See Through Engine UPDATE (Project Update-Turbo-Nitro &  EFI)

See Through Engine UPDATE (Project Update-Turbo-Nitro & EFI)

Alright everybody alright everybody I’m back
with an update video on the current status of the see-through engine project on turbo
Nitro and EFI everyone has been asking for an update on this project for months and since
the livestream yesterday and didn’t quite work out hopefully everybody is going to like
this live stream I figured I would follow up with a video in full 4K so you can get
a nice good look at what I got going on here I’m going to show you each piece of the project
right now but first and foremost I want to show you what ECU I’m using this is the engine
management system and its ms3pro by AMP/EFI these guys assured me I would be able to adapt
this to the single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton right here and sure enough for me it was pretty
straightforward super flexible ECU and I have some tuning experience so it wasn’t too hard
I’m going to show you how all that is hooked into the PC in a moment but before that I
want to answer one of the questions from the livestream is why did this project take me
so long one of the reasons it took so long is for the last 6 months I’ve been busy filming
a show called storm stories I’m uploading some of those behind the scenes videos to
my personal channel I’ll leave a link to that channel in the description below if you want
to check that out but that’s one of the reasons this took me so long the second reason is
this timing wheel right here I had a lot of issues with this and this brings me to my
second question from the live streaming that is what was one of the biggest challenges
of this build and that would be this timing wheel right here first timing wheel I had
was this big bulky timing wheel and it just didn’t feel or look safe this is how I have
it set up right now I wanted to adapt a timing wheel that was going to work be safe and have
good resolution and by resolution I mean accuracy the more teeth the more accurate and this
is probably the most important part of this build because this is how the engine management
system knows what position the engine is at any given moment and is able to calculate
things like ignition timing fuel injector timing I was really excited about this so
I’m going to show you how it works real quick then I’m going to move on to showing you the
sensors and how I have everything set up but I finally built a starter in the previous
episodes everybody told me I needed a starter so I finally built one with this drill and
extension and socket but hey at work so I want to show you how this pick up works I’m
going to spin the engine just watch the RPM and that’s how the computer knows the RPM
of the engine through the sensor in this wheel it’s a simple as that I’m going to move on
to all the sensors now and the first one I was excited about what this coolant temperature
sensor for some reason I mounted it right in the block right there and since this is
air-cooled I kind of just made sure it was touching the fin right here I think it’s going
to work out pretty good it’s definitely going to give us a good idea of what the temperature
of that cylinder is and if it doesn’t work I’ll just machine something in there but we’ll
see how that goes now I’m going to show you all of the sensors this is a air temperature
sensor I believe or an air flow sensor I’m not sure it’s been a while since I ordered
it this is a throttle position sensor I was really excited about when I got it to work
and I can show you this one in real time to this is how the throttle position sensor works
this would be at idle full throttle idle full throttle no this is the fuel injector 1000cc
injector you know some people are commenting that it’s kind of big and yeah it’s kind of
big but to be honest I’m running nitromethane most of the time so I think it will be alright
this thing right here and this was sent by Jesus because I was looking for this valve
this I need a 4-wire valve this is the idle air control valve so basically this is how
the engine management system controls the idle of the engine this valve pulls open this
plunger and it lets air into the intake like I said this was sent by Jesus because I was
looking for this thing forever and some guy my neighbor said it was just some guy he walked
by and drop this on my porch it was the weirdest thing one of the weirdest things that’s happened
to me I was looking for this thing and I couldn’t find it and yeah true story she just called
me and said some guy left some weird thing on the porch out of nowhere it was really
weird on to the ignition coil I’m just going to use a single ignition coil to begin withthen
I’m going to move on to my MSD Redbox I’m going to show everybody what multi spark discharge
is with the high speed camera and then this is my setup I have my battery I have my fuel
pump right here high pressure fuel injector pump my oil pump for the turbo and last but
not least my ECU or EMS and I have a blow off valve from the eclipse I might hook that
up and try to get that to work something else I want to show you is the intake I’m going
to be removing this entire intake from the engine and building a see-through through
throttle body that’s going to how’s the injector idle air control valve right there and the
air temperature sensor I think it’s going to be super cool to see in real-time how the
fuel injector works and maybe even how the idle air control valve works the last thing
I want to show you look at these Wires there is like a ton of wires here that I have to
hook up and lucky for me the ECU came with this little reference card for all the wiring
and this makes it surprisingly easy because everything is kind of listed and color coded
and yeah I think I covered everything I just want to answer one more question people have
about this and that is what am I going to do with EFI system after this engine blows
up because everybody including myself is confident that this thing is going to blow sky-high
in the next episode so my plans are when I build this thing tomorrow I’m going to make
it all modular when I can just disconnect the harness and move it to another engine
and in this case is going to move to the second version of this see-through engine which is
already done that episode has been done already but I need
to release this episode first and this episode is not done yet so that’s what I’m going to
focus on now don’t forget to check out storm stories on my personal channel I’m going to
leave a link in the description below tell me what you think about that hopefully the
next thing you’ll see of this engine is a finished episode thanks for watching thanks
for your patience and see you soon

53 thoughts on “See Through Engine UPDATE (Project Update-Turbo-Nitro & EFI)

  1. you got alot on your plate but wait…the fuel injector timed by the degree wheel will be the most important swap up..these 4 cyl. motors are hard to start at times and i believe its caused by inadequate gas in the cyl. during cranking..even without the nitro it still should be light years ahead of its predecessors..this looks interesting

  2. An engine that small is going to have great difficulty driving a turbo that large, at least enough to have any real effect I would think.

  3. Very impressive setup! Looking forward to seeing everything hooked up and the engine running!! Thanks for the update video!

  4. A little comment:

    As fueling, load and other factors depend on the coolant temperature to be determent accurate placed my coolant sensor in the engine oil when I converted an air cooled engine. That worked okey enough. Your oil will be a little hotter, but you could try to tweak it with a correction factor.

    First time I heard anyone refer to the mailman as jesus 😅

  5. oh you so got this! also… now that you have the ECU set up. you can push the briggs to it's absolute limits and you can either make it survive or you can make it go boom! just by changing timing and all sorts of stuff 🙂 that's how I am going to get an all stock ford 460 with dished cast pistons to run with a 6/71 blower mounted on top! that's right! cast crank, stock rods, and cast pistons with a 6/71 on top! I'm gonna make it all happen 🙂 but i just have to get the parts to do it haha. But yeah. This next episode I have to tell you… it's gonna be so worth the wait!!!

  6. That 1000cc injector is set up for about 120 HP per injector. You're not going to get the idle metering you're after it way way too big. It's going to run like garbage.

  7. It’s like hooking your new gaming account c up to a 56k modem. Hopefully your planning on using that ms3 for much more ambitious projects to come. Maybe connecting a few of those inline with fuel injection and a larger turbo.

  8. Please never apologize for waiting to upload to make the content better! Its creators like you that keep me watching YouTube, those people who are worried more about quality and quantity are the best! Thanks for the video bro that looks amazing!

  9. Just incredible to see how much work you are putting into this project. Good to know Jesus is on the side lines with a helping hand too Brother.

  10. Small turbos are nonsense, they can't build up enough pressure to make a difference, that's why in turbocharged cars a simple way to increase horsepower is change the turbo for a bigger one

  11. Do you think you will ever do a flathead v8 Ford see through? Or any other multi cylinder flathead engine? Old jeep cj2a engine maybe?

  12. i was going to ask you about this and where it got to…

    maybe you missed my comment back then…
    you need a plenum chamber about 4x the engine capacity for a single cylinder, and for efi on a sationary engine… you could have just used a 555 timer running monostable, triggered off the ignition, with an adjustable 1 to 15 mS pulse to tune… simples! cost you $5 to make… no software or sensors required… basically an electric version of the spray bar on a model control line plane.. . no throttle, no nothing!

    doesnt need to idle… only gotta scream and explode!

  13. This should be pretty awesome, those megasquirt controllers are surprisingly capable ECU’s. That MS3 will run up to an 8 cylinder engine with 8 coils, and I believe a V12 in “wasted spark” config. I wish I lived closer to you and could help with projects like this, I used to build engine harnesses from scratch once upon a time, and I used to do R&D and product design for a small company that specialized in EFI conversions. I solved a lot of problems with adapting modern engine controllers to older non EFI engines while I was there. Always wanted to EFI and turbocharge a single cylinder engine like this. Can’t wait to see the results!

  14. I can't wait to see the B&S be to strong for you to break yet again lol. There is a video on the internet of somebody running a B&S with compressed oxygen and top fuel it took a lot to break it. there was fire coming out of it like a jet engine.

  15. It's really nice that you show your process. Most channels only show the end result and you tend to forget that there is so much work in such a project. Good luck on improving and finishing it up! 🙂

  16. This setup is insane….nitro meth, an ecu, boosted, straight pipe, air cooled, IAC, TPS, temp sensors…this thing is just absolutely mental…

    Can't wait for the billet block, forged internals and big cam 😂

  17. Gracias por poner subtítulos en español .deseando ver el motor funcionando al máximo, un saludo desde Barcelona

  18. 1000cc injector? how much hp do you think that thing is gonna make hahaha its usualy 1ccper hp, on my car i have 5x 420cc injectors and its runing over 300hp… you may have problems with that injector as it flows TOO much so getting it to idle might be kinda hard. smaller injectors are easier to setup

  19. Can I suggest you add this to the see through engine playlist so people know it's part of that series. May get you more traffic.

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