See Impeachment Smoking Gun Go Off: Aide Says Trump Led Bribery Plot | MSNBC

See Impeachment Smoking Gun Go Off: Aide Says Trump Led Bribery Plot | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “See Impeachment Smoking Gun Go Off: Aide Says Trump Led Bribery Plot | MSNBC

  1. I have noticed that as a congregant of Norman Vincent Peale, Trump listened well when it came to the positive thinking aspect of Peal’s philosophy — But he completely ignored the spiritual aspect. Takes what he needs and leaves the rest. Dangerous coward. 🐀

  2. Incredible! Give a blithering fool some rope, and eventually he will hang himself. Lmfao. Good stuff, right there! Happy Wednesday folks, you’re out of here, psychopath!

  3. Is anyone making the connection between the Clinton e mail saga and the political mileage trump got from this, ie., the Presidency and the Biden/Ukraine probe – Smear Clinton = 2016 Presidency AND NOW  smear Biden = Presidency in 2020. Absolute corruption and he needs his presidency wiped from history as it is a stain on America

  4. And so America is drawn inexorably toward the ultimate question.
    A question America has failed to address for a very long time. But it is the cause of the current strife.
    It is not a Republican, or Democrat problem, and actually is not about Trump, although he is prepared to go all the way with this question.
    Even the Supreme Court will avoid this question at all costs.
    Can a criminal be president of the USA if democratically supported ?
    A question even the Constitution itself tip toes around with the ineffective articles of impeachment.

  5. There is nothing black and white it’s the republicans being open by publishing silly letters and the Dems hiding and conducting investigations behind closed doors mmmm normally hiders have something to hide

  6. And with all that happening the Republicans will still back him up, will still be in his corner , that looks so bad

  7. Time to start an “Impeachment Investigations” into Pence! 😤
    He is up to his beady little eyes in this Criminal activity!

  8. Step one prosecute Pence, Pompeo, Guiliani, et al. Step two, impeach, convict, remove. Step three, clean out Washinton of this Trumpian deploreable stench.

  9. highlighting a qoute from the corrupt wasserman-shulz does nothing to help the case, just reminds you that the democrats have corruption that would match Trump's (lookup laptop and dc police). Our country's govt is so corrupt it's sickening. I wish there was a way to really drain the swamp.

  10. @MSNBC @RachelMaddow, @AriMelber All of Trump's senators need to go BACK TO SCHOOL FOR A BASIC EDUCATION, OR BETTER, TO REVIEW THEIR SUPPOSED IQ SCORES.
    If Lindsey Graham , Mitch McConney , Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy don't SEE ANY IMPEACHABLE EVIDENCE, IT seems to me that any child in a kindergarten could draw them a picture to aid their understanding.
    What you think?

  11. Pubican Logic: As long as it is NOT said privately–> (Then a Quid Pro Quo is NOT a Quid Pro Quo): BUT (If a Quid Pro Quo is mentioned publicly and in an official statement–>Then it is a Quid Pro Quo, but "SO WHAT, GET OVER IT"), mentioning a Quid Pro Quo often enough publicly makes a Quid Pro Quo a negation, a Quid Pro Quo that NEVER happened because it is not a illegal Quid Pro Quo but is NOW a LEGAL Quid Pro Quo (that never actually happened in the first place) [Keep repeating as long as the mike is on!]

  12. Trump will just lie some more and the political career and party before country republican politicians will close ranks and rally around Trump and his administration full of grifters like him.

  13. Nothing will happen to Trump. They cannot impeach him for the same offence that Biden did while not acting against Biden. This is how deals are being made all over the world by politicians every day. Trump is untouchable and protected by Destiny. Everything they do against him will come to naught. I don’t like Trump at all.

  14. Everyone who does his/her job honestly looks like a hero nowadays. What was normal before the buffoon's rise to power looks like an exception today. This career criminal, along with his underlings Pompeo, Barr, Giuliani, Pence …, should be indicted for high crimes against this nation. The buffoon always stood up for Putin and against this nation!

  15. Meanwhile, where is the investigation into all the pedophiles that Jefferey Epstein helped abuse minors? Certainly, they could spend a little time on that as well if they cared.
    It suits me just fine if they look into Trump, but why the selective concern?

  16. ‼️🦅🇺🇸Mr. Bill Taylor 🦅is a real American hero, who has the courage to speak up and tell the truth.👏🏻👏🏻❤️‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅‼️

  17. William B Taylor, Jr has an impressive resume. I wouldn't want to be the one charged by Trump to find a way to impugn Taylor's testimony with such an impressive resume.

    Top 1% of West Point '69 graduating class. Harvard Masters program (Public Policy degree). 82nd Airborne Division. Company Commander in the 101st airborne division in Vietnam. Bronze Star and Air Medal V for heroism. Commander of 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Germany. Followed by a very long history serving in US government here Domestically and then abroad for the US. His service to our country since graduating is too long to list.

    Put that resume against Trump's six corporate bankruptcies, hiding his school records, tax evasion, and bone spur excuses. Hmmm. Who should I believe?

  18. And those Republiclans, followers of the Great Orange will say! That’s not true and will make any stupid excuse to defend this trash from the WH!

  19. Ok so you have an excellently set out stall but do the investigators have the same plot line and the teath and intent to act with?
    Haven't heard much from that side of the house yet?

  20. There are still people in the world who have Dignity and a sense of what is Right and Wrong Doings. This Honable man could not have made it any CLEARER. How DISHONORABLE is President Donald Trump and the people who knows that he is in the wrong that continues to aid him. What an EPIC DISGRACE for the USA and our ALLIES who by the way, WILL NOT be TRUSTING US on any ISSUES. Who would after this DISGRACEFUL SELLOUT???

  21. I am shocked to see most of my fellow Republicans still supporting President Trump; including our GOP House Representatives AND our GOP Senators. My faith in the US Constitutions is rather shaken right now 🙁

  22. Get foreign agents of Israel out of our political system they cry Russia Russia while AIPAC is the biggest political lobby in America. How many duel citizens are the in our nations capital

  23. When Repubs ask who the whistle blower is, the answer should be: Mick Mulvaney, Donald Trump, and everybody else involved in this 3 stooges plot!!

  24. Our Government has become this way because of the DOJ ! The Senate and Congress has created such a beast that our entire system must be rewritten in a public constitution. This current fars doesn't stop the next president from becoming the devil without stopping anything NO MATTER how much proof with video and audio with the intention of hiding it from the American people yet our Congress and Senate failed to move on it ! Secret Agent Orange should not be involved in foreign relations at all !

  25. TWO honorable men have stepped up and its as if NOBODY cares !! What does that say about how Americans view the government ?? Loosing interest extremely fast. Hope the DEM's aren't going to expect us to represent again when they've been this USELESS !!

  26. Fun drinking game to play watching msnbc. Take a shot every time they make an assumption or use the term we don’t know.

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  28. There was no bribery plot !!! There was no quid pro Quo!!! It doesn’t matter how many of who they march in to testify. The Ukrainian president , on live TV ,said that Trump didn’t hold ANYTHING over him to get him to do anything. He also stated as well as their defense finance officer said they didn’t know any funds were being with held . Their was one guy in the Ukrainian government that said he knew about the hold on the money but even he didn’t know about it until two weeks after the phone call between the two presidents. So go ahead and keep blowing up the crapola that Criminal Shift is chopping up and leaking ,because you guys at MSNBC I know can’t think for your selves or care about broadcasting facts.

  29. So, MAGA, should Trump be allowed to decide what is legal and what is not legal, irregardless of our laws and Constitution, you know, like a king or dictator?

  30. —.> Who believes him is the paper trail of the OMB and two witnesses who saw and heard that the order to withhold aide came from the President.

  31. To me two of the biggest revelations was this: Taylor was told by Sondland that he had told Ukraine that the aid was dependent on the investigation. Republicans can no longer use the argument that "Ukraine didn't know the aid was being held." That's irrelevant. They knew that aid would be held if they didn't follow through.

    Secondly, Sondland told Taylor that the plan was for our attorney general Barr to announce the investigation in conjunction with Ukraine. We need to know more about Barr's involvement. And Barr needs to recuse himself of any and all Ukraine related investigations NOW!!!

  32. I'm grateful Mr. Taylor lived long enough to testify. You can bet Trump will be calling for his murder. He knows it, too. Imagine the balls it took for him to spill everything the way he did. I don't want this man to die, but if he does it won't change the fact that his testimony is now evidence. Bill Taylor has my respect.

  33. THis is all lies LIES told by traders of our republic , treason is happening and its not dues paid by Trump its by demo RATS who continue to make up lies presented to press as facts or truth its all Lies , back up by only those faces no real evidence of fact , this is treason , and president should order arrests of these persons ASAP

  34. We do have to keep our Hope high for people like Mr Taylor and many more who CARE's and keep their Oath for the Constitution and our Nation.

  35. So is the orange crook finally going to get removed in cuffs? Or is America going to continue to yell at their tvs and sit on their hands, and let this world destroyer walk away with his nose in the cloud. He will be long dead before anyone makes a move to hold him accountable for turning America into the worlds stinking dumpster fire.

  36. Trump have a lot to hide, otherwise! He wouldn't be encouraging people not to testify in Congress, also! He would allow Congress to see his tax returns.

  37. Trump's lawlessness exists because America allows wealthy whites free reign on liberty and justice. Trump proves white supremacy is ethically a low bar.

  38. Trump violated his oath of office, by LYING to the ENTIRE world… i consider that to b an obvious lie to Congress aswell. lying to the world/the public, on a daily basis, SHOULD b considered a violation… & for the luv of god… SOME1 NEEDS TO DRUG TEST THAT MAN!! 😳

  39. hey..Trumps alibi and rationale is and will be…." this is how I ran Trump why is it not ok for running the U.S. government as my personal fiefdom"? Extorting favours is the modus operandus of Trump Inc since Daddy did the same.,,nothing new! Perfect.

  40. This is nothing new. How many "smoking guns" have they claimed to have? God forbid people stop being easily manipulated by Democrat politicians so we can have a president that works for the people and to deliver on campaign promises. President Trump is NOT racist, sexist, a criminal, or a traitor. Supporting the political witch hunt is what's putting our democracy in danger not supporting the president.

  41. CALIGULA was Emperor of Rome barely 4 years. He was ASSASSINATED.
    Trump is as DEPRAVED, VILE & SELF-SERVING as CALIGULA. I would suggest you leave as soon as possible while you have your WEASEL WIG ON YOUR HEAD. Many dream of what ISIS &/OR M-13 would do with you….something about OVERDUE just desserts.

  42. The thing is, there were a lot of people involved in it. My question is: will each one of them have to to take the consequences? Because i think they must. Get them out, all out of their offices.

  43. You have to give Trump some credit. He ALMOST managed to remove every person of any patriotic duty and replace them with corrupt henchmen or people who are only lining their own pockets. And then came Bill Taylor

  44. did the newscaster not shave in his upper lip dimple? found myself squinting and zooming in. i do hope this is a new Watergate… that improves things

  45. Public statement means they wanted Ukraine to smear The Biden campaign, that's still foreign interference in our political process.

  46. Justice is coming. Democrats are running out of ways to hide their corruption. This scam is much bigger than anyone could ever have imagined. Wake up America.

  47. Maybe now Trump will accuse Bill Taylor of Treason.
    Lindsey Graham said he'll take a call if he sees further evidence that is besides the call that the whistle blower refered to. Lindsey will probably will do a Houdini and find a way to wriggle out of this situation too.

  48. It is good to know that there are still Patriots left in this government willing to stick the necks out for what is right, decent and honorable! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!

  49. SMH it's literally like a rumor going around school. If we can't see or hear it ourselves it is unreliable. Sighs and gasp oh yes that surly proves…….. something? Look if he actually did something worthy of impeachment I'm with you but I don't just blindly trust it because someone said it! You would have to be a nutcase to believe hear say. We are headed down a deadly path if we deny a American his civil rights just because a group of people feel he doesn't deserve them consider that before we push forward with something so Nazi like. JS.

  50. What's wrong with the GOP? Do they not care about our constitution? What trump did was wrong, and they want to bACK someone that's working for RUSSIA AND HIMSELF, trump doesn't care about the USA!!

  51. What if Biden doesn,t run for President ? Where does that leave Trump ? Does he go after Elizabeth Warren or whoever decides to run ! The corruption and criminality from within the White House has reached new levels.

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