn news will paint you to look homeless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. They can’t take care of their house that they’re in 3 days a week and we expect them to take care of a country. Sounds scary.

  6. I swear… fraternity houses are all always like this trashy…everyone at a frap party that I was at left running when they saw a rat running across the kitchen

  7. Uhhhhhhh what the fuck…. I can assure you not a single woman besides the reporter has ever been there. You guys are fucking disgusting… This actually explains a lot. So are cleaning supplies just to expensive on your 150k plus salary plus benefits?

  8. That moment when you try to look down to earth, relatable and make it seem like youre not taking much of our tax dollars but end up looking like animals living in a crack house

  9. Gosh, it’s so funny to see these senators have a good sense of humor necessary to cope with their somber living conditions. I just wish the homeless had just as much PAC money, influence over corporate policy, and influence over government policy to be able to afford such a dissociation from their living conditions to themselves. It’s not like the only people who could do a parody of a squalid apartment are the senators? Am i right? Nobody really lives under these conditions right?

  10. Holy shit guys most of you are idiots. Yeah, they make $167,000 a year. That's not a huge amount of money. They have $110,000 after taxes. Lets say they spend $6500 (a solid house is decently expensive in DC) a month on mortgage for their actual house with family, okay we're down to $32,000. Wife has a car? and so does he? That's $350/month each. Now we're down to $26,000. Now, utilities, electric, water, etc. Now we're down to $21,200. Food, gas, every day items, etc let's say $600 a month. $14,000. Okay so we're down to them being able to save about $14,000 a year. Send your kids to college? Want to go on a vacation? Yeah. It's not enough money to fucking buy a shitton of mansions, drive around a lamborghini, and then wipe your ass with $100 dollar bills. You're thinking of the senators that got their position, WHILE THEY WERE ALREADY FUCKING LOADED. If you weren't rich as fuck to begin with, yeah you're not going to be struggling, but you're not going to become a millionaire easily by being a senator. I'm not saying they aren't living comfortably, and they probably have better saving habits than the numbers i've used, but jesus christ this isn't some kind of PR stunt. They genuinely wouldn't have enough money to invest in a property here, nor would it be smart to. So, fuck it, why not crash here. Don't understand why they would live like such pigs, but hey, as long as i don't have to live there I'm g.

  11. Able to break bed sheet's in half, a gallon size Zip Lock bag with blue dolphin's, yellow Xan's, & Ritallin. A bong, & maybe just maybe a George Foreman grill next to Maruchan and Pop Tart's are all missing.

  12. This is why people say CNN is fake news. This is all for show; why are you reporting on this like its important? They don't live there, they just sleep there at night. Did you pay attention to what the voice over said about the third guy? He's the landlord. He's responsible for the living conditions. They just don't want to spend more money than they have to. They work less than 3 days a week in DC and get paid full time even if they don't spend time in DC. I mean they even had the beer prominently shown but it didn't look like any were missing from what they would've bought in a case. Kind of like the cringy Elizabeth Warren live stream of her drinking a beer.

  13. You think thats disgusting, many politicians in Washington actually sleep inside their offices while they're in D.C:


  14. Man must be nice to be so rich you literally buy a house for a fucking advertisement to make people think youre just like everyone else

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