100 thoughts on “See ‘Today’ show host’s emotional reaction to Matt Lauer rape allegation

  1. In America every woman wants to sleep with every man. This is the American dream. So don't come now and say rape. If she did not want that, then she shouldn't be too drunk with a man in a room

  2. I’m not trying to victim blame but what do you expect to happen when a man invites you back to his hotel room especially after drinking?
    And how does one have a sexual relationship with the Mann that raped her?

  3. I'm stun of his coworkers she was having a relation w him she is bashing him after because he rejected her after 3over 2yrs relations she lies she is a slutt !!!!!!!!!!!! those 2 womans disgust me from the today show they did have a relation his hot looking and she wanted him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she keep going to is room drunk !!!!!!!! please she wanted id D>>>K 90/100 of womans rejected accuse the men in question !!!!!!!! she did have sex before and after so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she is making $ on a rape stoy LOL she lies an real rape you dont make a book for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I will belive her if all $$$$$$$ of the book go's to abused womans !!!!!!!!!!! and on top of it she was not good looking and look older but they did have sex before and after so be it she is a slutt frustrated !!!!!!!!!! and Savan she is a frustrated woman to it show on her face many of news madia have sex in public bathrooms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. she was drunk and had sex. then had sex when not drunk. then got a lawyer and made out with a seven figure paycheck. Women after men’s money. Same old story. Oh, those women and their crocodile tears. shed some for Matt!

  5. I was sexually assaulted in 2015. He was in jail 3 hours later. I didn’t continue sleeping with him afterwards. It was my responsibility to contact police and ensure he’s never able to assault anyone again. If you’re a victim and you fail to prosecute, they’re going to do it again to some other innocent person. I’m not buying this story.

  6. Savanna knew what type of co host Matt was…why have all the crocodile tears when Neville had a on going relationship after the so-call rape?

  7. I do not condone any kind of violence or unwanted advances towards anyone but come on ladies this is getting out of hand. Keep it up and there won't be any straight men left🤫

  8. Wait he raped her and yet she continued a sexual relationship after the fact. I call bs on her story. That would never hold up in the courts

  9. 2 phonies pretending they had no idea Matt Lauer was a creep and did nothing about it. Shame on both those morning hosts/ actors

  10. Drunken night of sex, that led to several more years worth sexual encounters but now the drunken night is "Rape"…

  11. Remember guys women are helpless little dunce idiot's when they drink. They protest and demand to be are equals. But if they drink a few they are too be treated as helpless babies because they are just to fragile and weak minded to be treated as adult's. Equal pay equal treatment equal everything except equal responsibility. Because responsibility is a man's job a woman doesn't want equality if were talking about responsibility.

  12. Kavanaugh allegation >> you have to believe woman. Lauer allegation >>> that whore . FNN, you are disgusting parasites

  13. I'm very confused… So you get raped and the continue a sexual relationship. Sound like he was aggressive the first time she didn't like it, but wanted something more so she carried on an affair. Question is, what more did she want? A job, money, vengeance…

  14. No, No, No. you don't knowingly cheat with a man who you know is married and then cry wolf when the sex gets too rough, or you're not in the mood. How is the man (you're knowingly cheating with), going to know the difference if this is something he perceives as 'normal' for you both? Come on!
    As a woman and someone who fights for justice for ALL human beings, when this me2 movement respect and honor men who are incarcerated due to a woman's lies about him raping her ( when in actuality he didnt). Only then will I support this movement. It must be inclusive! And as a woman I know for a fact that too many women cry wolf esp after a man don't succumb to our desire to control them. Come on with this.

  15. why she did not stay in her room after 6 drinks been so call drink she did have sex before and after LOL womans that destroy men she is ugly and he refused to have sex w her after 2 yrs no wonder after 3 yrs been rejected she got revange LOL is the book $ part of it go's to help abused womans and that stupid bold guy talking let Matt Lauer talk dont talk for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. those are CNN Poppets we must ear the 2 sides no poppets can take a side CNN poppets like the bold one geeeeee he is not a saint to see some of the news poppets of CNN have sex in public bathrooms !! so be it no one is perfect not even the Cnn poppets we need to ear the 2 dide dont destroy a men dont make him guilty she was not a saint !!! like many new media I work in Hotels we know a lot !!!!!!!!!!! and we see a lot of actions from drunk womans and mens so give him a chance many womans are sluts and after $$$$$$

  17. What's reprehensible is she kept sleeping with a man that she says rapted her. Then reported it. If you rape me we won't be having sex again under any circumstances. Somebody please tell me I heard this story wrong.

  18. Here we go again !! First I have little to no faith in some one who claims to have been raped in a book that they are trying to sell for a profit. This girl never went to the cops , never had a rape kit done , never told any one until this book came out , yet years later writes a book and we are all supposed to look at Matt Lauer as this big sicko Rapist even though she continued to have a relationship with him. I wish people would lock up women who think this is just a good way to either get back at some one or to just get ahead . Those women who do this are actually do this are ruining people who are Innocent and they are making even harder for those women who have Legitimate claims of rape.

  19. Yup, Democrats strategy is to focus on Matt lauer and bury the Harvey Weinstein. NBC along with the Democrats including Hillary Clintonhave been covering up the Weinstein story for years. Wait to Trump exposes the pedophile ring.

  20. I mean if she was too drunk maybe he was just as drunk. I'm all for women but to go and have an affair with someone who just "raped" you doesn't make sense.

  21. She is really brave, if you are not brave you can't say these such which makes you look a full, after someone rapes and you go on to have concesual sex ? Uuhm

  22. Of course they felt the need to mention exactly how much alcohol she had. But not how much he had. Classic rape culture

  23. Meredith Vieira is the same women that said on National TV, "I'm Horny" on who wants to be a millioniare. Flip that around, Its called sexual assault. How does she still have a job?


  24. More creeps in the fake news media, what a surprise! CNN and the mainstream media fake news democrat whore media complex are all corrupt, rapists, pedophiles and enemy of the people. I hope you all hang

  25. I dont believe he did it, but i wasnt there. For a book to come out about it, shouldnt of happen. I should of wrote a book then.

  26. Cus all rape victims go on to have consensual sex with their rapist. If this girl doesn't sit her ass down somewhere.

  27. Kazakhstan is the Biden Archer corruption scheme after China. Wow Demcorats are more than dead to America. Pathetic humans are getting theirs. While they thought America was stupid while they enriched their families. How pathetic America should request their hanging along with the entire Obama administration.

  28. How on this earth a woman who was raped, and experienced a painful encounter to go back to the same
    guy to have a more consensual relationship? It was unfair for Matt Lauer to lose his job because
    of this woman, and she was paid seven at the end? If I were their boss, I would investigate deeply
    to get to the bottom of the story before firing anybody. The bosses should treat men and women
    equally. I am a woman, and I can not support the story that this woman is talking about. It is wrong.

  29. Oh, the too drunk to consent then later have consensual sex multiple times allegations. SMH. Hope that book makes a lot of money.

  30. Granted Matt Laurer looks like a cancer patient, but Brooke Nevils is hideous. Is this the best Matt can do? There must be better girls to rape.

  31. This is so ridiculous. So if they were both drunk why isn't she in trouble for having sex with someone who was "too drunk to consent"

  32. If a man invites me to his hotel room at night, and he just a colleague I work with, I would not go in there.
    We may be in twenty first century, and the man should know better, no I would not go in there. I am
    sorry to say this. He can bring those important papers tomorrow at the hotel lobby.

  33. Woah woah hold up… When I first read of this story i was given the impression that lauer forcibly raped this woman. How the hell can she have any credibility if she then continued to have a sexual relationship with him for 3 YEARS after this supposed rape occurred?!?! That's some boosh*#..

  34. So let me get this straight, she and her colleagues were drinking. one colleague, a Male, asks her to go back to his room and they have sex. After this encounter they continue a sexual and only sexual relationship that she was fine with? Doesn't make any sense.
    I'm glad he was caught, he's just the same as his superiors and the same as our elected officials in Washington. Nothing but trash

  35. That's some bullshit. She had sex with him after the "rape" and yet was drunk as fuck when he did "rape" her. Fuck outta here, I'm not buying this one.

  36. Brian Stelter is a zero… he is sincere here b/c its a real story ….when politics are concerned however his entire demeanor changes into a smarmy, sarcastic liar…. and his demeanor gives it away.

  37. What im getting from her story is that she got drunk with matt lauer and had sex with him, continued to have a sexual relationship with him after, and is now accusing him of rape to sell books. God i hate people.

  38. Hello. I once got super drunk and a girl I never noticed before who had a crush on me had sex with me. I probably wouldn't have ever talked to her if I hadn't been wasted that evening. That was six years ago, I didn't go to the police but I kinda want to report her as a rapist. Anyways we are married now and have two kids but that shouldn't stand in the way of justice. Please donate to me for lawyer expenses and buy my book.

  39. She claims Matt Lauer fucked her in the ass without permission and then had sex with him multiple times after. How can anyone believe this lying bitch.

  40. Recently, some details about Lauer’s case contained in Farrow’s upcoming book, Catch and Kill. Nevils said Lauer pushed her onto the bed and asked if she liked anal sex. She told him no, but then Nevils says he “just did it.”. But Matt Lauer responds to the accusations now, he said the sex with Nevils was with her explicit consent. Lauer also said the night in Sochi is when their affair began.

  41. Of course he did it. Dude was a perv and clearly everyone found the womans claims credible. Very sad for her and I hope she's found some healing even though that event will no doubt leave a permanent scar. There's a serious problem with men in this world.

  42. Contemporary feminism has taught women to see themselves as victims. Why doesn't she take any responsibility for her own actions? Is she a helpless child?

  43. For thousands of years in the imperial society, China has precipitated many idioms that describe the darkness of the imperial power. These idioms are strung together and can form an article that reveals the darkness of the imperial power.
    One of the idioms is called "mouth honey belly sword". Looking back on this short period of time, not counting the civilian population, there are many rich and powerful people killed by several central leaders! Ma Jian, Zhang Shousheng, Xu Caihou, Lai Changxing, Wu Xiaohui, Wang Lijun. . . . . This is the rule of extermination of humanity, which is the rule of making human tragedies! Under their hypocritical and sweet smile, they are more vicious than animals. If they need it, they will never be murderous! President Trump’s hand is full of blood, and the sweet appearance is the heart of a poison sword! If you don’t feel poisonous, you can’t be the head of the devil world. Their strength comes from their viciousness! Every head has been suppressed and killed, every one, they are vicious devil king! Only kill, must kill, they will feel safe. Stability is overwhelming, stability is their lifeline! Their lives are built on the death of others! ! ! What negotiating skills are pale and powerless, even seemingly weak and ridiculous! Treat the devil, only a fatal blow! ! !

  44. What? They were both drunk but because he's male he's the only one held accountable for them having sex? He could provide the same argument, that because he was drunk she raped him. Where's the equal rights?

  45. Well she can say that she was afraid of him been in the position of power so she gave in. I know a doctor who went through similar issue with a nurse. She continues to sleep with him.

  46. Innocent until proven guilty. While I love what Me Too Movement has accomplished, there are also toxicity around it too. Anyone can come forward and make allegations and actually lose their jobs, reputation, potentially everything.

  47. This could be how many of these cases transpired:
    1. All these guys joke, flirt, having “innocent fun” in their interaction. It is the culture.
    2. Usually the guy misinterpreted the signals, believe with a bit seduction, alcohol and initial force, the other party will fall for his sexual prowess
    3. Some of the “victims” do have conflicting thoughts, human are capable having many conflicting thoughts 💭 going through their mind in any second. Some thoughts could be pro the affair, some against, some scared of the trouble coming with it, some curious, some guilt.
    4. Anyhow, it happened without major physical resistance, possibly without much sexual satisfaction from the part of the “victims”
    5. The affair may continued for a few more times, for this reason or another the “victims” feel they are not getting much out of it, and the only thing grows over time is guilt.
    6. The ”victims” file for rape allegation.

  48. She was repeatedly raped after parting with Matt and then came back for more on multiple times… What are we stupid! Poor Matt got punk and she got her 7 figures.

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