100 thoughts on “See the question Trump’s adviser won’t answer

  1. Republicans ignore that unemployment rate chart between 2010-2016. They pretend Trump is some financial genius when he's in fact the opposite. The economy is still doing fine in spite of Trump's idiocy

  2. If the president stays silent on something you should follow his lead. Oh. Wait. You didn't. This is why no one watches CNN anymore.

  3. Obvious problem is obvious, but in the 'real' world, where laws are followed, you can't investigate someone without having a mandate of some kind, a premise as to why they are being investigated, only a banana republic investigates a citizen without any cause.


    Spends entire interview denying everything
    "I will not confirm or deny anything that happens in the White House"

    It's starting to fall apart AHAHAHA

  5. The Hong Kong stuff is about democracy not capitalism, both are very different and should not be mutually exclusive.

  6. How did the Republicans come to this. Dancing to the tune of a reality star with zero grasp of the legacy he’s taken on in the office of the President. Hopefully some of them wake up, this isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. This is about American values and safeguarding of our government. Hopefully more of the party take a stand like Mitt Romney and the much missed late Sen. John McCain.

  7. Clickbait for clucks…🤣🤣🤣investigations are ongoing and the fake news media knows certain information will be with held from the public until the conclusion.

  8. "it's not a fact or evidence.." for these Republicunts and Trump mouthpieces, even when it comes from the mouth of the OrangeCunt himself. How sad it is when we can't even agree on reality.

  9. For context Cuba has a 1% unemployment rate and we all know how fat they’re living. Why do Americans fall suckers to such laughable stats and metrics? No wonder you’re the laughingstock of the world.

  10. There's a word in spanish for Mr 60-year-old-millenial here: lamehuevos. "I've never been disappointed in my president!" Come on, man…

  11. Standard right wingers tactic of just talking over the interviewer,literally happens every time they are on the news,they are obviously coached to do it.

  12. Good interview 👍 … How can someone believe that this lunatic has created great economy in just two and half years??

  13. Its so funny watching Repubs overtalk the host in an effort to minimize what is being said… Can't wait till they are all out and we can have a normal govt again and not a daily soap opera…. Just my humble opinion…

  14. "who are these people" -What are you other than a propagandist, like we should trust what trump says publicly about Hong Kong whilst he undermines democracy behind the scenes? This journalist did a good job here.

  15. “I’m never disappointed in my President”. Peter Navarro just lost all credibility. He proves that he is completely bias. Why even talk to these brainwashed Republicans?

  16. navarro, you'll feel ridiculous when a whistleblower contradicts your argument, or when trump shows the transcript of that call 🙂

  17. I believe Adam Schift. There are more whistleblowers coming.
    Trump is not doing anything but cutting Bidden down with lies, playing golf on my tax dollars, and not helping jurricaine victims from 2018, much less 2020.
    Trump is a proven Criminal. He laundered mob money, refused to pay contractors for work completed, tax evasion, charity fraud, campaign finance violations (felonies he will goto court over once out of office, and 17 rapes (1 was a minor 14 years old at the time of the rape). They must wait until he is out of office. Trump is a monster!!!

  18. Don't want to go into it because it's absolutely true, our president has committed documented acts that REQUIRE IMPEACHMENT

  19. Wow lot of jobs to bad no
    Benefits and you have to work three to make ends meet what, else will this "great leader" do for our country

  20. So, answering a plainly understood question with a question is now considered "answering the question", is it?

  21. I don't get how one single American can stand around and wait for these people to destroy our democracy.Germany in the making!

  22. Why do we have to see a question that he didn't want to answer? I want to see the questions that he answered. 😠😠😠

  23. The One Thing you could rely on Republicans to do in the past was to stand up to Communist Dictators. Well, the one GOOD thing. There was always some, tho not always enough, dissent on things like the Drug War, the environment, etc. This is like having an NRA that no longer supported rights for responsible gun owners.

  24. What a republican turd,
    Reporter: are you okay with the president talking to China for dirt on Biden
    Turd: look over there squirrel!

  25. Never heard Obama talk bad about Iran while they misteated the people there instead he very sneakily gave them money but of course not a problem not one bad word about Obama for doing so from CNN

  26. Try to Explain how you Screwed up the Climbing Economy That OBAMA struggled to Recover. He rode the WAVE and did Nothing to keep it Going. All of Donnie's Enablers are Babbling Psychophants and only fool themselves. There are many Intelligent People that are not buying your Liars.

  27. The numbers are bullshit made up to drive Wall Street and the banks. Millions of us have given up looking for work and we are not counted. The jobs are primarily p/t or temp positions with no benefits offered. Navarro is an ass.

  28. "I am never disappointed in my president" This guy is shameless. He is kissing Trump's ass on National TV. I don't care if the president is a fucking saint. No mature adult would ever say that.

  29. CNN's prime-time ratings plunged 26% in April — the cable news network's worst month for total viewers since October 2015, according to Nielsen Media Research. The network suffered a 41% slide in viewers aged 25 to 54 — the demographic most coveted by advertisers. …CNN's tumbled 26%, to 767,000.May 1, 2019.

    The last two years have been hard on America-hating Democrats.
    Open borders, lawlessness and socialism are not big selling points for the liberal party.

    There are less Democrats today than when Donald Trump was elected US President on November 8, 2016.

    According to Gallup.
    On November 9-14 2016 30% of Americans considered themselves Democrat.

    Today, August 24, 2019 only 27% of Americans consider themselves a Democrat.

    All of that craziness and violence is not expanding their party

  30. What is the point of this exercise in futility? Filibuster, lies, diversions, slander, name calling…. a mess. What a rude and obnoxious jerk. If I were a host of this Jerry Springer show, I'd cut this sucker's microphone off, then walk out of the studio.

    Honestly. You guys need to make it crystal clear to your guests that this behavior simply won't be tolerated. Full stop.

  31. Unemployment rate is the number of people currently receiving unemployment. Many more people today are working part-time jobs and seasonal jobs, which offer no unemployment benefits. The unemployment rate is not an indicator of our actual situation.

  32. Trump doesn't want us to believe the press, the very people that have historically gotten the story right, deep throat in Watergate and millions of other times. Trump's a conman running his biggest con

  33. No not everybody that wants a job can get a job. Felonies prevent that. And before you judge, know that some people got felonies when they were young and dumb. Now as adults, we still have the stigma following us. (In my case, more than 20 years later.) And not all felons are bad people. Just look at Trump's lawyer.

  34. All kind of jobs is a double edge sword. What kind of jobs are they? Yes you can get a job but that job doesn’t pay enough to pay all the bills. Most of those jobs are paying minimum wage or not much more.

  35. Welcome to Trumplethinskins' Authoritarian Regime of Blowhardia! This time his bootlicker didn't know what to say in the face of truth.

  36. Why don't you talk to the press about that? How? Does he do scheduled press briefings? Does he do interviews? No, he sends lackeys and waterboys like you. What a sad sad old man. This dude really needs to get some 🌞. "Why don't you out your anonymous sources". Every story that has come out from anonymous sources has been proven true. What a clown. How do these guys get to where they are being so damn dumb? White privilege is real man. For real. There is no other real explanation for how an idiot of this magnitude became wealthy.

  37. What a clown. How do these guys get to where they are being so damn dumb? White privilege is real man. For real. There is no other real explanation for how an idiot of this magnitude became wealthy.

  38. 4:16 "The media can't just write these news stories with anonymous sources and expect the White House to confirm or deny" They're getting pretty desperate. Probably sick of losing credibility as they inevitably lie and are exposed for it when the story later turns out to be true.
    You see, bias isn't important (because you could then dismiss literally all information as biased). It's credibility that matters. And that's the difference between mainstream liberal and mainstream conservative media. Mainstream liberal media tends to be predictive (correct in their reporting). Mainstream conservative media relies on conspiracy theories (dependent on very loose facts, if any) that inevitably turn out to be false.
    Mainstream liberal media (things that Trump claimed were all "Fake News" that turned out to be true later)- Stormy Daniels payments, Attempted firing of Mueller, tensions between Trump and Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions and MANY more who were soon fired later, Russian Meddling, Trump's 'lack of knowledge' on the Trump Tower Moscow deal, and many MANY more.
    Mainstream conservative media claims (that inevitably proved false)- Benghazi cover-up, Seth Rich inside information (Fox News sued by the one source for that story, for falsifying quotes by them), Widespread voter fraud by Democrats (Ironically Republicans were the ones to commit more cases of voter fraud in the 2016 election and election fraud in North Carolina and Texas), Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, Jade Helm, Obama's birth certificate being fake, WMDs in Iraq, the economy being "GREAT" with definitely no recession coming anytime soon in early 2008 and now FISA abuse (can't wait for the IG report on that one), and of course Giuliani's claims about Biden's supposed crimes in Ukraine (which even Giuliani's main source denies that any evidence for such crimes exist. Oops. Not to mention his other sources having been convicted in Ukraine for obstruction of justice and abusing their power as prosecutors. Double oops.)
    To quote Ben Shapiro "Facts don't care about your feelings". If you want to be consistently wrong on the vast majority of issues, trust mainstream conservative media. It'll make you feel like a major fool later. I guess if you're a masochist and enjoy looking like an idiot, carry on.

  39. Hey red tie guy can't handle the fire get out of the goddamn kitchen stop f**** brown nosing 45 you know he be f**** up

  40. The Russia hoax, the Witch Hunt. Blah blah blah, nothing but Fox News/Republican talking points. Just because a source is anonymous doesn't mean it's not reliable. What bullshit. Trump's foreign policy is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Sending Pompeo and Barr all over the world to chase down Giuliani's theories which we all know are bunk. Nothing but propaganda.
    "I will never talk about what was said in the White House" Yeah-because he has to right to remain silent and not incriminate himself or Trump. And pushing the low unemployment rate is bullshit because we know that so many people in this country are not earning a living wage and have no health care. It would be nice if the White House could try giving a shit about working class Americans instead of supporting tax and labor policies which give huge breaks to billionaires and big corporations instead. Trump is just riding the Obama era successes into the ground. We should be supporting a revolution in China. This new law where you get a one year mandatory jail sentence for wearing a facemask is a horrific example of an authoritarian regime's use of facial recognition technology to track and punish anyone expressing political dissent. Trump wants to keep his support of the Chinese government under wraps. I bet he's jealous of Putin and Mohammed Bin Salman being able to just kill journalists at will, with no consequences. You just have to look at Trump's behavior at his rallies to know that that's true. He's not happy just throwing protesters out, he wants them beat up too.

  41. Someone else need to stuff his undies in his mouth – he should listen and think before he puts his dopey donald view before intelligent people. Only dumb shit deplorable who live in their own little bubble world would believe this turkey- very intelligent person dah!🤪🤪🤪🤪

  42. The over valued dollar is hurting trade, but Trump sanctioned tariffs (and the corresponding retaliatory tariffs) are creating uncertainty and unpredictability – and that’s a slow working poison.

  43. CNN the CURRUPTABLES lies Faulse News Station, Even Are BBC cannot Believe the lies you report Everyday, your a Laughing Stock At Are BBC

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