Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

42 thoughts on “Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

  1. This was in my recommended section, so I clicked it-2 years old-I'd like to see an up to date video of him, since his arrest, and hear what he has to say. I've seen nothing, not even a short clip of what's happening with him since then- and no interviews from any sources I know of .

  2. WikiLeaks had all of that information stolen and whether it's true or not, that is against the law! Julian Assange and all of his cohorts should all be thrown in jail! He had plenty of e-mails from the Republican platform but only released info. and e-mails from the Democrats and that's one of many occasions where he lost all credibility! The guy is a snake!

  3. More than 12.6 million pounds to have police surround the Ecuadorian embassy? What a complete waste of taxpayers money which should go to people in need! Why didn't the British people protest this?

  4. Guess the 30,000 truth telling emails from Corrupt Clinton & her creepy side kick Pedo Podesta didn't go over too well. Until Clinton is locked up, behind bars in jail and Assange is free, justice is *not being done.

  5. Hillary is trying to suppress Julian Assaunge because he has information that would put her in jail. President Trump, if you are listening, please recall it was wikileaks, who is Julian Assaunge, who was a great help in getting the people to see what Hillary was up to, and thereby helping to get you elected, If you don't help this one who helped you a great deal, that would be very disturbing. Julian Assaunge deserves our (your) help. His father is in great distress with the thought that Julian would be expedited the US. This is shameful for us, becaiuse these are both good men who have done nothing wrong, and, in my opinion, deserve assylum immediately and legitamately.

  6. Arresting the clintons and closing their foundation willl be the best day this world would ever SEE. The face of a Demon incarnate. .. die demon bitch HAND OFF TRUMP HANDS OFF ASSANGE

  7. This interviewer is very kind and does not interrupt Julian, like others have, he should be commended !

  8. This man is so educated, so intelligent, so handsome and he is our 'true HERO' !!!!! WE LOVE JULIAN !!!

  9. Dirty Hillery and the haeds of the FBI think they are above the law. How and Hell has she avoided presecution. I'll tell you corrupt FBI LEADERS , NOT THE PEOPLE OF FBI.

  10. How do we know Christ? It is clear this man saved our souls, depite that the will of the enemies of good things happened still. Good, he was in prisoned in hard labour, if he was sick, he would have died for the cross others caved for us
    We should not forget how many people died in the sea.
    If this man hardn't a strong courage, people would have been saying African have left their homes to the West., without knowing the cause.
    The Most High so loved this angel Julian Assange that the right hand of Salvini, exposed people who work gently as if they were holy.
    I am nobody. But here i i must tell the world, we should not pretend as if he lied because are not blind. Let us not hear another lies like" we came we saw and d…" now we have started blaming ourselves, saying if we had "known" the mistake we made as , came we saw and he d***.
    The greatest mistake the world would do is killing this man or sending him out from his family again. Set him free.
    Someone killed one person we i live, they set her free, this man did not kill anybody the people holding him in hostage, have destroyed the entire earth the should be in prison not this man.
    Sorry i am nothing

  11. Prosecuting Assange is an appalling wrong thing to do on so many levels, but now he's in jail and they almost have him. All they have to add to his insults and treatment to date is maybe a crown of thorns.
    Free Assange and other truth tellers, and jail the liars, this is the best conclusion. Bush and Cheney lied!

  12. Protect Julian's life your Majesty…I ask this of you…Clinton lost the election…due to corruption…let truth and freedom exist like a beautiful bird…not caged or held too tightly

  13. I am praying for you Julian….why are they trying to protect the corrupt individuals in the USA…let the Truth come out…I ask this of you your Majesty…

  14. I'm here And I only want live in a peaceful world without killing and violence so come and fucking shoot me Stick your monopoly up you're arse and shoot me You can't take my life only lose yours Think your rich Coz of poor man who wouldn't lick arse your tramps with nice cars in suits & shoes ties success in kissing arse and telling lies Murder children call it collateral damage . Every man on Earth running around with gun time put it down

  15. Praying for you!
    For God's grace & mercy be with you,
    His power is above all powers of the earth.
    And He knows about the depth of your heart!

  16. From the corrupt fascist Dictatorships Rulebook ;

    Control the media.

    Silence those, by any means, who speak out against and expose your corrupt regime.

  17. 'RT is founded by the Russian government'..?? Well so to is the BBC by its government. ALL of those licence payers 'charges' pay for the government's official media channel…. It's time the British nation stopped paying for its own subjugation by enforced propaganda.. Particularly as so much of the reporting of truthful facts are twisted to suit governmental agendas which is taking authority away from the people's of the nation and undermining their freedome to have the right to govern their own borders and laws which have been in the making by our forefathers for a thousand years without the direct influence of foreign interference by invasion.. UNTIL AUTHORITY WAS BLACKMAILED INTO BEING HANDED OVER BY THE PAEDOPHILE EDWARD HEATH. TO THE E U.. UNDER THE FALSE AUSPICES OF TRADE DEALINGS… NOW OUR LAWS WHICH WE HAVE NO SAY IN ARE COMMANDED FROM A FOREIGN POWER NOT VOTED FOR OR CAN BE VOTED OUT OF AUTHORITY IN THE GUISE OF A PSEUDO EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT.. THEY PROBABLY WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SO INTERESTED BUT FOR THE FACT THAT BRITAIN IN THE SEVENTIES WAS ABOUT TO BECOME NOT JUST THE LARGEST ECONOMIC POWER IN COMPARISON TO THEIR EURO NEIGHBOURS, BUT WAS ABOUT TO BECOME OIL RICH FROM ITS BORDER AUTHORITY IN THE NORTH SEA… THEY STOLE IT ALL AND COLLAPSED OUR HEAVY INDUSTRIES… STILL WE ARE THE 5TH LARGEST ECONOMY ON THE PLANET.. WE WOULD HAVE BEEN 3RD.. BUT FOR EUROPES RAPE OF OUR WEALTH… THEY CAME FOR A SPOIL BY INFILTRATING BY THE BACK DOOR.. AND NOW THEY TRY TO KEEP THE BRITISH IGNORANT BY RAISING SUCH AS THE LIBERALIST MINORITY TO DUM DOWN THE AUTHORATITIVE VOICE OF THE MAJORITY AND RIGHTEOUS BY CRYING' POLITICAL CORRECTNESS '.. AND THE SKY WILL FALL IN WHEN THE ICE CAPS MELT AS THE DISTRACTION FOR THE PROMOTION OF DECEPTION.. AND THE BBC PUMPS OUT THEIR PROPOGANDA.. Well, I pray Father; forgive those who ' know not what they do 'May our Lord Jesus forgive them as do we and raise to prominance and positions of authority, over and above those who conspire in spiritual wickedness in high and dark places within the European corridors of political and military power. for the sake of the salvation of the British peoples; such Men as NIGEL FARAGE. Who as a man of his word, works tirelessly for the British people's rights to their own self governance.. AMEN… HALLELUJAH EMMANUELLE. AMEN.. THY WILL FATHER, BE DONE HERE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.. AMEN.

  18. i votein next american election fr julian FREEDOM N NOBLE PRICE MUST BE GRANTED TO HIM WITH 1BILLION DOLLARS

  19. its so sad to see the condition of someone who has only tried to expose the mechanisms of control, to see what that can do to a person. It is monstrous what is happening to this person at the moment…i curse the governments that support his oppression, and i curse those who are complicit in those governments


  21. mean while: Three journalists have been summoned for questioning by French police for their role in an explosive report detailing how the Macron government knowingly sold arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE for use in Yemen.

    Disclose co-founders Geoffrey Livolsi and Mathias Destal, as well as Benoit Collombat of Radio France have been summoned by police for questioning about the revelations contained within the April 15 report published by Disclose who partnered with Radio France, Mediapart, Arte Info, and Konbini.

  22. Noun. 1. Nobel Laureate – winner of aNobel prize. Nobelist. laureate – someone honored for great achievements; figuratively someone crowned with a laurel wreath. HE DESERVES THIS HONOR

  23. Criminals who perpetrate fraud do not want their crimes to be reported. That was the motive for murdering Jesus Christ, and it is the motive of the criminals for silencing the courageous patriotic heroic whistleblowers who dare to report the crimes of the anti-goy today.

  24. This sounds so outrageous to me. To have Trump get to be our president because of all this scandal. It makes no sense to me what so ever. I look at Hilary as the less of the two evils. Trump is out to make as much money as he could for his family and I from what these talks are saying it seems like Hilary was doing the same thing. This just doesn't make sense to me at all!!!!! Most people were voting for Hilary because they did not want Trump in the White House!

  25. Julian Assange has already secured his place in the history books as a hero of historic stature, whatever happens next. Julian, we support you, and all the elites who want to destroy you are not going to get away with it !

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