Secret Government _ The Constitution In Crisis (FULL)

Secret Government _ The Constitution In Crisis (FULL)

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  1. only priority goods were allowed to be unloaded during the Iran Iraq war at Bandar abbas port. food grains,weapons etc. Ships with Panamanian flags were unloading crates with weapons in front of our ship with Israel markings. All this is a whitewash by the MIC.

  2. The future of surveillance is the topic of the news. Intelligence gathering is in demand and with that comes the push to supply. How far do we go, or should I ask have we gone? Nanotechnology has the rep. of being futuristic and complicated. It is also in simple form. Like a.m. crystal radios, 2 crystals and a strand of copper wire. No battery, no charging, able to hear and send radio waves. Mix crystal and copper and an agent that combines with the nerves system. Put that powder in some ones food or drink etc. and they unknowingly become a human walky-talky. I lived it, and came closer than anyone to proving it is being done. “nanobugged” is bad for ISIS. But when all is said and done will/has BIG BROTHER cross the line, and where exactly would you draw the line?
    The NSA should have there work cut out for them. It just so happens that Iran is at the forefront of nanotechnology. According to Google insights Iran per capita is the top investigator of nanotechnology.
    This is going to sound sci=fi but it is here and there are upgrades be developed. Neurons fire in patterns (Phonics) to complete words. The distribution of the molecule sized crystal radio transceivers put out signature fingerprints for each sound. After mapping this by a computer listening to sounds in the environment around the the humanbug and matching it to the patterns of the brain locates the phonics etc. each brain has a unique encryption that has to be mapped.
    In a chapter of my book "nanobugged", and this took place 12 years ago, I was taught a lesson in underestimating my opponent. My cousin a six year old girl had trapped a butterfly in a jar. As she boasted of her catch I couldn't help noticing the fight for freedom the butterfly was struggling for.
    My plan seemed fool proof and smart to me. I would have the butterfly released and at the same time release some greed from the young girls heart. I said to her, "Ya' know if ya' let that butterfly go you get to make a wish".
    She was interested, "Like a birthday wish"?
    "Sure thing" I reassured her.
    She set it free, closing her eyes she made her silent wish.
    I had to ask what she wished for. Her response set me back a few. "I wished all the butterflies in the world was mine".
    I had under estimated my opponent. It was not her, it was greed. Powerful and able to disguise itself as a religion, humanitarian quest, or a child at play..

  3. Trump better not try this shit. There is some conjecture that Reagan changed after the assassination attempt. Most likely he was then threatened and controlled by Zionists.

  4. Collie North and Reagan trash from the past war criminals crimes against humanity you can see how powerful propaganda. Is in how they have made 4hat piece of shot a hero

  5. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it. REX 84 = November!
    No Mater Who Wins, We all Lose!!! America In Uproar! Civil Unrest,

  6. The idea of left and right, black and white and the arbitrator,s to whom have an pathological
    greed to separate peoples and destroy human life as an non being,s,
    is tyranny right in front of ones face.
    What would be an answer to this destruction.

  7. Everyone please read this. "The Enterprise" That Bill Moyers keeps talking about is a group of covert operatives called The OSGs or Operational Sub Groups. They are under the control of the National Security Council. There is a former member of the OSGs who is a whistlerblower that has came forward and talked about his involvement in the Iran COntra scandal and other covert operations. His name is Gene Chip Tatum. Oliver North was his boss.DO a search on youtube for "Gene Chip Tatum"

  8. OMG so many perceived enemies. Is the whole of the USA just paranoid? Look at their bases around the world. Wouldn't it be far more cheaper and sensible to shut them down, bring their people home and deal with their own problems, like veterans and homelessness? Oh no, that can't be done, the military and armament establishment would lose money – ho hum. I guess it's collateral damage to have so many veterans with PTSD and committing suicide? Wake up Americans, you are being used by your own government and their corporate backers. Why do you think every presidential candidate except one, for the 2016 Presidential Election, are war mongers? When will the penny drop, so to speak?

  9. "I think we should not have involved ourselves with the mafia." – Richard Bissell, "FORMER C.I.A. OFFICIAL." 40:59 That's hilarious!

  10. They were undone by their own petty corruption. Trying to fund secret wars but price gouging and profiteering at every step compromising the war fighting ability.

  11. and today democrat leadership is doing the same thing… and all we hear from Moyers and his liberal pundit buddies is 'crickets'

    Bye bye to America as a constitutional republic
    The reason why America is failing is because we have a democracy. The ruling elite keeps the people ignorant of how money really work through distractions. miseducation and propaganda. You have to make an effort to learn the truth about monetary policy. The apathetic and ignorant then go out and vote solely on name recognition thus supporting a highly corrupt system. The star-struck celebrity buffoons that know little about their government stand guard to the severe corruption and injustice that are sacking the wealth and freedom of even themselves. Informed people are trumped by the disproportinally greater number of ignorant people in two ways: When they serve in juries and when they go out and vote

  13. Pity the sound cuts out just as Ollie is about to explain why he misled congress… I'd have liked to have heard his excuse… not that I'm likely to believe it… but I'd like to have heard it… haven't had a good laugh in ages…

  14. Dont'cha just lurve the way Ollie North calls the Nicaraguan rebels 'freedom fighters'… that what you call 'terrorists' when they're on your side… 😉

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