See New Impeachment Evidence Cornering Trump’s Top Aide Mulvaney | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

See New Impeachment Evidence Cornering Trump’s Top Aide Mulvaney | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “See New Impeachment Evidence Cornering Trump’s Top Aide Mulvaney | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. The GOP sees the irrefutable evidence!
    The GOP has a NEW PLAN‐ A…Jim Jordan has now been moved by Republican's to Trump's public impeachment hearings, to elevate Jordan to have him seen as fighting Democrat's in front of all Trump's voters on TV. Doing it to show Jordan tried hard but couldn't save Trump from his own impeachment crimes. (GOP knows it must accept U.S. RULE OF LAW ! ) It's a real good PLAN for the GOP but BAD NEWS for Trump.
    It allows GOP to quickly run Jordan as the next feisty 2020 presidential candidate.
    MOST IMPORTANT! it will give Trump's voters someone they can cling to!
    GOP Plan-A = (AFTER) impeachment!

  2. Lady that is because people like you act like elites get a pass Trump is lying thieving pederast pig but Adam Schiff made a sarcastic comment so they are both guilty of the same thing attitude. Trump has gotten people killed and let people die for a sound bite or to cover for some other crime shame on you! Elite finger wagers like you make us sick!

    tRUMP said he would clean the SWAMP little did they know it would be REPUBLICANS!
    When a lifelong Democrat joins the GOP it’s because they know that BOYS CLUB is always desperate for members !
    Did you republican idiots learn anything or wake up yet ?

  4. Your trying so hard to make foreign policy a crime , remember this (if Japan doesn't stop fighting we will keep bombing them)
    You see that's a quid pro quo
    You do this and we will do that
    How about this ( fire this
    investigator or your not going to get the billion dollar loans guarantee)….Joe Biden video
    QUID PRO QUO on video
    But were not supposed to investigate Joe? Why not?

  5. She talks just like a typical politician she say a lot but nothing comes out of her mouth but a lot of slow words

  6. Why do pundits always claim that Democrats are the ones that must collaborate with Republicans and not the other way around? Is it because the Dems always cave in to the demands of Republicans?

  7. These pundits are very dishonest.
    Obama promised Iran money in exchange for no nukes. There was a quid pro quo and this raised Obama's popularity among his base so he profited from it, and debatably the USA profited.
    Trump asked China to agree to new trade standards, to stop unfair trade, to stop intellectual property theft in exchange for no new tariffs. There was a quid pro quo, Trump looked better to his supporters, and debatably the USA profited.
    Trump also told Mexico to keep immigrants on their side of the border or there would be heck. Trump profited since his base thinks this is great, so there was a quid pro quo, and the USA debatably profited also.
    Seems to me that president profit from making good deals and the USA profits also. Also it seems that all deals, an exchange of goods, have a quid pro quo attached to it. Quid pro quo is not illegal.
    Many people think Biden is corrupt and he should be investigated. If Biden is corrupt, and the evidence is mounting, then it is hard to debate that fighting against corruption in the USA government is a bad thing. It would seem to me that fighting corruption in the government is a good thing. Dems don't believe this?
    I really don't agree on the dems view on this whole situation.
    The investigation into the origins of Russiagate is also in the interest of the USA, but dems don't seem to believe so.

  8. Mulvaney and Guiliani will take the fall for this and Trump will get by with it again. How many people are willing to go to jail for this guy? When will these sycophants realize he is a calculating, self serving demon?

  9. The difference with Trump impeachment to Clinton's is the Democrats are getting public opinion. Clinton still had a very high approval rating but they just wanted him gone at any cost.

  10. Extending my gratitude for recognizing her achievements, and the gracious response from the gentlemen. Thank you!
    Now we have to wait it out, the truth will come out. We can not get caught up in thier arguing points. The points are distractions. We have the truth. Thank you trump for reminding Americans why we are great. We are a DEMOCRACY, and we are keeping it! VOTE!

  11. 10:40 That 40% of Americans don't care that Trump is a narcissistic habitual liar… that to me is the biggest story, I've been saying this for 3 years. It doesn't bode well for America's future, these half-wits aren't going to be going away any time soon.

  12. 13:15 Trump, the habitual liar, and 40% of America loves it. "I lie for a living, he can't tell the truth…". I've been watching this since I started paying attention to Trump about 3 years ago. Trump cannot tell the truth, his whole persona is built upon lies and lying. It is so amazing that people won't admit to themselves the obvious.

  13. No its not that they don't care. What Fox News watch Breitbart News watch these extreme groups ….they say all these people are lying. They are not hearing the evidence. They are not hearing what we are hearing

  14. What matters is to pinpoint what crimes Trump did, which he does publicly. I fail to see how he gets out of all these.

  15. I'm not buying what Peggy Noonan is saying at the end, she does not acknowledge to herself the reality of Republican politician's behavior in their absolute support for Trump's behavior. Disgusting, she is showing herself to be the Republican hack that she is.

  16. My problem with saying someone is “partisan “ has NOTHING to do with breaking the law or poor management. As the “CAPTAIN” of the ship, the President is RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the people HE hired. ANY Captain will tell you if there is an accident aboard a ship HE commands (even though it may not be his fault directly) HE is still the person who receives the dismissal from duty.

  17. Wow, how great to have Peggy Noonan, (one of the criminal conspirators of the Reagen Administration who gave us the Iran Contra treason as well as our gaping third world inequality) comment on the Trump presidency. And she won a Pulitzer Prize for her service. Maybe she can work with her previous co-conspirator, AG Barr to pull this administration back from the precipice as well. Erudition is no substitute for a basic moral compass.

  18. You know what else the people don't questions that M.A.D ( media and Democrat) also known as the do nothing Democrat and fake news. Would lie and say anything to destroy this president. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    They lying right now Mulvaney never admitted to holding aide until the Biden was investigated. They just took sound bits and chop up the video to fix their narrative. See it for you self I will post the Mulvaney press conference. Mulvaney gonna keep saying they didn't hold the money because of Biden over and over again. Why M.A.D ( media and Democrat) lie so much.

  19. JFC put Noonan in a box already. Asking Schiff to put his arms around the Republicans? They have no ethics or moral compass and have shown they have no interest in participating or maintaining a Democracy. Their refusal to appear at subpoenas or even read the testimony of witness who are recounting clear criminality by the administration is the stuff of banana republics. You do not put your arms around criminals and coddle them, as Noonan has said for 50 years when talking about people that are not driven around by chauffeurs.

  20. By design or happen chance all of this could become such a muddied "he said, she said" deal nothing significant every really comes of it, certainly not in a timely manner. Both parties continue to share blame though.

  21. What would have happened if Nixon had ordered his henchmen not to appear to answer to Congress? The Art of the Steal. Now Congress must demand the Art of the Spill. Spill up your guts low down Trump turds.

  22. She missing the point, these Republicans do not care and will no agree not matter what as long as lying Trump gets his own way.

  23. Ari, just stop wasting our time and "Get Over it". In 3 years, not 1 Trump White House official that defied a supena was jailed and/or fined. Weak Democrats. Nadler hearings a bust. Plus, NO REPUBLICANS, not even Romney, have indicated in public any hint they will vote for impeachment if charges brought.

  24. Do.not.touch. another person, without explicit permission to do so, has been granted by the person being touched.
    1.The first time, it was offensive as being patronizing.
    2. The second time, he came close to shaking her, to get her attention.
    If Ms. Noonan and Mr. Schwartz have an understanding about him touching her at his will, then this notice should be disregarded.
    It was very uncomfortable to witness.

  25. 5:13
    Peggy Noonan: "On some level, I'm losing track of all of the actors in the drama."

    My comments:
    – And your point is?
    – Does this discredit from the truth, and then the solution?
    – And who are the "actors" in this "drama" ? … and then should we first categorize them into credible vs non-credible?
    – That's the point of these hearings: let all the "actors" have their uninterrupted day in court to speak their truth. Oh wait: some don't want to appear in court?

    Loose lips sink ships. –> there would be far fewer "actors" in this "drama" if people kept their mouths shut, whether it was behind closed doors or in public (tv or social media). Who's responsible for this?

    Maybe Peggy Noonan's point is:
    – If you are against Trump, you can see through the confusion.
    – If you support Trump, well, all these extra actors make it perhaps appear the truth is being manipulated, or that the severity of the indiscretion has been exaggerated: "I shot someone; who cares."

  26. If congress is his "enemy" for investigating his non-stop crime spree, then courts and prosecutors are enemies of people? This woman guest talks just like Trump, only much slower and deliberately – if it has to be 'he who hasn't sinned…." way, why waste any resources making laws, let alone try to implement it

  27. Hey MSNBC, do you EVER see Fox "news" bring Democrats on to tell the Republicans what they should do? No, me either. So why do you guys always bring on the partisan republicans to try and get dems to compromise? Either you're part of this stupid voluntary shift to the right, or you're useful idiots. I get that you think it's good to have opposing viewpoints, but that's only valuable when you're dealing with people who act in good faith. At this point, I don't see much evidence of that coming from the right.

    Please… stop giving the right wing so much leash.

  28. Standard operation in DC is so transactional that if someone acts on high principal or for the greater common good nobody can recognize it or take it above suspicion.

  29. Sonland steer clear of any buses you may see. donnie is aiming them at you. and he is expert at throwing folks under them

  30. Hey Steve
    Our founding fathers never imagined Blacks will be free, Indiana will be alive today and Hispanics would have rights in this country as well. So I never reach back that far in time. Knowing Gorge Washington false teeth were made from good teeth of a slave who had to then live with no teeth. I am not disrespecting you. I care less about founding fathers. See I am an immigrant also of my great, great, great grandfather who was brought to America from the continent of Africa in shackles and chains. And Donald Duck has not forgotten my history as well.

  31. Nixon kept the tapes because he was obsessed with the idea that one day HE would be celebrated as one of America's greatest Presidents. As the former VP of Eisenhower, Nixon's name was political gold. Congress had to work very hard to "tell the storys" hidden within the Nixon presidency. The evidence of those tapes plus the stories of the extent of Nixon's betrayal of the American people were what sunk his case. Nixon resigned. However, I personally would have voted against any person who failed to vote to impeach. Like millions of other Americans, I support our military in both word and deed. That's something that neither Nixon or Trump could claim. Unlike Trump, I do not believe that my fellow Americans in "red" States are too stupid to understand national politics. I believe that Trump set out to bamboozle them. He held a lot of rallies accross the South, but left their local communities holding the bag for expenses. Many of these communities were already poor, when Trump left them with one more debt and dreams of wealth that would not come true. Respect toward others is one of the foundation pieces that every family, in every corner of America, teaches their youngest children. Trump has thrived on disrespecting all Americans, all American laws and all American government institutions. If he can't conduct himself as well as a small child, we have no business putting him into a leadership position. Even if we have to wait the 25 years for the "Freedom of Information Act, Americans will eventually find out what Trump has been hiding on those "secret servers".

  32. The Don only hires the best.😁 Does this guy now or before look and sound like the best. Long referred to him as Dullvaney.
    Best and brightest like Generals Kelly and Mattis dont stay because the stable genius doesnt listen.
    Mattis said it best. Gives longtime overall view of The Don in a recent speech: Got my spurs at miitary college and on various battlefields. Trump got his SPURS in a paid for letter from and MD.

  33. As Bogart said in "The Maltese Falcon," "How about Wilmer here?" Come to think of it, Mulvaney looks like Elisha Cook in glasses!

  34. I think that's right. When Bolton jumped ship that was a sign of a fatal flaw in the Trump Administration that Bolton knew better than to get involved with. That's a significant declaration and reaction by Bolton.

  35. In all this disgusting politicians what is more difficult to understand is those citizens who stand behind them/him. Wake up people!

  36. I hope they Charge Rick Mulvaney with treason. Mulvaney put our nation at risk with Russia buy furthering their goals of taking over ucrania and the rest of Europe. You should be ashamed of himself and be stripped of all ability to work for the government against. Let him go live in Russia. Then see how he feels.

  37. You know, John Bolton is a war bird. He believes we should assert our military presence where necessary to remain relevant in the world. This is not something new in Government. He is going to follow the procedures of Government and tell the people of America just how corrupt and malicious #45 is.
    I'm not a war bird but I know John Bolton will tell the truth in this investigation, no matter what this illegitimate Pres tries to do to him.
    I do believe that John Bolton is not worried what #45 will do to him because, at heart, John Bolton is a patriot of the United States of America.
    Dont hold back, John. AMERICA IS ON YOUR SIDE!

  38. It is possible for someone like Adam Schiff or anyone else to both be partisan and be correct. It's actually very easy when the president is a shameless criminal. trump tries to portray any person who disagrees with him as biased and untrustworthy because they disagree regardless of facts and context. In reality, the president is wrong about so much that there is good reason to be against him. Sometimes the truth lines up with partisan views. peggy noonan's take there is ridiculous as it falls for trump's act of always playing the victim to force the media to overcorrect and give him special consideration.

  39. They impeached President Bill Clinton for lying.
    But Donald Trump who's putting our country in danger they don't think he should be impeached.
    something about think about!!!!

  40. This entire presidency has been a sh** show! Every two weeks or less there is a knew "MAGA" scandal! The GOP as a whole needs to go in all local and national politics!

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