100 thoughts on “See this doctor’s extreme road rage

  1. All of the prisoners that depend on their oxycodone through this guy were really pissed off when this happened. Half the prison wenf through withdrawal.

  2. What he should have done is go around a dump nails out then maybe he would wreck his car into the guard rail and die

  3. 5 years he should get 20 for shooting at a car on the highway he could of caused a multiple car pile up if hed of hit the driver and he lost control.

  4. Why does he have a gun? And he actually fired it at the man. Things like this only convince me more about the necessity of stronger gun control laws.

  5. Seems like the guy following was the rager on the guy's ass and in and out of lanes. I wouldn't have fired the gun though

  6. Love how the reporter is driving, looking at a camera in passenger's lap and holding a cell phone. Probably could've gotten that shot a different way…

  7. As bad as this was no one should EVER drive while taking a cell phone video! He could of caused an accident just off that

  8. Its illegal to use a phone whilst driving here , you get points and a fine for doing so because it's dangerous . I thought it was the same in the USA ?

  9. He tried to shot him because then he will have to go to the hospital. And in the doctors little mind, he was thinking “hopefully I have to take out the bullet, and there I will finish the job”

    Edit: yea I got problems….

  10. He is probably practicing medicine somewhere else by now. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a doctor to loose their license. IMPOSSIBLE. The accreditation committees protect them a lot. They are a mafia on their own .

  11. I was scared …. shut up dude your taking it upon yourself to do what your doing with your stupid camera phone causing just as much danger as the scary guy with a gun

  12. A physician in Tennessee once shot at a vehicle with a family in it while driving down I-24 on Monteagle Mountain. Did he lose his license to practice medicine? Nope! Still practicing and making 300k per year right now.

  13. Road Ragers always get away with shit. He should have been charged with attempted murder and a slew of other related charges. They'll let him plead it down to probation and community services and fines. People keep saying call the police. They aren't going to help with shit but tell you to keep moving. That's why road rage is getting worse because there have been no consequences for the people doing it.

  14. I wonder what the ruling would have been if the Doctor had pointed (and shot) the gone at one of his/her children.
    Really? Just endangerment and probation?

  15. he was using a highly addictive drug WHILE being a doctor and they tell him he SHOULD VOLUNTARY SURRENDER, but then cut him a break over and over.
    the city gets a piece of his profits that's why!!
    What a COUNTRY!!!

  16. Why people like to snitch on others, mind your business. Lol " he was driving in the emergency lane, so I want to tell on him". Why? You got nothing else to do? Are you a cop? Why everyone in US like to call cops and tell on each other?

  17. Was it even a real gun seems like it was a smoke gun, usually real guns dosen't smoke for a long duration like that Nor is it very visible

    And the fact that there was no nouse from it seems like a threat gun

  18. It doesn't take a genius to
    realize it's a bad situation.
    So slow down. Let him pass.
    Pull off the highway.
    Report DL to the police.
    If you insist on escalating the situation, this what you get.

  19. Geeez the chances and the privilege they kept giving this whiteman even after he had a criminal record goes to show you, that if he was a blackman he would have loss his license and never been able to get a second chance absolutely not. SMH

  20. God forgive me for saying this but he should have been shot..next time he'll know better than to drive down someone and puts a camera in their face not knowing that person…why tf he didn't mind his own business, he definitely puts himself in that unnecessary circumstance/ danger. I'm sorry for being honest🤷🏼‍♂️

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