49 thoughts on “Senate approves bipartisan border supplement plan

  1. told ya congress is satains spawn no good can come from demons or their fllowers hell to them all but that is a given follow satan off to hell

  2. i gess dieing children or raping children or hugry children they can live with forever can they also see and hear the screams and crying of those children forever this is hell satains world

  3. i can not believe congress trust in a god that lost three times to the one true God i would die first then trust satain to save my sole hell is fire and no water can these congress people keep liveing all the bad they have done over and over agian in hell this is hell

  4. i am tried of this put people in jail and get som people that love this nation and stop playing wit peoples lives usa or any country we need peice not this crap congress stop destroying countries and we would not have this problem with imagtion stop taking the other countries money and mineral and things so they can have god lives at home not want to come to america congress did this from bush to now you get what you wanted no more america congress demans

  5. we treat the iligals better the n we treat the usa children remember this usa children can die go hungry but they only care about illigals children go back to hell demans

  6. Satain is the congress god wake up people satain is the god of hell even satenist say they are going to hell with satain

  7. BUT IN THE END THEY LOSE God is not with them their god is hell bond can not win the battle with what was tried before God true God won 3 times against their gods


  9. TELL the migrants to get a job instead of hanging out at the border. USA
    didn't create this mess the migrants demanding entry did.

  10. TELL the migrants to get a job instead of hanging out at the border. USA
    didn't create this mess the migrants demanding entry did.

  11. empty halls…..pass term regulations……no second term….this is what happens….they are out getting their nails done

  12. Democrats prioritise the so-called human rights above US sovereignty, US social order, US national security. In fact, Democrats and EU politicians have created national crisis when they welcome criminals, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and terrorists in disguise entering United States. Democrats have abused the usage of human rights in the public arena and forum trying to gain political score in the election. Be careful of Democrats they are working with Soros's non-profit organisation. There are many fathers and mothers are struggling to maintain their family I find it amusing that the leftists, liberties, feminine, etc have resources to organise street protest.

  13. Term limits paying money from our taxes to kick-start a Haitian film industry what the hell these people need to go……

  14. Finally….empty seats means they are mad & they rule the nation not those here or in the adminiatration.( I get it now.)

  15. Well, money for all those secondary things is all very nice, but WE WANT THE WALL ! They still don't get it, do they? They don't get it, because they don't want to get it. WE WANT THE WALL ! IF WE HAVE A WALL, WE DON'T NEED ALL THAT OTHER STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow this is good to see an empty house at least the next election should be interesting.
    I agree with most of the comments before mine โœŒ

  17. To the members of Congress. We are sick of you spending billions of dollars on illegal immigrants while ignoring Americans from whose pockets you reach into and take the money.

  18. Why do you post this crap? I would love to know what the hell the border supplement plan is……but I don't have 2 hours to watch this. Why can't you do your job and report/summarize it?

  19. Are the republicans missing because they donโ€™t want the bill to pass? Or are they too busy hiking the Appalachian mountains?

  20. why did the voters at the last election ALLOW SO MANY DEMS INTO OFFICE? They do nothing and block the Republicans who can achieve what's right in. Did you voters learn your lesson? Don't make the same mistake in 2020.

  21. Yes now it's bipartisan for years Republicans have been saying different only when you no longer can deny it , you Democrats admit to it . I was a Democrat all the way up to President Obama, Democrats have not done much to earn a paycheck, you give our money away freely as if it was yours and I'm sure some of our money is yours now. This party of Democrats should be extinguished.

  22. Rand Paul is AWESOME! Keep fighting the good budgetary fight, Senator Paul. The problem is that our government does not treat our money like it's real money.

  23. Look into the house it was half empty room that peoples voted for Democrats. Peoples need to open their eyes donโ€™t let them lie to peoples any more kick all them out the house

  24. They decided to spend 4.5 billion to help those invading the southern borders
    They should instead send a few hundred buses , load the people on to them and send them back to where they came. The handouts never seem to end.

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